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What a great book. Its arguments reveal much about the true history of early european thought and it calls for a paradigm shift in how important areas of intellectual and spiritual background must be viewed. Aside from the wealth of fascinating comparative analysis it offers, it lays bare our significantly rooted prejudices. This book sheds a great light on some key power of human thought and culture., Thomas McEvilley has spent the better part of a very full and fruitful lifetime developing and nurturing the ideas that are so beautifully presented in this amazing book. Trained as a Greek philologist, Dr . McEvilley (that's what I always called him when he or she was one of my favorite professors as an undergraduate at Rice University) is steeped in the roots of ancient Greek philosophy. He has also significantly imbibed from the old philosophical traditions of Of india. The Shape of Historic Thought traces in beautiful detail the intricate cross-fertilizations of ancient Greek and ancient Indian philosophical schools of thought. The circumstance is persuasively made that there were surprising and undeniable influences flowing in both directions at different times. Dr. McEvilley is perhaps the only scholar alive today competent enough and talented enough to present these insights. Without a doubt, The Shape of Ancient Thought is one of the main and interesting books ever written. A new pure joy and joy to read, with copious footnotes, to boot!, Fascinating! Left me wanting more. The book was relatively academic, which is fine. I hope the writer will consider rendering it readily available to the lay-person because the subject is truly so interesting, not anything the majority of us was raised learning about in school, and so absolutely relevant to understanding of our origins in the West and the development of Christianity which has shaped our world so much., Excellent, insightful, broad, yet deep. An educational work together with far-ranging implications for a number of disciplines., Highly recommended, What a massive work. It moves the reader through from the beginning of old thought. It provides exhaustive detail. Yet , the book is designed for the weak of heart as it is a rather difficult read, and it requires tremendous concentration., I have recently been reading history for over 50 years. This is easily the most difficult book I have read. Presently there are so many new conditions that come one after the other. A glossary would have been helpful.

Presently there was quite a lot of information much was fresh to me especially the significance of Indian thought. I learned a great deal from this book. I actually think I would have learned more it were shorter., Although I am not a student of philosophy and I have not finished reading this book, I was required to write a very brief review.

It is quite true that often times the views and ideas of how knowledge came about in the east remain Indocentric and in the west stay Eurocentric. In this book however , I've found a very nicely researched marital life of world philosophies, for the first time, that I didn't find to be excessively biased with either perspective. It is unfortunate that contemporary works still remain so focused on one ideology or geography and often biased, because they detract from true understanding. There is that this book is just the book that touches after these ideas.

I also think the publication of this book to be timely as travel to the east has grown given today's global economy and is actually growing players: India and China. As I pointed out in a response to a new person's review, these two regions of the world (or modern nations) have recently been the global commerce frontrunners off and on for centuries. The united states and European Europe have dominated this role previously few generations but these old forces are rising up again. With this rise, it is inevitable that the ideas presented in this guide will become increasing well known. The planet has not always been separated into east and west, as observed in this book. Based on the economics of the time, in previous centuries global commerce has flourished and then declined off and on. It won't be well before this will be noticed by the larger majority of folks as more and more historical evidence from the east becomes available for study.

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