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Properly what can I say.
been reading the bible for 20yrs (and yes I do read it).
Learnt lots.
we are selective visitors aren't we?
it gets to the core. and thats always good., If nothing more this book peaked my interest in studying the Bible. It brought lots of things to think about. I could not input it down., I read the first " Shocked by the Bible" from the same author a few years ago and was flabbergasted by some of the amazing " facts" in the Bible that I never knew or didn't check out pay attention to. To be truthful, it helped me realize how little that individuals (even Bible-believing Christians) understand, or refuse to understand about the words on the webpages of their own Cryptogramme.

Basically, mcdougal isn't speaking to you as to what the Bible means, but rather just asking you to read the text on the webpage and BELIEVE what it says. It is actually shocking when you realize most of what you've been " preached to" about in church and by family and friends isn't even in the Bible! In fact , it's often actually the complete opposite. All you have to do is open your eyes and read the words on the webpage and BELIEVE what the words say. God is speaking to you in plain and simple vocabulary. What you just have to do is pay attention to the words on the page and you should see His entire arrange for our lives.

This new book " Shocked by the Bible 2" will take that to a complete new level. I earlier read the first " Shocked" book in spurts when I had time for you to spare. I thought it was eye-opening and even humorous. However, I could not put this new book down. It felt as if God was convincing me to read it, and as the writer delved deeper and further into the Bible, I felt like I was being given a special " gift" of information -- things previously invisible and unspoken. My thoughts was opened up to an amazing unseen world, a world that God would like you and me to know and be a part of as one of His children. I highly recommend this book!, I'm totally thrilled with the solid biblical facts in Stunned by the Bible 2, and it's extremely refreshing to find someone that believes what the Bible actually says. Joe Kovacs does indeed an outstanding job detailing in simple conditions every topic he covers. Simply by connecting the dots in Scripture, he shows how the Bible addresses many issues much more than one place, in the Aged Testament as well as the New, and this individual does brilliant work showcasing what God is informing us, even when it differs from what some pastors claim.

A very interesting aspect is his concentrate on not merely the ACTUAL PHYSICAL meaning of any given Bible verses, but the SPIRITUAL which means as well. I feel like I'm actually getting a decent glimpse into the unseen world where God and the angels dwell to understand associated with why everything is taking place here at Earth. What Kovacs has unearthed about what's coded is Esther is nothing short of keen inspiration. I've never heard anyone else mention something remotely close.

And his section about movies with secret Bible themes embedded into them was one of the most enjoyable areas of any book We have ever read. I never imagined that almost the entire plan of God has been hiding in basic sight all of these years in the original " Willy Wonka & the Dark chocolate Factory. " In the event you pay attention and concentrate on God's Word while watching, the message becomes more than obvious. He lists and explores many big-name movies that are not even " Christian, " nonetheless they broadcast many of the messages of Jesus. Even if you're well-versed in Scripture, you'll definitely be shocked by Stunned by the Bible second . It has far more spiritual meat than his first book. Well done, Mr. Kovacs! Five stars!, Shocked is an understatement. I am speechless over and above measure. I always felt something wasn't right that as a Christian, all I had to do was believe and I would live forever.
This book shows you why that is not the case. Via scripture.
It's moment for some fire and brimstone. And boy is it needed.
Do I possess some questions? Indeed. But this is a good thing. Buy this book and open your bible at the same time., The particular book was presented in my opinion almost by accident. I was in the center of self analysis about my spiritual condition and bam, (sorry Emiril), I was going through the beginning statements. The book drew me to so many instances of validation and opened up a broader conduit of Holy Terms to dedicate time to for my own, personal good. Thank you Joe for the point blank approach to showing the real way to that Eternal House is through God's Term and His Commandments. Thank you for the pointed descriptions of what and what isn't very of God. The prime result of reading this article wonderful book in two days was an awakening within my spirit to renew my commitment and devote more time to serving the Master in any capacity This individual directs. More in the future!, This particular book is outstanding with one exception. The writer time and time again repeaters from passages the same material. This particular is not necessary and detracts from the book. Just put in the bibliography all the extra entries that are exactly the same over and above the first three. When the reader wants to read every one of them they can go to the bibliography. Others than this the book is outstanding and something I can highly recommend., visitors be very aware. many places lack Biblical ethics and contains serious misinterpretations. Frequently make observations out of context. Keep a good biblical commentary such McGee, MacArthur or Wiersbe, close up at hand if you read this book.

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