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This can be a great series of Mandarin readers!

I have already been studying Chinese for 4 years now, both in plus outside of China. Subsequent very slow progress, I commenced reading the educational research on second vocabulary acquisition and came aside with an understanding of “extensive reading” for sentence structure and vocab acquisition plus consolidation- the best technique for intermediate learners. (Extensive reading includes reading works in another language to comprehend roughly 98% from the content without having in order to stop and seek advice from the dictionary or grammar reference). The only problem- presently there are incredibly few good sources in Chinese that facilitate an extensive reading program.

There is the Tiongkok Breeze series, which is usually good, but I prefer the Mandarin Companion collection for several reasons.

The most crucial is their presentation of recent vocabulary. When there is usually a word you most likely have not come around in the course of your introductory research, they supply a reference in the returning to define these types of words- most books do this. But with the Mandarin Companion eBook file format, you can quickly touch the word to obtain the meaning without having in order to flip a few pages. Importantly, the authors have got taken care to carry on in order to present the same terms many times to further tangible them in your brain (all with links back in order to the word’s definition).

Of less importance, but nonetheless nice- the books include pictures and fairly compelling stories, things that will keep you interested and studying every day.

I am pleased we are getting plus better resources for extensive reading in Chinese! Plus I would recommend this specific series to anyone thinking about this approach to vocabulary acquisition., This is the second Mandarin Companion publication I've read. The very first was their adaptation of " The Secret Garden". I'm finding it easier to read through Chinese books this level, because I am also reading works through two other publishers. The only criticism of Mandarin Companion is the shortage of audio tracks to aid me personally with the cadence and check pronunciation, but I find the book exciting, engaging, and the colorful format helps it be eye getting.
I don't limit myself to Mandarin Companion because they motivate individuals to read, therefore read I will!

Also, being familiar with the fundamental story line from the original is useful. I enjoy that they chose names that were not slavish transliterations, but something of which was an easy task to read.

David Pasden has the educational and instructive chops in order to help the Chinese novice improve on an existing foundation. Kudos to him and his team!

Appearance forward to my subsequent purchase. I hope these people expand their collection of works well beyond exactly what currently exists!, It was our first exposure to the graded reader in Chinese language. I have learned Chinese language for approximately 2 years although living in China and just lately returned towards the US. I was looking for a method to strengthen my Chinese and feel glad I came around these wonderful resources. I was knowledgeable about John Pasden's work through Sinosplice plus ChinesePod, and in this course he has delivered more top quality resources that I have come to anticipate from him. I has been blown away with exactly how much intrigue the writers could pack into these kinds of limited vocabulary. I see the book over a weekend break. If you are wondering if a person have enough vocabulary in order to read this book, examine out the free trial. For reference, I have passed HSK 3 but feel only just beginning in order to study for HSK 4, and only a couple of terms not in the glossary were outside my terminology. Thank you to everyone involved in this project. Keep up the great work!, We have always loved Sherlock Sherlock holmes. So to have this specific story as intermediate Chinese language language practice, was actually fun for me.

This can be a great book in the great series from Mandarin Companion. I would suggest this book to any kind of intermediate student of the Chinese language to rehearse their reading skills and really build confidence in their understanding.

As a graded Chinese language reader, this book utilizes the concept of 'extensive reading' and fully achieves its goal to offer a fun and enjoyable story, with smooth and comparatively 'easy' Chinese vocabulary plus grammar. The book enables you to enjoy the story, while internalizing the flow of language plus enhancing your reading comprehension.

The storyplot is a enjoyment adaptation of The Red Headed League into a funny plus suspenseful Chinese context. I remember this story through Sherlock Holmes. Great to read it now in Chinese language.

Kindle version is great and convenient for vocabulary students. You can go through on various devices, spotlight words as you go through, navigate easily, etc., All of us purchased this for the 12-year-old son who offers been studying Mandarin with regard to about 6 months. He loved it. So a lot better than traditional graded readers which he finds a little boring. It's often difficult to get materials of which are age appropriate yet at the same period, language level appropriate -- not to mention really entertaining and fun. This specific title (and the whole series) definitely hits the indicate - a great resource with regard to hanzi and developing studying fluency. We can tell our son loved that because he's already questioned us to get two additional titles from the collection (the Washington Irving and H. G. Wells books) for him to go through next. For lower advanced, Mandarin level learners plus above -- of any kind of age - (and of course, or fans of Sherlock: ), we can not recommend this collection more highly., As the Mandarin learning, this graded reader was a great story that reinforced the vocabulary and grammar i have been doing. I am in the 3 rd Mandarin Partner graded reader. They have got done a great00 job along with the stories., I truly loved the fact that this specific book kept me thrilled the whole time and energy to keep studying. Whenever I read in Chinese I get bored following several minutes because it's sometimes annoying to check upwards characters while reading, yet this book is extremely exciting and with fundamental characters so I feel learning characters while experiencing the book. Overall I would highly recommend this guide to someone who is usually learning Chinese characters plus would like to learn them In a fun and effective way.

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