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Im not sure if Amazon will allow me to do separate reviews so I actually will do my best to condense how greatly the authors have carressed me. I have just lately released my book My Pearls Are Rare and so a number of these women have confirmed my story. I actually know what it's like to be looked at as only beauty and no voice (Ebony Combs). That takes so much to 1) Pour your center out the way these women did 2) Come together in such a powerful collaboration. The first quote in the introduction brought me to cry (Nikki Woods). We can do so much more as women if we can come together. Kaye Caldwell, I know about being in corporate The usa and having an psychological cap. Thank you for talking about the psychological shift that must take place. I enjoy the way some stories are similar but are experienced and delivered in such a unique way. I’m more inspired today than I was yesterday to help other find their voice invisible in their beauty. Congrats and thank you all for sharing., I prayed for the words that could adequately express my feelings for this guide and still fear not doing it justice. I actually am never at a loss for words, but did it hard to express what my heart experienced as I saw personally in these pages. This book resonates with the heart's cry of every woman looking at their circumstances and their big dreams while wondering which will win. It provides amazing confirmation that something is possible! It won't gloss over the process, but rather it shows through story after tale how pain gives delivery to purpose. This guide is for anyone lookingfor shift from dreaming and wanting to doing!!!, I'm an enthusiastic reader and SHIFT is one of the better books I have every read that appreciate women as a whole, while identifying a GOD-GIVEN goal. This book a new profound hold on me right from the start to the last tale told, with each adding author offering life lessons that will UPLIFT and encourage YOU with principles you can apply to make a SHIFT in your life., I've anxiously awaited the release of this book! I was inspired from the first page to continue reading. Surprisingly, each tale resonated with a portion of my heart. Jotina Bucks's chapter gave myself so much hope and courage to continue to persevere despite unforseen hurdles and challenges.. Thank you for sharing your reports and testimonies with the world! Your courage and strength is AMAZING. That has inspired me to live on without fear, and press on towards greatness!! Benefits to you all!, Exactly where will i start in this review? Words can't convey how grateful I am for this book! This guide is not only outstanding, but it also goes on a personal quest to consider your own life. The authors pour out their hearts in telling their stories and how they made the MOVE. But not only that, each author issues challenging or words of advice to enable you to be an lively participant in your own life. Thus if you are ready to produce a shift in your life, buy this book. If you are exhausted of being sick and tired, buy this guide. If you are at the lowest point in your life and feel that you are by yourself, buy this book. You won't regret it!, I started reading the book final night and am finding it so inspiring. I actually didn't know what to expect but I am in relation to each story and reading what other women have gone through and realizing that I have and am walking the same steps is more than an inspiration. I am see a light. Right now there are times when we all walk through the valley of the darkness of doubt. Each tale that these women discuss is a step out of the Valley. I actually can't wait to end the book and keep as a reminder that GOD created me, and everybody, to do something special. I plan to do what I was created to do (as soon as I determine what that is)., I bought this book based on the title and the author, however, when I started to read the guide, I discovered it to be so interesting, I just could not stop reading it. It's a great book about real people and life circumstances and there is a great deal that I could relate to. It helps me to change a lot of my thinking and provides me great perspective in going forward in life. There is a lot that one can take away using this book and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to read a good book and needs courage to go through life with great meaning., I have both the paperback, and the Amazon kindle editions of Shift. I actually bought other copies to share with other people. The book has kept me going through challenging times. There is a tale that will touch your heart, giving you motivation and courage whatever your situation. Helps you to know you are not alone. I actually laughed, I cried, and held my breath, and prayed with these women ?nternet site read. The reports are short, with tips by each author at the conclusion of each chapter. But each section left me attempting to notice more of their reports.

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