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I really like watching Tom Dwan and Andrew Robl play holdem poker so this book obviously appealed to me. Is actually very entertaining and also does read as if its a movie. I read 100 pages before I even knew that I opened it, lol. I finished it in one day. I play poker and I have nothing but reverence for their styles and talents. What they do I could never do and all I have to say about them is... respect! It was especially cool to see so much of the focus here on two-plus-two discussion boards. I used to post there and seeing all those poster's names that I recognize in the written text was great. The writers understand poker and are true to the time of the poker boom. Many have fallen, but Dwan and Robl stay. College is important, its essential for many of us, but not for them. They're unique and amazement inspiring. In case you admire what you cannot do then this book is for you. I may just read it a second time., You see them on TV - at the last table of some of the greatest tournaments or in the greatest cash games. They're the young veterans of millions of hands of internet holdem poker. They started out as university students or the guy working at a minimal job. Many of them achieved up in Vegas and honed their skills actively playing together, living together, and incredibly often wildly partying collectively at Vegas hotspots. They will soared, they crashed, plus some of them survived to soar again. This book is the storyplot of a few of them. Properly written and entertaining. There is some time directed at what the survivors learned using their experiences also to how they've grown - but the emphasis is on the journey - not the destination., Was a little let down at this time book. Such as most relatively young males, I've had occasional daydreams of striking it wealthy through professional poker. I expected to become completely immersed in the life of these young poker superstars. Live vicariously, if you will. This was true at the start of the book during their transformation from " average joe" to poker star. Shortly thereafter, the stories became repetitive. Poker wiz crushes online tournaments, goes to Vegas and becomes into wild situations, learns a life lesson, replicate. It often feels as if the author is a fanboy in awe of their juvenile behavior, somewhat than a biographer chronicling complex characters.

It’s a simple read with instances of pleasure, but I’d much rather have spent my time reading Michael Lewis or Bill Mezrich., I really loved this book because I was just leaving the professional gambling world as these young guys were starting in. we would watch these guys quietly sit down at a machine looking at their little " cheat sheets" for the correct answers. We also knew somehow they were university kids just trying their luck I was probably the associated with their grandmas when we were holding starting in. We laughed thinking they would find out there fast enough this was not the easiest method to make it rich. Reading this most interesting book let me know we were somewhat completely wrong. Little did WE know what they were really doing. We also went on to doing the card on computers but certainly not in the manner they were doing. I loved this book because of my background but I think the interest is there for everyone who has ever already been to Vegas or any gambling venue., I am both a poker player and a poker fan. I like following the holdem poker news, following certain players, watching the high stakes games on television. I also want to read poker historical past and strategy books. In fact , I think I own over thirty poker textbooks! The most recent poker book that I read was Ship It Holla Ballas!: Exactly how a Bunch of 19-Year-Old College Dropouts Used the Internet to Become Poker's Loudest, Craziest, and Wealthiest Crew by Jonathan Grotenstein and Storms Rebac. I heard about the book online, read what was about, and then bought a copy on my kindle. Plus the book was awesome!

Ship It Holla Ballas! profiles the meteoric rise (and partial fall) of a handful of young university students who found Internet poker in the middle of the Moneymaker Boom. The book covers how this holdem poker crew went from out of cash university students to being millionaires in some instances. The book is a must read for almost any holdem poker fan. The two main characters in the book are Raptor and Good2cu. Raptor is David Benefield and Good2cu is Andrew Robl. Benefield and Robl are the main characters protected in the book, nevertheless the book also profiles popular pros Tom Dwan (Durrrr), Phil Galfond (OMGClayAiken), and Peter Jetten (Apathy).

Ship It Holla Ballas! is finished three hundred pages, but it is well written that it ends up as being a very easy read. This is certainly a page turner. I highly recommend this book for any poker player or poker fan. In case you are familiar with these benefits and the online poker story, then you will definitely find this book to be a worthwhile and entertaining read.

-Jason Rothman
Editor at bestpokerbooks. org, Loved this book, although I am admittedly biased. That said, I don't remember bieng quite so blase and rude to Good2CU when we first talked, but I was really intoxicated, so maybe., Such a simple read, I finished it in one day and a 50 percent. Just like so many millions like me, I got in to the poker boom right after Moneymaker took down to the 2003 WSOP. I was like just like these guys, only my rise to prominence never got beyond the microstakes. Just one of the most fun, entertaining, and thrilling textbooks I've ever read. Currently pumped for a calendar month or two to go by in order to read it again. If you have ever a volume 2, I'll be the first to order!, Fascinating again, 4 years after I read this "like no other" non-fiction book about teenage Internet holdem poker players conquering the game and the world's all-time winners. Loved it both times.

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