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I truly didn’t know very well what to expect with this book given the paucity of product description. It is purportedly a celebration of the 75th anniversary of Capt. Miracle and I was wishing it was more than just reprints of stories. Now don’t get me wrong. We wasn’t asking for new comic material and We love reading old Copt. Marvel stories which hardly ever get reprinted. It’s just that with 400 webpages I was hoping for maybe 30 or 40 new pages of text message celebrating The World’s Mightiest Mortal but alas. That is all old reprinted material. Even the rather short section introductions are reprinted. In the situation of the first introduction it was taken from Volume 1 of the Shazam Archives.

Now I love Capt. Marvel which is a fine selection of stories but as a celebration it’s somewhat deficient. If you’re a fan of the character or love comics this is a fantastic price for 400 webpages of material but the price may be low because there is nothing new here.

So here is precisely what you get…

" Introducing Captain Marvel" - Whiz Comics #2 (1940)
Origin Story

" The Vengeful Four" - Whiz Comics #21 (1941)
Very first Appearance of Marvel Lieutenants

" Captain Marvel Features Mary Marvel" - Chief Marvel Adventures #18 (1942)
First Look of Mary Marvel

" Baffin Land" - Chief Marvel Jr. #12 (1943)
Appearance of Capt. Nazi

" Mister. Mind's Movie Madness/Peril Right behind the Camera" - Chief Marvel Adventures #38-39 (1944)
Although just two chapters in the 25 chapter long Monster Society of Evil story the chapters are do it yourself contained enough for the reader to enjoy.

" The particular Mighty Marvels Join Makes! " - Marvel Family members #1 (1945)
First Appearance of Dark-colored Adam

" Phantom of the Forest" - Hoppy the Marvel Bunny (1946)

" King Kull and the Seven Sins" - Captain Marvel Adventures #137 (1952)

" Captain Miracle Battles the World" - Captain Marvel Adventures #148 (1953)

" Make Way for Captain Thunder" - Superman #276 (1974)

" In the Beginning/The World's Wickedest Plan" - Shazam #1 (1973)
The actual introduction of Copt. Marvel to DC comics. Art by C. Chemical. Beck

" Ibac Fulfills Aunt Minerva" - Shazam #29 (1977)

" The particular Snatching of Billy Batson" - World's Finest #275 (1982)

" Superman and Shazam" - DC Comics Presents #49 (1982)
Superman and Chief Marvel battle Black Hersker

" Where Dreams End" - L. E. H. I. O. N. #31 (1991)
Chief Marvel battles Lobo

" Things Change/The Arson Fiend" - The Power of Shazam #1-2 (1995)

" Yeah - This is a Deal with Only a Mother Could Love" - The Strength of Shazam #33 (1997)
An strange choice for inclusion. Billy/Capt. Marvel attempt to bring back the horribly scared face of a young burn off victim (a result of The Arson Fiend's actions) but the whole tale comes off as enormously tone deaf to the people with facial disfigurements. It of the story pretty much states it all.

" Oh Captain, My Captain" - Action Comics #768 (2000)
Very weird story with some dodgy art. If it's representational of the era this was not a good time for Capt. Miracle.

" Enlightenment" - JSA #48 (2003)
Story doesn't even include an appearance by Copt. Marvel but it's still good.

" " NXIB GZPVH GSV XZVP" - Shazam, The Monster Community of Evil #2 (2007)
This is just one issue from a four issue limited series by Jeff Smith

" Shazam! " - Justice Group #21 (2013)
This is the last part of a continuous story line where Chief Marvel (I will not call him Shazam) battles against Black Adam, Like a Chief Marvel fan, it's hard not to be excited by any new collection of stories. And this collection is presented beautifully, on glossy paper with vibrant colors, looking better than they did when first published. Like there is a saying about pizza-- when it's good, it's great, and even if it's bad, it's still pretty good.

The frustration in this book is that it could have been so much more. There is almost no new content (the forward is a reprint, no interviews, discourse on the stories, etc). In their goal to exhibit the full 75 years of Captain Marvel's existence, the editors have incorporated a LOT of post-1970's content, which suffers compared to the 1940's and 1950's stuff, which there isn't enough of. And while curiosities like " Make Way for Captain Thunder! " are fun, it does not really belong in this book.

Still, there's a lot to similar to this book. The Lieutenant Marvels origin story remains a favorite, and the Jerry Ordway and Jeff Smith content is pretty good stuff. And the price is sensible for a glossy bundle like this., I would have given this guide 5 stars. The reason why I didn't is this. I hate it when the old Fawcett, Chief MARVEL stories are reprinted without having to be retouched or imprinted from bad copies of those old stories. POWER should spend some money to restore the panels, to give the comic book fan the product.

Come on DC give these old comics some respect that they should have. Go purchase golden age group copies of the Chief MARVEL, WHIZ comic books and scan directly from them. We'd thank you for it. Spend some money and don't be so bloody cheap. If is actually a celebration. Then do it in style.
The overall book design is very nice. So may be cheap., Such as the stories a lot. They are doing a nice job., Impossible to place all the best in just one volume. Nevertheless the reader will have a good ideia about the evoltution of the smoothness. I miss post-crisis 80's with " The new beginnig" series., Terrible, arbitrary choice of stories, with way too much emphasis on the 80's and later, apart from for Jeff Smith's factor. I do not recommend., Absolutely wonderful collection., What else can you say about the " Large Red Cheese"?

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