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I recently finished the book a few hours ago. The author of one of the dust-jacket blurbs first got it exactly right: reading The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace has evolved me permanently. I am going to be processing this guide for a long time, and it is a measure of how profoundly transformative it was that I don't really want to discuss to anybody about it yet. Usually after i have read something good, We seek out other people who have read it too, wanting to do the de-brief together. This guide was different: overwhelming and silencing.

The only reason We gave it four superstars rather than five was because the author seemed to completely miss something evident: Robert Peace was clearly an addict and probably an alcoholic. The guide describes his daily ingesting and drug use and hangovers, noting the huge quantities he ingested, and the progressively greater amounts he required as time went on. And at one point, the author does mention, almost in passing, that Robert considered himself a " high functioning" addict. But that's not the type of thing that merits merely a passing talk about. The inability to form a healthy intimate partnership, the emotional development stalled at age (adolescence) that drug use began, the choice of menial work that you can do even when out-of-it, the grandiose plans coexisting with a profound fear of change: all of it is classic Addiction 101.

In fairness to the author, who is still young, I can see how he would skip the evident truth staring everyone in the face. A lot of folks in Robert Peace's orbit -- the Yale set very much included -- drank alcoholically and abused drugs, too. So even though Robert's using stood away, the author perhaps mistook this a difference of degree rather than kind. And of course, the other issues that may have offered to obscure the addiction were real, too, and serious: the anguish of less than belonging in either of two very different worlds, the loss of his father to prison and then to the grave, the huge expectations positioned on him by himself as well as others, and the tremendous psychospiritual difficulty of doing better than your parents, even if they want you to. By his own accounting, Robert used drugs to cope with the chronic anxiety of his very own schizophregenic existence. The problem is regarding all the very serious and legit difficulties of his life, there was not a single one that his addiction did not make worse. I hope his soul has found the peace that so steer away from him in every area of your life. There but for the grace of God..., The title completely sums up this guide, Rob Peace's life truly was filled with promise but ended abruptly and tragically.

Jeff Hobbs wrote this book with honesty and genuine love of his friend. Through the book, it was evident that Hobbs was writing Rob's tale as a way to memorialize Rob's influence in the world as well as his impressive tale that could have easily been twisted by viewpoints and opinions of unknown people.

I liked how Hobbs organized his writing of Rob's story. None of it felt like it dragged and sequence of events is at brief parts per chapter rather than a never ending narrative. Also i found that Hobbs highlighted the complexities of socioeconomic status, environment, and poverty coupled with the determination of any mother, the present of education that both opened doors and burdened Rob, and the influence of where you are born. However , Rob's tale is written through a lens. Perhaps it was because Hobbs was born from what can be described as an entirely different world than Rob (which Hobbs acknowledges) or that he or she had not been present for the majority of Rob's life or if this was done for the advantage of the majority of America to understand Rob's circumstances.

Overall, Rob's story is interesting. Moreover, it is best to read without judgment or else you run the risk of imposing your values on a soul who was seeking to find his place in the world., This was a heart-warming but sad story of a skilled and fragile young man, very well-written. I was also impressed with his academic work ethic great determination to stay-the-course but dismayed that his perspective of success was marred by his narrow views of conflicting values. Hobbs' intimate assessment of Robert Peace's family loyalty was evidenced by his loyalty and demonstrated love for his mother and his frequent ties to his often distant and troubled father. The many shows recounted in the book attested to the blurred pathways he or she chose. Sometimes he was missing the moral discipline to conform with established best practice rules of societal rules and regulations.

I was informed by the similarities of his mother to the mothers of yore who wanted their children to accept life's challenges and become model citizens. The woman sacrifices, tears, sleepless times and dreams of success were diminished, in his case, to bitter frustration and despair.

To read about Robert's life, as told by Jeff Hobbs, reveals the close and personal connection together as they involved in trivial shibboleths of their disparate cultures. This particular was a warm and meaningful gesture for Rob to commit their " togetherness" with a guide tribute about his buddy. I enjoyed it greatly as it conveyed a prominent and terrific message about shared dreams, trials, tribulations and ambitions even though the several journey they got never converged.

Bruce At the. McLeod, Jr.
Las Vegas, Nevada
16 January 2015

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