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This can be a beautiful, well constructed, and finely printed volume of the collected works of Mr holmes. These are my impressions of the publication (mostly good! ):


* It is a hardcover book with a cloth cover. It has an elegant houndstooth pattern and simple cover design (as shown in the picture). It also comes with a yellowish ribbon bookmark and a slipcase for storage. General I think it's a really attractive book that would certainly catch my eye they have. It's one of those book designs that makes you want to see it.

* The particular binding is cloth and appears to be very durable. Towel bindings are, of course, commonly used on big books, such as bibles and dictionaries, that are large and heavy and need to last for many years. We think that's the goal with this volume as well.

* The publication itself is quite large: approximately 10 inches taller, 7 inches wide, and practically 3 inches thick. It's also fairly heavy owing to its thinnish pages. In my viewpoint, these attributes qualify as good things. The complete collected works are within one volume, which I are able to keep in a single place on my bookshelf, and use as a single volume level when I want to take the book on a trip or read the stories to my children. But I see that this is a few preference (see my "cons" area below).

* The text is printed on the small side, but I think it falls easily within the readable category (not always to be expected from a single volume edition of Sherlock! ). Notice my image for the look.

* The paper is nice, i believe. It can not quite as thin or glossy as bible pages, but it's on the thin side. Any thicker and it could never fit into a single volume.

* The particular price is right. We briefly considered  The particular Complete Mr holmes (The Antique Collection) , which is beautiful and seems nice (complete with illustrations), but it is and seemed on the expensive side. This Knickerbocker Classics edition is more affordable, and has the added advantage of matching a large number of other collections of other famous novels.

* Finest of all, it contains all 4 novels and 56 short stories -- the full collection, printed so as of publication.


* Many of the things I stated in PROS could also be CONS based on individual preference.

5. Some may prefer to have their Sherlock divided into tiny, lightweight paperbacks that they may stuff in a pocket or purse to read on the bus or at the coffee shop. This volume is not very well suited for that. It can large and heavy and would be MOST uncomfortable to read on the bus.

* Others could find the print to be too small. I have attached an image to this product page so that you can get the idea of how it looks. I would say it's slightly smaller than most academic texts. Personally, that doesn't bother me. But older viewers, children, or individuals with bad eyesight may want to look for just one printed on a larger typeface.

* The book is just not illustrated. Again, to me personally, this is immaterial, but a large number of viewers have become accustomed to Sherlock illustrations and take great care to find textbooks which may have certain iterations by certain illustrators, etc. Maintain looking if you need lavish drawings. I think what you get in this edition is a plain, no-nonsense, quality binding for those interested merely in reading.

Overall, I believe it's a great edition for buyers with certain preferences. When it meets your conditions, I recommend it with five stars., Remember to look closely at the cover of these " complete" Mr holmes books. Along with the wonders of capitalistically fueled competition, each edition of all 4 novels and 56 short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is beginning to look more and more similar. Not all are set up quite as equal as you would think, however. Read on to discover more.

In my search for find the o grail of Mr holmes materials, aka; THE definitive selection of original, Conan Doyle penned stories, I actually ended up buying (and reading and rereading) 3 different versions. My assessment of all 3 is as follows:

1 - Sherlock Holmes: The Ultimate Series -
* This is a completely enough collection. This DOES include all 4 novels and 56 brief stories, but the publication is text, with no real illustrations to communicate of. When I first purchased it as an ebook, it did NOT REALLY include all the stories, but before I was even finished reading it, a simple Kindle update additional all the rest, rendering it certifiably " complete. " So if you see a review of The Ultimate Collection that claims it isn't complete, it's probably just an old review. At any rate, the " Film and Tv set Adaptations" and Beyond the Canon" synopsis sections at the end of the book are also incorporated, but do not appear in one other Sherlock Sherlock holmes collections. Kindle formatting isn't so good in that one, however, unfortunately. Individual story/chapters aren't easily accessible from the drop down menu, as they are in other collected SH books. My five star rating is for the writing itself, which is of course, practically peerless.

2 - The particular Complete Sherlock Holmes: Quantities 1-4 (The Heirloom Collection) -
* The Heirloom Series isn't the absolute best compendium of SH stories, but it is extremely good. Most importantly, it will contain all 4 novels and 56 short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, though not always in the exact same order as other editions -- rendering it slightly confusing, when comparing different editions, to determine if all the stories are actually included (and they really are). Design wise, the graphic presentation (font options, layout, etc) of this " heirloom edition" is superb -- rendering it evidently better in that respect than perhaps any of the " complete" Sherlock Holmes books currently available. The colour illustrations aren't bad either, but there really aren't all that many for such a large publication, filled with so many classic tales. Good Kindle formatting overall, although not as good as it could have been.

3 - The Complete Mr holmes (Illustrated) (Top Five Classics Publication 17) -
* This can be the one actually being reviewed here. And it's the complete best of the three, in my opinion. This Five Classics edition includes all 4 novels and 56 short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. Kindle formatting is superb, and best of all, most (if not all) of the classic drawings that accompanied the original, first run publication of each story are included. Some brief stories even have upwards to three separate drawings! Virtually all of the plates are reproduced in pencil/pen & ink attracted black and white, but the quality of the artwork is vastly superior to what appears in most other SH collections.

So for my money, the Top Five Classics edition (#3) is hands down the very best one currently available. Wish I'd known that before I purchased all three, but nothing of these collections were far more than to each, and the Mr holmes: The Ultimate Collection was only 99 cents! Therefore if you don't treatment about illustrations, design quality, or good Kindle formatting, then you can certainly save a few bucks by choosing that particular version of the book (see #1 above). On a final note, The experience of the Cardboard Box WILL BE included in the Best Five Classics book, but appears in The Memoirs of Mr holmes novel, as opposed to other editions that include it in the collected short story novel, His Last Ribbon and bow. That is a little confusing at first, with the amount of " adventures" to keep track of, but rest assured, the Cardboard Box and all the rest really USUALLY ARE there. So the game's afoot, no matter which edition you choose, but personally, if I had to do it all once again, I had created probably just buy the very best Five Classics edition., The picture does no justice. I enjoy this product and have uploaded 2 pictures to show what it really seems like. It has that new book smell, thin pages, also it feels nice., I love Mr holmes, and I wanted to have the best product around so I could always have it in my bookcase. I expected this out of this product, especially because the cost surely seemed to indicate it.
However, the box that keeps the books had broken down in such a way, that if you make an effort to hold it up, the books fall. the box they arrived. I think this happened because the box it came in didn't provide enough support. The of the textbooks inevitable broke it down. This really is Amazon's fault for putting it in a box too big for the case.
One of the textbooks bindings (thankfully not all of them) has started to break, so the cover of the publication is falling off already and I haven't even begun reading it.
Lots of treatment must be put in the books if you don't want them breaking. DON'T but this device for kids.
I will be extremely disappointed in this regard. I spent a lot of money for what looked like there was a fantastic product but ended up being a very bad one.
I cannot replace it, yet , because I reside in South usa and the process would be horrifyingly long and dull. Then again, I would probably obtain the same result.

The publication itself, as in, the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are beautiful. I've always loved them. I would suggest it, although from a different publisher, to anyone who wants a pleasurable, light read and/or investigator stories in general.

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