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I absolutely love this world that Naomi Lucas has created. I wondered if this book would be odd due to shark DNA or redundant due to water theme, but I shouldn't have worried. ***POSSIBLE SPOILERS***

Typically her writing style is easy to read and very descriptive but on occasion is strangely disjointed or under-developed. Within this book there was only one example that stuck out to me:

"“Are you serious? We just got away from the thing! ” Janet's voice was shrill with terror. But the bow came to a stop anyway. Netto ran his tongue across his teeth, releasing his blood vessels, and jumped in to the sea, but not before he saw the sea giant flail out in a rage and the serpents fly around it in untempered fury. As the mist cleared, the sea vanished and all that remained were the body of the aquatic life swimming atop each other. Netto looked away to see Rylie standing below. He joined her on the bow. "

In this passage they are out to sea and surrounded by water. This is difficult to picture because she claims the ocean "vanished. "

Furthermore, there have always been minor editing issues and this book is no different-- things like "when away" as opposed to "went away. inch

Very minor problems. The storyline is so creative and action-packed. Both H/h were new to physical relationship which added something unique and sweet to the tale. The ending is quite the twist.

4. 5 stars., If you haven’t read Naomi Lucas’ Cyborg Shifter series, I actually recommend you do so if you love research fiction with a (large) dash of sexy, dangerous, cyborgs with the ability to shift. I’m not a huge fan of shifters in urban dream, but I absolutely love these. Each cyborg has a certain thing they were designed to replicate, and this one is really a shark.

I loved Netto! He’s the strong, silent, and blue type with an extra bite — virtually! Both he and his cyborg partner, Zeph, are on a mission to collect, nonetheless they run into something more at their destination. And here, he meets Rylie. Netto is uncomfortable around people. They fear him due to his intimidating size and his sharp teeth. This individual has no experience with women (yes, our hot shark man is a virgin! ), but he deeply wants to be loved. Wants a family. But he doesn’t think it’s something that will ever happen for him or her.

Rylie suffers from some issues of her own. She’s not a people person and is also very restless around them, yet despite her fear, the girl with sketched to the giant azure cyborg who has arranged to help her family and their business. Presently there in an instantaneous interest between the two of them, but there is also a rift of her own insecurities as well as the distance Netto resurrects due to his own fears. In the end, Rylie chooses to take what she wants. What does she have to lose?

In addition to then we have the side characters, Zeph and Rylie’s sister, Janet. Zeph is the sweet talker. Typically the ladies man, and he has his sights set on Janet. However, while may flirt and give him her body, she’s not looking to decide. She likes men and leaves a very long trail of those behind the woman. And well... I’ll let you read to learn what happens with them!

I actually was hooked from the beginning. I loved the closeness Rylie has ready family, the shy runs into she has with Puro, and many especially…the pillow scene. Seriously, that has to be the best part in this whole book. There is some wonderful world building in every book and I actually can’t wait for the next!, Let me start with Riley and her suicidally ignorant personality. She is comfortably set in her worries thay any change would break her. Her father is wrong to coddle her, all he do was neglect to prepare the woman for life. Her cousin, "The outgoing one, inch is another failure because neither one of them can function good enough to make an important decision.

Netto as a personality is the left over traits from all the other character all the rear to Stranded in the Stars. I find him I will prepared to care for a person such as Riley system her issues. I can't even say he is broken, because him being a cyborg means that he was never programmed to maintain a healthy relationship.

Typically the slow pace and root violence takes from this story. It should sort out as more if an sexual horror. A boring sexual horror, due to fire, and the sad attempts at tension building but definitely not sci-fi romance.

I do not root for these two. They are weak characters and do not deserve the titles leading man and heroine.

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