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i just finished this book, purchased regardless of all the reviews that mentioned how weak 'Grace' was underrepresented. actually, i acquired it in part because of those.
i loved the book, and am might have learned a few things. i enjoyed the writing, and the explanation of what it is like to be this particular 'other'. the creator and her bestie discuss what identity is in phrases of selecting who to present as. but my experience has been more like discovering what i am - not who. self is known; the details are murky. i appreciate fine writing that shows the struggle, the confusion, the weirdness of it all in a society that is very very sure that identity is static, not to mention is very very wrong.

as for the perspective / altitude available, i have that optimism as well. it stays there, enhancing my emotional base, always. i'm not trans, but i am a lesbian, and my husband left me for a straight woman, and.... i had developed stayed, for years. i would have stayed eternally [ even now, 9 years later]. so i understand jenny's keeping part, and maybe a little part of a possible not staying part, and perhaps some of 'grace's staying part, and a lot of the 'buoyancy' part.

it seems clear that 'grace' and jenny have a really good marriage, a detailed, positive marital life, and so a possibility unexpected that she acted as she did. she suffered, she lived, she maintained; what almost all of us do in our dramas, large and small. she was inclined that way.
i do think that women tend to stay, while men leave, for very complex reasons. while i appreciated the girl words, i'm sad that 'grace' felt she should write her response because of all the shouting and 'not fair's evidently on her behalf.

trans and the rest of the queer rainbow have never, ever been all that weird to me. i am just lucky, that way, i guess. i never struggled with that part of my personality, but it is clear that a lot of people do. but the weirdest thing to me is that other people struggle - and claim with - someone else's identity. and i don't mean when someone is in the closet. i am talking about a stated, struggled for identity, and here are friends, family, colleagues, and so on., proclaiming that it's not so because they will not believe it or haven't sensed it, or whatever refusal mechanism they feel they need. i don't believe in jesus, but is actually abundantly clear that many people do, why claim? but i guess that's what makes this a book, rather than a second.

it's a well-written publication. i like how it dances thru time, i like the buoyancy. i like the afterword by jenny's friend. i really like how it all comes together., I read this publication when I was used full time as a counselor; now, over a decade later, I still give this gook to friends who want to find out about transpeople. I am aware of no other Memoir which is so compelling that you would read it in a single sitting if you could---except maybe Frank McCourt's " Angela's Ashes. " In fact , there are commonalities between the two styles: great humor (including the ability to laugh at oneself) which does not preclude the writers' capabilities to document great sorrows, timeliness---the sense of emerging in a culture not primed to understand some of the issues, and simply good writing. The book performs. Especially poignant is the chapter about a faculty exchange with University College Cork when all the pub songs about emigration resonated: leaving a place you already know, leaving your sweetheart, headed for a location one hopes will somehow much better, anticipation, soft fear. This book was a landmark for the trans community and it ought to be heralded for the human community as we are all in e-commerce of caring and living together. In addition to Richard Russo's Afterward is a bonus., Should you be considering purchase of this publication, or reading this review in the first place, there exists a high probability that you are transgender, a friend or family fellow member of someone who is transgender, or an LGBTQ ally. I can summarize the importance of this book in a short sentence: " It really is our story". In the details, of course is actually Jenny's story, but there are so many styles in this book that reflect experience that are common to all of us all in the transgender community, that anyone who is trans or related to a trans person will see themselves reflected in these pages as in a mirror. Jenny Boylan is a professor of English at Colby College in Maine, and has released both fiction and non-fiction works. Her writing style is enjoyable, easy to read, and inclusive. You will be drawn into her story as if she were telling it at a campfire and you are being asked to pull up a camp chair and reveal it with her. If you are indeed trans, It is best to have a box of tissues helpful as you read. Areas of this tale are so emotional that you will be sobbing unless you have a heart made of glaciers. At other points, you will be laughing, as Jenny relates stories involving some of the crazy things she has done, or witnessed while browsing her often times crazy grandmother, Gammie. This publication will put you by using an emotional roller-coaster, so make sure that your seatbelt is properly fixed, and your tray table is in the fully upright and locked position, because you are in for a sometimes sad, also happy, but always wonderful ride. The ending of this autobiography happens in 2002, and leaves quite a few unanswered questions as to what might have happened to several people in the years between then and now. Jenny has written two sequels to " She's Not There": one which covers her childhood in greater detail, " I'm Looking Through You", and " Stuck in the centre With You", which picks up her story after the events in " She actually is Not There".

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