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Blown away by this book, it is perhaps my all-time favorite self-help/entrepreneurial book and I actually am going to read it many times before We are through! I had to get both the sound and paperback variations to use together, and the down to earth insight has me ready to go out and tackle the world. I actually know Carrie caters to women entrepreneurs (and sure, I am a man), but I would have to put her right at the top of my go to inspirations Lower to earth, easy to understand, easy to relate to, and all around sound advice and motivation. Sorry ladies, but as guy I thinks this book and this woman,... ROCK!, I appreciate Barbara Green and her teachings, but in the beginning I was hesitant to purchase this guide. I thought to personally do I really need another book with more information how to be a successful entrepreneur. Right now don't get me incorrect I could be an information junkie, but sometimes that is all it is information without practical instruction. Nicely I gave in and decided to purchase this guide and I am very glad I did. Very first of all Carrie infuses her story throughout the book, which makes it very relatable. The chapters are short and also to the point and have practical action steps that you should take. Not only does Carrie discuss the nuts and bolts how to start, build and grow your business she also has several chapters on mindset and self-care. Things us business owners tend to forget about. Throughout the book Carrie makes use of words to celebrates and encourage you. It is if she is right beside you cheering you on. Helping you to think you can have an effective business.
I actually highly recommend this guide for all entrepreneurs regardless of what stage you are in their business. It's h book I will read often., After i was ordering some books for a work project this popped up as a recommendation. I acquired it and didn't think much past that. I read a lot of books on business and women in business. This one is the real deal. It is not filled with fluff and false hope. It is filled with great tips and information packed. She is practical, truthful and provided me so many great useful tips for my next project. Should you be in business and struggling, get this guide. If you are pondering of starting a business and are afraid, get this book. She covers everything.

My only complaint. Mcdougal used a link shortener to link her resources she offers and that link is no longer available. Therefore, I have not been able to find those yet., Love love love this book. I read leadership books galore and spiritual books each day. However, this guide, this creator has reached and influenced me to trust in personally. There are set shells but keep moving forward. Her writing is relatable. My daughter (18) and I are reading this book and utilizing the workbook religiously. I'm wishing we can complete it as her two new Super Star Entrepreneurs. We are hoping we can see her speak in person. This is a must read for everyone who has sensed defeated, anyone has had doubt, and those who have tried it and failed. Most of all this for anyone who is thinking of any sort of entrepreneurship. It speaks to all women., This book is written very well, especially for the super hectic entrepreneur. You may sit and read for some minutes and come back to it when you have time, it has short chapters and is written in a way that is very clear and easy to understand. Each step ends with a call to action, ideas of what you can do to implement what you just learned. It is highly motivating, it helps get your brain on the right course when there is so much to do you avoid know where to start. I suggest this guide whether you are just starting a business or already have one. I actually have had my business for 4 years and this is helping me in ways I didn't know I needed. Love it: -), I purchased my duplicate of She Means Company via pre-order. I have been amazed by the wealth of offerings they Barbara Green gives in addition to the purchase of the book. I started with the small program that allowed me to to prepare myself prior to acquiring and reading the guide. The format of the book has allowed for me to take my time looking deeper into my business in order to affect out on a healthy path for both me and my clients. While many might say that the techniques in this guide sound familiar, Carrie put her own spin to each technique in order to help you evaluate from a new perspective. In March, I started the 28 day challenge which expands further on the book. I feel that because I actually embarked on this journey with She Means Company, I am building a more powerful foundation for my business, myself, and my clients. I highly recommend Carrie Green and She Means Business to anyone reading these reviews. You will definitely reap the great things about her wisdom and positivity!!, I haven't quite finished yet but so far We are thoroughly impressed with this guide. One of my favorite parts regarding it is that it is not hard to read, unlike many other business building books that are out there. Personally, I feel like I could really connect with many of the stuff that Barbara talks about ready past struggles in business - it just makes me seem like she knows what a lot of women are going through and this makes me feel like I could really get someplace with the advice and tips she has. I actually will post a fix once I finish the guide in it's entirety but so far it is Five Stars!, I found a web link to this guide on Facebook. It's honestly the best book We have purchased in a long time! This book is so inspirational and helpful in mapping out business and turning ideas into reality. I've always desired to work for personally and honestly I've just been so overwhelmed with everything. I feel like Carrie actually gets it! There are so many times when I am reading the book and I'm like " yes"! " Yes!!! " She gets it. I'm so inspired by carrie and all these amazing woman that she talks about in the book. That I actually feel warm fuzzy thoughts and commence to tear up! I finally feel like I have a purpose! Thank you Carrie best inspirational book I've read and I'm so excited to be on this journey. It's on my desire to meet you and tell you how much I appreciate the work you've put into this book. Buy this guide!!! This book has altered my life forever!!! I have written so many things in this book and made so many notes so I actually can go back to things. There is many times I recently write the words " yes" because she gets it!!!

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