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Jesse stumbles into a sex club with his good friend. Salvatore the club’s proprietor is immediately attracted to him.

Dark and turned love story. Wonderfully written. Can’t wait for payment!!, I loved this guide! This kept me reading. Really well written. Characters were well defined. I'm wishing, and there should definitely be a second Wolfe book., These 2 can really write a dark adventure. I loved minutely of it! I want more, please!! Wolfe and Jesse continued...., AMAZING!!!! Ella/Brooke please set a sequel. One of the best books I have read all year!!!, I actually must say I normally do not read books in the mm genre. I feel typically more of a white picket fence, HEA, babies and wedding type of reader. I have been a fan of Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine so I made a decision to give SHIVER a try. Went in with an open mind know it WAS NOT romance, knowing there WAS NOT a HEA and knowing there WASN’T will be babies or a white picket fence. This book is straight up stalker. It may be an advantage of your chair page turner. It’s darkish and dangerous, twisted and if you have a warped sense of humor then pick it up and you will enjoy it. I say that because Wolfe is my new book boyfriend (tall, dark, handsome and mysterious). The Wolfe has found his prey…
This is a standalone and for your sanity, that is probably a good thing., " the thrill I actually got out penalized by yourself with him, unbeknownst to him, was electrifying. "

I want to start out away by saying that I actually entered this book completely BLIND. Well... not completely blind. I had developed the suite but that's pretty vague, so yeah, basically sightless. I was lucky enough to be given an earlier copy, I had no character names, NOTHING. So, I was beyond excited and my nerves were all over the place. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW!!!! This specific book is probably one of the best reading encounters I’ve got all year. And I actually think not knowing ANYTHING AT ALL actually served a great purpose. You know that thrill you get from watching a scary movie? Not knowing when or where the bad things may happen? Yup, that’s this book.

“I…wanted it. Typically the pain. The pleasure I actually knew would eventually come. Use me…”

This book isn't rainbows and plants. It's devious, it's dirty, it's mysterious, and at the same time it can profoundly beautiful. I love when characters challenge me and make me work for their secrets, discovering hidden truths about people is always so satisfying. These characters are THEREFORE different from one another. A single is beautifully flawed, and the other is so innocent with these disturbing outer layers. It’s amazing to me how much my heart opens up to such depravity.

“I was totally lost. Misplaced to the darkest absolute depths of my soul over this man, and it was too late for anyone to save me now. ”

The writing is knock-out good, and the story itself is addicting and completely consuming! It may be not a romance, but there are definitely some romantic nuances that I actually LOVED. It’s very stalkery, which is in my opinion, only acceptable in a novel, and also this was done PERFECTLY. I might have a thing for stalker behavior. It’s sexy, hot, and holy smokes you should have to go to admission afterwards should you be into that. So, should you be in need of an escape from reality THIS BOOK will give you that AND more, SO much more.

“I’d been hard since I flicked the lighting off and heard him call my name with a tremble in his voice. Sick. Warped. Plus dangerous. ”, Once in a while, I stumbled upon a story where the love between two characters is so epic that that you can feel their thoughts jump right off the pages. Should you be looking for that all encompassing love at first look and hearts and plants kind of relationship, then this is not the book for you.

Very first off, this is a dark read. If you have triggers if any kind then do not read this story. Should you be like me then carry on.

Talk about a book messing with your brain...

Salvatore was the anti-hero and Jesse was definitely his prey. The complete book was like a cat and mouse game where you find yourself rooting for Salvatore and scolding Jesse for his reactions. I actually don’t want to mess up anything therefore i have to make this review brief, but what I will say is that this book is going to sit with me for a while.

Five celebrities and one of my top reads for 2017!, That i knew going in that this was going to be a dark and curvy ride. What I did not know, was how much I was going to like dark and curvy! There was no build-up with this book... no teasers beforehand, barring the jacket cover posted a couple hours before the book released. Such a wonderful treat that was!
There are definite triggers in this book, so if that is something you are concerned about, go in with your eyes open!

The characters in this are so beautiful, one out of his depravity and one in his naivety! They will complement each other so well, taking me with an mental journey that made me seeking more! There is something profoundly hot about a commanding man leading his " lamb"! This is NOT a romance, it is however hauntingly romantic.

Brooke and Ella have once again co-written an amazing story! Definite must read and sets to the very best of my 2017 best of list!

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