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I had formed heard of Edward Curtis but knew only of which he was a photographer, in addition to that he took many pictures of American Indians inside the early 1900's. That should cause me to feel ashamed, given that I lived in Seattle, Curtis's home town, with regard to many years.

Timothy Egan's book gives a comprehensive, balanced look at Curtis's life and his life's work: Publication of a new 20-volume look at American Indian communities in the particular early 20th century. Simply considering such a venture makes me tired, yet Curtis was tireless (hence the "short nights" in the title -- he rarely slept). The sequence would include not merely pictures but a lexicon preserving languages, and in the particular making of this Curtis would make film and audio records of songs in addition to ceremonies that would have been lost forever.

His ambition seems quite unlikely, almost delusional, to somebody from present day. Traveling thousands of miles along with bulky photographic equipment, in unmapped territory without the particular benefit of conveniences all of us take for granted -- GPS, airplanes, cell cell phones, overnight delivery, fax machines. He and his team made a new photographic and textual record that has never already been equalled, and probably in no way will be. And during this time he made a new movie and developed a new stage presentation that wowed even the most superior audiences.

Even if you're not particularly interested in photography or American Indians, Egan's book is exciting as a look at the early 1900's, movers and shakers, people like J. P. Morgan in addition to Theodore Roosevelt. Egan's creating is brisk, his explanations evocative. It never bogged down, even when items weren't going well with regard to Curtis.

The book is full of flavor in addition to color, success and problems, but more important, Egan, through showing us Curtis's life and his job, has had home the devastation and loss of American's First People. Destruction in addition to loss of their civilizations has hurt every American, not just Indians. That's what I took through this book.

The turn was heartening, and it's also heartening that Curtis knew the value of his work, even when it wasn't fully realized until after having been lifeless., It’s terribly difficult right after finishing the 6th in a series of Timothy Egan’s books to state a well liked. Yet, Egan’s Quick Nights of the Darkness Catcher: The Epic Existence and Immortal Photographs of Edward Curtis – is -well – it broke my heart.

The existence and times of “fanatical” (self described) artists like Edward Curtis are seldom packed with fulfilling, float you on air happiness. However, his life had many interactions and endorsements by simply the day’s rich in addition to famous (Teddy Roosevelt in addition to J. Pierpont Morgan (to name two - not really that this makes any kind of difference in terms of Curtis's immortal contributions).

A new man who attempted in order to capture the remnants of an ever encroaching genocide of the remaining occupants in the western tribes of Natives is a noble story. And noble is the way Egan shows it. Yet, it leaves you (the trajectory of Curtis’s life) unfulfilled…as the particular life stories of numerous artists do.

How Egan finds these tales and contains the uncanny ability in order to weave story in in addition to around the real-life figures he portrays – is – well – a new mysterious literary talent of which I’m unsure if also he could describe it adequately. The book, story, prose, research and Egan’s writing just make you salivate for the following page.

This is a great unequivocal FIVE STAR job (which Really dont attribute in order to most literature I read). It is a treasure – just as the particular life of Edward Curtis and his enduring job was/is. I am genuinely glad I read this particular book. You will end up too.

I am now to my 7th Egan book in the past three several weeks (which I NEVER do); The Immortal Irishman: Typically the Irish Revolutionary Who Became A north american Hero (2016).

A person simply CANNOT understand the particular American West without Reading Timothy Egan…PERIOD., I had formed set this aside for a while, yet once I started it, I couldn't put it straight down. Curtis was just a poor footnote in my study of photography, but exactly what an incredible man, and exactly what technical perfection he achieved, all while capturing lost languages and histories of the tribes whose number of remaining members finally opened up to him. Started his work with practically nothing but a "big concept, " and ended up, after his death, being recognized for his amazing - and expensive to him - life's work. This specific book is a exceptional account of Curtis's existence and work. Highly suggested., is an engrossing story of a mid-westerner who else
had a new passion for that camera he got being a boy,
converted into a fantastic portrait photographer and,
upon moving west, saw that the residents of this
continent were nearly easily wiped out. Agonizing, he
became obsessive concerning trying to record their
lives in addition to ways with his camera, then too their
voices and rites with wax recording cylinders
for audio, in a rush just before the last natives
This book therefore touched me that I am giving
a written report on it in order to my neighbors inside our retirement
Friends along with Teddy Roosevelt and Gifford
Pinchot, Curtis recorded his passion --and our
losses-- in heart-warming and heart-aching
photos along with titles to identify the topics.
Start to see the photos he took in, at least, the
5" X 8" (not quality, but noticeable & complete)
book: Edward S. Curtis, THE NORTH
PORTFOLIOS posted by Taschen, 2001.
It helped me personally understand why Curtis was in
such fantastic demand as a symbol pho-
tographer and confirmed the background of
Europeans making this continent their own.
Now I ponder: Exactly how long will we who else now
live here will be able to hold this particular land for our
heirs? When will all of us succumb and also to whom
as did the particular native Americans who forwent
us here?

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