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This can be a veritable encyclopedia of every facet of making fine dress shirts. The author has published an e book of tips and details accumulated after decades of shirt-making with engineering-like analysis, dissection, testing of all aspects of dress shirts, like wallets, plackets, collars, yokes, and so on.

Besides this book, the author monitors and answers quickly ANY questions about shirt-making on Facebook (" Shirtmaking with DPC" ) and has a video clip class on Craftsy (e. g. . 95 on sale at times) that complements this guide.

For those more thinking about informal t-shirts, the author's other book " The Shirtmaking Workbook" (on Amazon too) is more general and is with a TON of hyperlinks to his website and others regarding every aspect of shirt-making., I was expecting Mr. Coffins new publication on this subject to arrive in the mail any day now. I actually ordered this book some time ago and have found in rereading it that it was just like interesting as the first time I read it! One would not think a book on the subject of shirtmaking could be at once precise and fun to read but Mr. Coffin pulls it off. Yes, he is very opinionated and passionate about the best way to do things, but he backs up his claims with the kind of knowledge that can only be gleaned from years in the trenches - this man has gleaned a great body of knowledge from his experience about materials and techniques for success on this fascinating subject. He also sites some sources that I actually was surprised to find are still valid after all these years! For example, the Gohn Brothers still exist and still sell workshirt chambray fabric. Make sure you note that is not packed with " make it in a day" type projects (unless you are already an expert Tailor) however; it does contain Passionately Conveyed Knowledge that can, with persistence and patients, guide you on your quest to make a shirt worth wearing be your male or female. Obtain out your Muslin and practice! Still a very good book after all these years!, This can be a skinny but dense book. There is a lot of information to cover and it can be intimidating. Spend some time and read it completely. The author makes the subject very approachable and give a great information into the logic and process. The recommended sources section seems a little went out with, but I know that would be hard to keep up in a print out edition, This is my favorite shirtmaking book. This has wonderful instructions for sewing many varieties of t-shirts. I thoroughly like to have this book as I love sewing and my newest thing now is stitching dressy shirts for my husband. He vows never to buy shirts again! I used to be afraid to sew t-shirts for my husband and sons and now no longer so. Thank you David Coffin for sharing your talent and knowledge with us., David is a good teacher. I first discovered him from a Craftsy class and enjoyed his teaching so much that I bought his book. I am a newbie sewer when it comes to garments. I have been making quilts for a short time now but just began making shirts. Because of David's teaching, combined with another craftsy instructor, I actually am getting confident with my shirt making.

This particular book is packed with information. It covers shirt making a section each time and also covers necessary and/or helpful tools as well as which fabric to opt for. I believe I'm going to buy the dvd as well and I hope that it's not only a repeat of the craftsy class that I already own., Coffin has a special way of producing the difficult not only possible, but also individual and exciting. Their prose is both conventional and informally engaging, as though you are there talking to a very vivid man who happens to be teaching you how to make something both bridled by rules and also free under your own hand. Through the past and present he or she empowers you to take chances and expect superiority and experiment. I recommend this to any sewer, as the depth of details about many procedures would apply to many worlds of sewing. Coffin's work stands beside the traditional " cut this, snip that" sewing books. There is a place for both. Forced to choose, I choose Mr. Coffin, Relating to this book:

As a self-taught sewer I find this book quite useful. The illustrations are generally clear - when read in conjunction with the explanations. Though the techniques may well not be new, they may be certainly presented in a legible and usable manner. Fundamentally you can ditch your ordinary pattern instructions, and use this book instead - with much more satisfactory results.

Oh, and although this book is written mostly with men in mind, the information is equally useful for ladies!

Kindle specific:

Though not inhibiting to the reading experience, more attention to the formatting of this ebook would have been nice. The only feature which I have so significantly found is the ability to move from the table of contents to individual chapters. What I would have liked is:
1)That chapters be noticeable in the book, so that it is possible to skip back and forth between chapters and never have to return to the table of material.
2)An in-text hyperlink which, when the book refers to, say, pg. 94, would be useful to bring me personally to the relevant area.
3)A more minor issue is the fact that illustrations do not always appear in a logical place, as well as the included "full size patterns" be branded with measurements in order that you can trace them one-self.

However as I actually say, these are minor issues. I recommend purchasing this guide if you're bored with normal pattern explanations and want to move your sewing to the "next level".

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