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Typically the Shining is the most effective apprehension stories that I have ever read. It is Stephen King at his finest. I read this book about more than 20 years back and it terrified me, and of course I have also seen the movie with Jack Nicholson a bunch of times through the years since reading the book. When I found out that Stephen King was publishing a sequel to The Shining this 12 months, I needed to prepare, so I dove back in re-reading The Shining and found that there was much i did not recall about the book's intricacies regarding plot and characters, and tons of things that were very different from the movie, which had become ingrained into my brain as the mainstay over the years. To be honest, re-reading The Shimmering terrified me once more in 2016 and it was so awesome – I experienced a truly freaked-out, page turning, frightened, jumping-at-shadows-late-at-night-in-my-own home horror-lover's bliss! I am still trying to pinpoint which characters and times in the book scared me the most and am can't do it because there were so many. What a drive! I can honestly attest to the old cliché that the book is way better than the movie. In case you've never read Typically the Shining, you are in for a real treat. If you are considering re-reading The Shining, please do so, you should, I promise you will not be disappointed!, The Shinning is absolutely a classic and I remember when I read it for the first time. This was the first book that I read of Mr. Kings and it literally scared the pants of of me. I know that there are probably more scary books out now, but at that time not so much. I was working for Chevrolet and building transmissions at the time and every free second I obtained I would read a few pages, take it home and stay upwards late, not being able to put down the book. I just could not think that a book could make me not want to turn off the light. It is still great. I just love this story., I will be quite possibly the only Stephen King fan alive who bypassed his most famous works-- It, Carrie, and, of course, The Shining. Thirteen years ago I picked upwards Hearts In Atlantis and have been an passionate reader ever since.

I can't believe I've ignored The Shining for this long (I've never even seen the movie)!

1 of the most exciting and frightening things about King 's books is the way he models his literary "traps", which uncoil unexpectedly in the midst of seemingly harmless sentences, giving you only glimmer of the nasty little surprises in store for the reader. The Shimmering effortlessly creates that sense of breathless and nervous suspense at multiple places in the books. An individual brace yourself, and wait, and eventually recoil when the trap springs closed at your touch... and just when you think you've prepared for the worst you stick your hand right into the wasp's nest.

Typically the complex psychological bond and bondage of the family dynamic is explored with terrific depth, the experience as raw and voyeuristic as if you were peering through the home windows of your neighbors next door. Jealousy, dependency, and despondency war fantastically with the more tender emotions of love and detest. More importantly than discovering to their lives you feel such empathy for the family in this guide as they fight the shedding battle against insanity. An individual just know the dam is sure to break, and when the flood bursts through, all hell breaks free!

Still, it's an incredible tale; albeit often tragic and dark, there is hope for the protaganists as individuals and as a household unit. You just cannot help but wonder at their strength and their love for one another in the midst of so much tragedy and horror.

Sparkling with beauty and insight, Typically the Shining is a traditional for a reason, a masterpiece of the American working-class family, as seen through the shadows within a very dark mirror, reminding us that the sins of the previous always follow us home.

Phenomenal, spine-tingling writing; The Shining is Ruler at his best!, Amazing. I decided to re-read this book in concern of Doctor Sleep and was amazed. I first attempted to read this book when I was eight, at which point my mother uncovered it and took it away from me in horror after nightmares kept me conscious for a few times. I went back to it in my teenager years, and read it at least three more times. And then I put it away as childish.

Don't get my wrong, I love Sophie King. And The Shimmering was a must for a child of Co, growing up not much from Estes Park. Typically the Stanley Hotel is said to be Typically the Overlook, although it is in Estes Park and not higher up, and it is reachable in the cold weather. But there came a period when I believed I had outgrown that kind of scary, forgetting how mentally scary The Shining actually is.

I re-read this just with time for the sequel, Doctor Sleep, about 35 years following your Shimmering. And it is merely a creepy-scary, just as real. Exactly like many books, re-reading celebrate a different sensation. Reading this a child I recognized with Danny, the young son with "the shining. " This time I'm a mommy and a wife and am read it identifying with Wendy AND Jack. The two are flawed but wanting to be better, but sometimes the demons find you.

Plus, similar to most Americans, the movie has snuck into my thinking. I recall both Plug and Wendy differently because of the movie (which is good, but doesn't do them justice). In the movie, Jack lets the bad in easily, which doesn't happen in the book. And Wendy is a dishrag of a woman, which she definitely in not in King's rendition of her.

Naturally, this book still scared me. It made me jump on more than one occasion. And I can't watch for Dr. Sleep.

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