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This is certainly such a sad story about Ejaz Ahmad. This individual met Leah, who got a history mental problems from very early on in her life. Following a been unsuccessful marriage and two children, the girl and her husband divided. She met Ejaz Ahmad, a divorced man with a son, plus they wedded even though she was not divorced. She refused to take her medications to become more and more bizarre. She stole from Ejaz, lied, did drugs and cheated on him. When he finally made up his mind that the girl needed to go, the girl ended up killing him. I highly recommend this book to all true crime fans., " She Is Evil" is a captivating story about a woman who took advantage of everyone who crossed her path. Her destructive world could not have ended happily. Now one man is deceased, one woman is in prison for life, and two families and numerous friends are forever in pain from the loss.
Someone wrote a review saying the author did not write much about the female Leah Joy Ward's mental illness. Well, if you read the conclusion you see Leah Ward would not participate. Helpline and info for bipolar disorder is in the references. Typically the author is not a doctor or psychologist so how can they discuss mental health issues? It might be like a pet store employee doing businesses on cats and dogs. They know their business, but not enough to make clinical, safe comments.
Other reviews are spot on. A good, intelligent man known as Ejaz wanted to help Ms. Ward. He gave her an education, money, a home. He treated the girl well and was not a violent person, as his in-laws attest. Also his ex wife said he was never violent. Well, Leah Ward made the decision to use the " I was defending myself" defense when she shot and killed him. This particular is horrible especially because there really are women who kill in self security. So now Leah has made even more people look like liars.
She beheaded the sufferer and cut off his scrotum area. She stated she just did not remember where she put them! Then she hid the body in Ejaz's own backyard. I think Leah thought she just would not get caught... it's Leah's world, her rules. I truly believe she did not think anyone would investigate.
This particular is the story of any true sociopath and what happened when someone attempted to do good by her. But as the cover says additionally it is about religion, mental illness, and the harm people do to one another.
This would make a great movie!!!, Good publication about a women who creates problem wherever she goes and whomever the girl with with until it all comes down to murder of her spouse, I read a whole lot of true crime. I mean - a lot. At times, a book will come along that is so riveting that by the conclusion of the first chapter you know it will probably be a late night. This particular was one of those books. The flow, the description of the characters, the history of the victim's homeland... all very well researched and fascinating. Simply no filler, dry facts or repetition of internet searches. The book reminded myself the majority of those of the Muslim trust (or any other faith or nationality, for the matter) are peaceful, non-violent and law-abiding citizens. This is certainly my first book by JA Yates and I am looking forward to her next. A high level00 true crime fan, don't miss this one., I like reading anything by Judith Yates and this book was no exception. She got my attention from the start and kept it until the end. A grasp story teller.
This story is about Ejaz Ahmad, a hard working, honorable man from Pakistan who just wanted someone with whom to share his life with. What he got though was someone so manipulative and evil that it defies imagination..
This book isn't about Leah Ward, the woman Ejaz married, but about the victim and exactly what society lost on the day he was murdered and decapitated. I could honestly say I reverred this book and I would definitely recommend it to other true offense fans., A thorough and well-written book about a woman who is pure trouble all of her life for individuals who care about the girl most. And woe on to those who allow the girl to get close to them or take pity on her behalf and try to help her. This book held my interest very well following Leah Ward like a high-velocity tropical storm on their path waiting to see if it becomes a hurricane and how much damage it will do before it ends. We know it is almost always the guys we have to watch out for, but every now and then a woman comes along that is simply purely bad from the young age and nothing can fix that. Leah is one you simply don't want to combination paths with. This is one for the true crime lovers. Read and find out for her. My thanks to NetGalley, WildBlue Press, and the author for providing myself with an ARC in return for my sincere review., The adage that the road to heck is paved with good intentions is all too true with this bone-chilling story of affection gone deadly wrong. Told with accuracy and passion, this cautionary tale not only lays bare a clash of cultures, but of missing human values such as trust and honesty. It is a story of dreams and aspirations that blossomed, only to die and die in the face of unforgivable wicked. A true crime gem., This particular was my first time reading the author and it will not be my final. This book grabs from webpage one and will not let go. I was actually sad when I was done reading. The sufferer in this book, Ejaz Ahmad, was obviously a hard working, good father. He did not deserve what Leah Ward was horrendous. This particular woman was a true sociopath. There were alert signs but Ejaz being the kind of man he was, chose to ignore them. This book is a very good writing on domestic violence. We never truly know people, do we? For the lover of the true offense genre, read this book. Thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the advanced reading copy in return for my sincere review.

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