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We honestly can't wait until another book is away! This story is so different then any other supernatural fantasy genre We have read. I'm so used to reading about angels and fallen angels demons and vamps and werewolves and ghosts and spirits and such. So when We came across this guide about mermaids (merrows) I came across it so interesting. I've figured out so much. Things We never even knew or thought about before. As far as I used to be worried before hand Disney's little mermaid Ariel was my favorite image of a mermaid haha.

I don't want to spoil anything of this story. it's definitely worth reading for certain. Our main character is dealt with tragedy however she's sent away to live on with a grand dad she never knew even existed who lives in a totally different state. Her life is turned upside down. There's plenty of secrets and risk and love and so much more. Lots of surprises and magic too!

i can't wait to see what happens next!, Shearwater is a fantastic story, filled with vibrant imagery, interesting ideas and great characters! The unique historical past involved and the special characteristics of the mermaids/merfolk in the story are intriguing and fun to read about. The storyplot holds you early on and doesn't let you go. I read part one when it had originally been released, and now that part two is complete, I'm eager to get the possiblity to read Book 2! I've always been of a mind to like mermaids, and always complained there was nothing that has been as interesting as the mere idea of mermaids.... and that's all changed, thanks to Mr Murphy. If you like this guide, I highly recommend his others. The magic he weaves is not just in the words, but the tale as well!, Title: Shearwater
Series: Sea Depths
Location: Book 1., 463 Web pages
Release Day: #AlreadyReleased
Author: D. S. Murphy
Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan
Genre: #Teen #YA #Fantasy
As you are very mindful I feel not a Teen & YA reader, so this is my second guide, I can say for certain this is not a brief book just 463 pages, Thank goodness it was phenomenal. I thought being this long it was going to get boring which did not happen. This whole fantasy of mere people was outstandingly written, Omg the figures were absolutely amazing. The only downfall in this whole book is it can YA so there's no sex, no cuss words, very refreshing for young adults. NOT for an old women like me personally. who need the ranked " X".
Clara Clark lives in Arizona where her entire world fell apart. The woman parents were killed in a car accident which left her all by yourself there was clearly no other family. Her best friend's family took her in while the social worker checked everything, the will stated Clara would go to her maternal grandfather, who is still alive, residing in Portballintrae, Ireland. Clara needed to stay in Az she didn't know she a new grandfather, her parents never even said one word she had a grandfather, it ended up that she were required to go. The state sold the woman house and she was able to get a few mementos then Clara was shipped off. The woman grandfather tried very difficult to make Clara happy especially with what she's been through he was sweet and nice. Clara made some friends they all were trying to find out so what happened to her mother before she left for the United States things got very creepy and the most scarey thing to happen was Clara arrived to some powers. Yes, yes it's true POWERS.. Want to find out more guess you'll have to read to learn.
A copy of the guide was provided to me with no requirements for an evaluation. I voluntarily read this book and my feedback here are my sincere opinion., After finishing guide one, I still feel attached to the figures. You know you've read a great story when your frantically trying to find the creators social sites for hints to the upcoming release of book two. This book was very insightful into a part of mythology that I don't have read much about before and certainly never of this caliber. Murphy has created dual worlds and I'm hoping we find out more of the under water world in book two. This was almost like an introduction in case which the case then We am fully prepared to have my thoughts blown away even farther than it already has been than in book one. He is set the stage for a possible upcoming fight or confrontation and the way Murphy writes the going to be edge of your seat fun! I love this guide and truly wish guide two was already out!, This book was amazing. We felt like i was going to fall off my couch with the suspense. I kept considering something happens and then it would go in a different direction. We just got done with it and im ready for book 2., We loved the first half of the book. We was so glad when the second half lastly came out. It kept me personally in my toes, that's for sure. Perfect ending! Thank you d. s murphy, The characters were fully developed and the story kept you in suspense. The ending left me pumped up about the next book in the series.

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