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Again what do I say, this is simply as good as the first publication. It continued right from where it left off with the initial boo, and kicked some serious butt. All the characters are just the same and I still love them all.

“Mark hisses, wrap his wound. “Why can not people have cats? Genuinely, all they do is sit there and story your death…is that so bad? ”

Cole is still tough and a fighter who would do anything to save and protect Savi. Of course there are still a lot of shock and heart crack, but I believe we all saw the majority of it arriving. I still feel really heartbroken for Savi.

An individual will forever be my knight who stormed the castle wall and preserved me from all the evil that held me personally prisoner. I love you, Cole Logan.

I do not know very well what I would do if I was her. Once again just like in the initial book, this finishing has me feeling a mess. I am aware everything has to turn out perfect in the end, and I’m sure I’m heading to be on advantage with the last publication but, I still can’t wait to see how everything is going to turn out.
Just like with the first book, I give this another full celebrities review. Two down, one to go. Oh and again some tissues may be needed., Words cannot really describe what I feel feeling right now. L. L. Drake has done it again! I loved Cole even more in this book. He was so demanding but sexy about it!! Savi really is simply broken and somewhat naive. It made me sad on her behalf and so upset with her at some details in the book. All the character in this series are always great! I wanted to cry and my heart chop down to my stomach. I chuckled and got upset. Total mental roller coaster!! Then, the finishing.. So typical of her to leave me dangling... Craving the next publication.. For me though, that's what I love most!, I was disappointed with this book. I thought the first story was amazing and should've ended there. This story was really forced and wasn't as properly written. The story took two unrealistic becomes that lost my attention. I'll see the third publication but only because I need to know how she will wrap up the trilogy., Why did I spend the money on the second one? The first one has not been great... but ok... but this one is SO predictable, it was painful. Of course, the initial book leaves you dangling to know how it all works out... BUT, my suggestion... immediately, use your imagination to figure it out, and save yourself some money and time (and will most likely be better than the book)., Great read from J. L Drake and she certain would not disappoint. After the horrible ending of 'Broken' I didn't know very well what to expect from this publication but it all works out and they live happily ever after...... pfft. You didn't believe right? It's Jodi we're talking about she's evil: )

Savannah makes a not so good decision, but We understand why she did it, and it all will go to hell from there. Lots of things start to happen and it wasn't a slow part in the book from there on. Loved all the action, emotions, ups and downs and all the boys of course. Indicate is still my favorite, I love their bromance it really makes me personally laugh. And I love how close Keith and Savannah is, she really has to have a friend in all this. Cole though is not my personal favorite right now but I trust Jodi to fix that in Mended won't you?: )

This is unquestionably another must read!!

" I'm sorry for what happened to you, but I'll never be sorry for tracking you down and falling in love with you. ", I actually won publication 1 in a giveaway and was sooo in love I had to go and buy books 2&3 and I failed to second guess! Such a fantastic story line I am going to read it over and over again! Can't wait to obtain the spin off of this series!, I loved this trilogy due to the fact (as I mentioned within review) it was not the everyday run of the mill story line.. this trilogy had a bit of action/suspense to it. We read each book in a way of hours, Can not put this publication down. The entire three set is AMAZING. I was shocked that some individuals failed to want it. I've had a couple friends read it and are hooked now. I finished this three set in 2 days!

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