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Most business memoirs are self-serving, boring, and poorly written. To put it bluntly, these are “crap between covers. ” There are incredibly few business memoirs that are even good, since nearly all of them make person writing the memoir seem to be like a business savant who always knew the right answers and knew things would come out right. Great business memoirs will vary. They portray a business situation as it was. Phil Knight’s Shoe Canine: A Memoir from the Originator of Nike is an excellent business memoir.

Let’s cut to the chase. This specific will be a great read for anybody, but if you’re thinking of starting a business, especially a business that you expect to grow, this book belongs on your must-read list. You’ll learn things that you won’t learn anywhere else and you’ll learn things that you can only learn from a story.

You’ll learn about the constant battle to fund growth. Almost all of the books about entrepreneurship seldom tell you about that. If you start up a business and that business starts to grow, you are financing the process out ahead of your money flow. Typically the result is that youre chronically cash poor, even though you’re fabulously profitable, and that is both counterintuitive and very tough to manage.

You’ll also learn about the plusses and disadvantages of going public. There’s a lot here about relationships and values, and staying faithful to what you think is important. Presently there are lessons about how precisely putting people in the right job makes all the difference. And, there are lessons about balancing being a hero at work with being a mother or father at home.

There are also important lessons about not taking yourself too seriously. Knight describes the “executive retreats” that Nike pas cher would have. They called them “Buttface sessions. ” The name came from one of the earlier employees who said that Nike was the only company their size enabling you to shout out “Hey, buttface! ” and the complete management team would turn around.

There’s another important thing, too. If you feel that development is only something that great companies do, or that it requires coding, read this book. A lot of Nike’s success comes from being an innovator in shoes.

Shoe Canine is superbly written, and you’ll enjoy it if to see it as a story. But if youre in business, and especially when you’re starting a business and planning to make it grow, this book should be on your must-read list. Keep it useful, right near Ben Horowitz’s The Hard Thing about Hard Things.

Toward the ending of the book, Phil Knight states this:

“God, how I wish I could relive the whole thing. In short supply of that, I’d like to reveal the experience, the ups and downs, so that some young man or woman, somewhere, going through the same trials and ordeals might be influenced or comforted. Or cautioned. Some young entrepreneur, maybe, some athlete or artist or novelist, might press on. ”

I think he achieved his goal. If you want some seasoned advice to help you run and grow your company, or if you just want to read a great business memoir, pick up a copy of Shoe Canine: A Memoir by Typically the Creator of Nike., One can’t argue with success and I can’t think of a more successful person than Phil Knight. His autobiography, “Shoe Canine, ” reveals secrets of his accomplishments in the development of his mega firm, Nike.

I know Phil Knight’s secret of success. He uses people. He captures them with his acuity at perceiving dedication and a sense of responsibly. Then he or she ignores them as they deal with their job. When they stumble, despite his abhorrence of micromanaging, he or she demonstrates strong guidance because poor performance invariably brings a personal visit from him.

He also has an aversion to most standard business practices. He makes bankers nervous with his edge of the chasm financial condition. He will saw the legs off a perceived competitor. He or she is unfazed by seeking money from any source that may have it. He will get when confronted with employees, suppliers, sales reps, or anyone else who lets him down. In short, he is aware which pile of crap that, when stirred, brings the sweet smell of success.

If you think I’m being critical of Knight or his methods, you are wrong. We assume that he is extremely intelligent, moral, and astute in his business practices. The people who could have been used should have no complaints. They have become immensely successful and prosperous as Nike has become the bellwether for success under Knight’s leadership.

There are many breakthrough in Knight’s book. The Japanese company that actually produced his Blue Ribbon shoes gets its comeuppance for poor performance; Knight will get new, more impressive loans. The first shipment of Nike shoes, produced in Mexico, arrive just in time for a major show but have a lousy finish and crooked swooshes; he makes do. Expenses Bowerman’s impressive waffle only, described in Patent #284, 736 as “having integral polygon shaped studs…of rectangular, rectangular or triple mix section…[and] a plurality of flat attributes which…give greatly improved grip, ” provide a great boon for the recently established company. The signing of Nike’s first professional sports star, tennis player Ilie Nastase, is the start of lucrative endorsements by universally recognized athletes. These are a few examples of the hurdles Knight sails over.

He creates about his voyage with clarity, using marvelous vocabulary, as he recounts riveting personal triumphs (along with some flops). His steely-eyed pursuit of his goals is truly inspirational. We learned a great package about him, including his respect and inspirational connection with his father. It may be apparent that this love has much to do with his successful life’s story. It carries over to the essence and success of his team.

“Shoe Dog” is an entrancing read from an icon in the business world. Yet it’s not another self-indulgent recital of personal greatness and success. It’s immensely personable and readable, allowing the inclusion of of the man to sparkle through. It’s inspiring.

Schuyler T Wallace
Author of TIN LIZARD TALES, The story reads very well and is an exceptionally interesting combination of a book on leadership, business ingenuity, love, and luck.
Starting out in the '60s, you travel from the rebellious Vietnam era through to the '90s and into the new millennium because the company and the products take hold. Every year is drama and survival never seems guaranteed.
The management team is well lead by a man who sweat the small stuff, really cares about you about his people, and not, ever gives up. He has excellent instincts about people and plays off of everyone's strengths while allowing for and displaying compassion for their weak points. He or she is a good child, husband, father, friend, and leader. After reading the book, I feel like I know Phil Knight and I like your pet very much., So pleased that I read this book. Was recommended it by my girlfriend. Definitely failed to disappoint and so glad that I now understand the idiosyncrasies behind one of my favourite brands, Nike and it's really founders! Finished this book in under 7 days! Didn't want to put it down. Say thanks to you for the very helpful lessons Phil! I've started out an organization myself and the goal is to change the wearable fitness equipment game and provide the market something it needs. Are able to see the similarities with my journey so far and resonate with it so much. Absolute pleasure to read and is most definitely absolutely essential READ CORRECT NOW!, Wonderful memoir written in a conversational style. Lots to learn here including how the Western and Chinese strategize in business, what it takes to build a world-class business, and the value of personal integrity. I would never have read it on my own, but it was a selection of our book club. One of the many reasons I really like my book club is finding textbooks like this one

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