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Without prior training, I was immediately drawn to this particular book to increase the high quality my home videos.

Right here are my take-aways in order to Plan-Move-Point-Shoot-Stop-Edit:

I. Plan:
- Ensure that every video, scene, plus shot has a very clear intent of how a person want the audience in order to react and be specific
- Decide on a point-of-view (the "side"/opinion of any specific individual)
- Possibly script or build the checklist of an anticipated important shots
II. Move:
- Keep the light right behind you; make sure the particular lighting matches the story
- Match location, background, plus foreground for the story
- Make moves in large amounts
III. Point:
- Focus on people's eye to capture emotion
- Tend not to move the camera or even use digital zoom prior to or during the chance
- Keep the focus of your own image from the middle rectangular of a 3x3 grid
- Use an external microphone (lavaliere or boom)
IV. Shoot:
- Make every shot an action using a clear hero plus a beginning, middle, plus end.
- Make each picture answer questions from your before scene and raise brand new ones
- If using a couple of cameras, manually synch their particular AWB (automatic white balance)
V. Quit:
- Keep shots under 12 seconds (if traveling, capture two 10-sec shots per hour)
NI. Edit:
- Keep videos as short as possible; in case doing a how-to, consider breaking into a series
- Edit out everything that does not really need to be there
- Limit the use of graphics/text/titles; in case used, make text/titles simple (ex: Helvetica) and effect-free
- Consider by using a call-back in order to link the final chance to the initial chance
- Music as well as Sound: Test music that is on-story, counter-story; and unrelated to see what works; Add normal sound clips
- Rely almost completely on cuts with the rare wipe (to convey movement) as well as rarer break down (to shift to the somber mood)
- Seek feedback and address all common concerns and think about distinctive ideas/concerns

[UPDATE: I updated this review coming from 2 stars to 5 superstars on Jan 14, 2013. Though the book contains a high degree of redundancy, they have truly transformed the particular way that I method video. ], Well-written. Superb Advice for the aspiring videographer as well as good reminders for the particular more experienced camera operator. Should help anyone at any level improve their skill degree at generating video that doesn't suck., Exactly like his editing advice, the guide is devoid of fluff. Every short chapter is usually interesting, relevant, and enjoyable. His sense of humor is easy and like-able, not really contrived. For brand spanking new to beginning-intermediate film makers, there is a prosperity of information. It is usually purposely lacking in technological information, that we think is usually completely on-point. There usually are many other books that concentrate in making the technical aspects of filmmaking. This book is usually about creating great content, and after all - content is king, proper? My only wish might be that this frequent backlinks in the book in order to related content on his blog page would actually website link to the particular content. Several times it just backlinks to the key page from the blog/site and you possess to search for the particular example you came regarding. Fortunately, the site is furthermore interesting and helpful, thus you will probably locate something else of value there as well., We can't even learn to tell you exactly how much this book has helped us! We usually are a tiny company in the particular holistic health field plus wanted to begin a series of video clips for YouTube to exhibit what we do and exactly how we undertake it. We are extremely passionate about the items we all use but watching other YouTube videos trying to clarify this product, we nearly fell asleep. Good regarding us. Now we possess the opportunity to execute a a lot better job!

We previously had great equipment, two cameras, chromakey screen, external microphones, lighting etc. Yet this all doesn't count number if you don't really know what you are doing.

So , before even starting in order to shoot, we wanted in order to learn the how-to upon video-making and boy, does this book deliver!!! (Be recommended, this book does NOT NECESSARILY tell you what equipment to use, there usually are tons of other textbooks and websites out there for this. )

What we learned with this guide, was going to make an enjoyable video, using a clear commence, middle, end story. Also the fact, that moments have to change every 5-10 seconds was large for us. What the difference this makes! We now will use the two cameras, one for close-ups as well as the other one regarding the interview set-up (2 people sitting). We will also use still pictures (e. g. of items, people etc) to become demonstrated during talks. This particular is going to create it so much even more interesting. Who want's in order to really look at two people just talking regarding 2 minutes? Boring!

All of us also learned to split the content of the particular videos in parts. Rather of going on plus on about what JUST ABOUT ALL this product can do, we all will make different video clips for every use.

Great videography is an art. This can not be learned in a single day. We are going to practice plus we will have in order to develop the skills. Thank you to this book, our learning curve will become much shorter!

We can't thank Steve Stockman enough for disclosing all his tricks and tips!!!, Great item coming from a great Amazon product owner. This book is a fairly easy read with great tips for shooting good movie sequences of whatever issue you would like in order to film. Many great ideas. I would recommend this guide to the amateur plus semi-amateur to get away on the right foot without having to create each of the mistakes yourself., Excellent training book for those of us with out a great deal of picture experience. Definitely makes me the videographer

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