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The particular Shepherdess of Siena: The Novel of Renaissance Tuscany is actually a tale of Renaissance Tuscany. This specific epic saga of practically 600 pages recounts the popular and scandalizing stories linked to the de' Medici royal family, the Grand Dukes of Tuscany at the beginning of their royal-ness, and how they affect their subjects, with much about one particular subject, a young shepherdess from E?ia, in Tuscany.

The de' Medici banking family grew up to royal status over the Tuscany Dutchy under armed service powerhouse Cosimo de' Medici in the 1500s. Fictionalized versions of his youngsters are the focus of this book, with their interactions with artists and subjects under their reign, most significantly with Virginia, a shepherdess with many hidden talents. Virginia is based on an historical figure, too. Her story in this book is half fact and half fiction, as the author admits in the Author's Notes.

The particular de' Medici have long been favorites of historical gossips, lots of whom have put the salacious technology linked to the family down in print, offering them an authority they do not always have in historical fact. The particular author makes use of these juicy stories for her novel. And much historical research has also gone into the development of the storyplot, which will surely please fans of historical epic novels.

Presently there are 102 chapters split among seven parts in The Shepherdess of Siena:
A de' Medici Princess and the Little Shepherdess - 1569-1574
The Death of Cosimo de' Medici - 1574-1576
Murder in Tuscany - 1576-1578
The Heroine of Siena - 1579-1581
Ferrara - 1581-1582
The particular Art of Death 1582-1586
The Rule of Granduca Ferdinando - 1586-1591

This sweeping tale covers romance, politics, chat, power, patronage, crime, religious beliefs, sports, patriotism, royals, journey, pathos... The voice is sometimes first-person, and at other times third-person. The textual content is sprinkled with Italian words. The English is excellent and the enhancing expert.

This is one for historical novel fans, those who wish to be immersed in another time and place. Italophiles with a love of Italian history should enjoy the time they can spend in Renaissance Tuscany, hobnobbing with the exciting de' Medici family.

Please visit my full and highlighted review at Italophile Publication Reviews. I received a review-copy., I am addicted to Linda Lafferty's wonderful writing. History along with great characters; this was a great read., This was a good story with some caveats. I listened to the whispersync/audible version. The reader's voice was female and tended towards sounding exceptionally juvenile. This specific worked alright when the main character was 7... it did not work so well when the active character was male and in his 30s, or 50s or later.
The author seemed to have a really hard time monitoring the era of her protagonist. A minute or so she was 7 years old and predictably ignorant (innocent)... and in the next several paragraphs the child was performing mouth to nose CPR to a new born foal... an animal she'd only seen from a much not 5 paragraphs previously... so it was presented as a kind of miraculous internal sense of knowing... which would been employed by - if it had been higher than a one -off in the life of the child.
but then again, one second the child was mooning over horses while the lady was shepherding (alone? at seven? in the hillsides?... (Not exactly sure what a seven year old would do if a wolf actually came around... chase it with a stick?... ) and then after returning home then the aunt was berating her for being in the fields with boys/men accusing her of being a whore and offering away her " value". Not sure a several year old would be thinking about sex - much less be able to grasp the insult... so for several paragraphs the lady was like-13 (at least from the perspective of the aunt) and then abruptly her age would return to child again... and over the course of the first 3rd of the book - the lady was randomly 7 or 10 or 13 or 8...
The particular physical development of the foal was easily as wierd - It looked to take that new born foal at least three years to lose his mane fuzz and grow some decent mature hair...
and then later there was a completely unbelievable moment when this girl - who (admittedly) had grown.. but who had been completely sequestered - so had never seen a man, much less developed any physical fantasies or wishes...
suddenly found herself wrapped in your arms - and the lady was like - OHHHH This specific is what its all about!... (?? where did THAT come from?! )... here is this purely non-sexual person -who suddenly (and for the span of a couple paragraphs) becomes the raving hormonal physical magnet...
Properly - no. The mental and physical reaction the writer chose to represent simply wouldn't have happened like that... not in this person - not in that environment... not under those circumstances.
So there definitely were some distracting moments in this book - but the story overall was not horrible, (especially after the kid grew upwards and the time-world settled down a bit. I may well read it again - simply for the horses... and the history...
its worth a go.. just try to let her be the age the girl with at the moment and dont focus more on the fact that the growth periods are totally unrealistic., Very well written; captivating story; good to the last page!, I was transported in time and place. I loved the characters in this guide. I have added E?ia and seeing the Pabellón as things I should do in my lifetime. I recommend this guide to anyone who loves historical fiction. And, the drama of the de'Medici family is an amazing tale within a fabulous story., I bought this guide with some pressure, as I read another book of Linda Lafferty, House of Bá thory, a historical nonsense, full of serious errors, with absolutely no research on area of the writer, as concerned geographical places and historical facts. Yet the title interested me and I gave it a go. This book is much better researched and depicts a good portrait of the Siena in Renaissance times, its famous Palio and the life there and surrounding towns. For those this I would give the book 4 stars. But as for the main character, the shepherd girl, transformed into an expert horsewoman and Pabellón competitor, I have to criticize the fact that I could never keep track of her age. She is just an ignorant six years old girl, but is able to perform a mouth to nose area CPR, saving a new born foal, where well trained vets have failed. Also at that era her aunt accuses the woman of being a hottie, as she goes aroundon the fields with a boy who teaches the woman to ride, somewhat iabsurd to accuse such a young and innocent woman. At the same time she appears as a 13 years old girl, without the transition and then the lady seems to be six years old again. For this inconsistency (which is repeated in several chapters) I would decrease one star. Otherwise the story is interesting and if one accepts te unusual fluctuations in age, the book is worth it reading.

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