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Patterson's story is raw and honest. His stories reveal thoughts, feelings and voices that all of all of us have but none of us dare to confess to having. Through his brutally honest stories he or she demonstrates how shame talks us that because we DID something stupid we have been stupid. He gives all of us permission as a readers to be fully human, fully flawed, limited and incomplete. He helps all of us to know that having these limitations is what makes us human to begin with. This book relieves all of us of feeling alone and assists us to name shame symptoms in our own lives. Patterson helps us to " disarm" the shame in our daily life one moment at a time which allows us to live free from the grip and driving force shame has inside our lives. I wholeheartedly recommend this book., Are you ready to look in the mirror? Rick goes heart and soul deep about your issues couching them in his personal journey as a human being. He helps you understand how shame controls you and helps you journey understand your shame and not letting it control you as often as it presently really does. Are there the courage to face your humanness, shame, insecurities and fears and move in the direction of becoming a more healthy human being engaged in the human contest in a more healthy way? Have the valor to see this book., Patterson's life experience and academic research provide a great background for this thoughtful, insightful, and personal account. This individual thoroughly explores the powerful concept of shame, their historical roots, real life implications, psychological nuances, etc, and provides perspective for gaining an understanding and so the reader can better manage his/her life. A fascinating personal tale of the ways through which shame results all humans, so we can improve our relationships with our family, friends, and community. A must read!, The word that comes to mind... is hope. Hope, because how could you fight an enemy you don't need to know is there? I actually am slowly learning that shame is a concealed, manipulative, and destructive force that impacts all of us, every day, in a variety of ways. Rick's book creatively and practically helps identify and unmask some of the faces of shame. This individual gives practical and insightful ways to continue the journey to accept ourselves, failures, flaws, and all. Rick demonstrates through his own painful and beautiful story that disarming this hidden driver is actually possible. Hope springs..., Rick's willingness to go first in exposing the areas of shame in his own life plows just how for the reader to come behind him and dare to do the same. Through his raw and vulnerable admissions, Rick comes out of hiding to bring shame into the light and shows us how it can be discovered and disarmed. To read this book requires credibility with yourself and a willingness to tackle destructive behaviors and defenses that harm relationships. It helps you extinguish the demeaning voice of the inner critic and lovingly acknowledge your humanness. This book will give you valor to manage shame head on! It will be an e book that I refer to often within my own life and my counseling ministry!, What an outstanding book. As Mr. Patterson says, it's nice to know stories of people from all walks of life, which have self-doubt and shame. It's a real blow that often times people who come across confident and successful, may just be using that to cover their inner thoughts. So that as he says, nobody suffers alone. It's a great book! And a great man that was sufficiently strong to share his tale in order to help others! Thank you Mr. Patterson., Merely finished reading and consider this a great tool to sharpen one's personal awareness of what hard disks thoughts and actions frequently. Rick takes many of his life experience and weaves them together in a compelling and thought provoking manner to provide regarding the effects of one of the earliest negative self-feelings that has been around almost since the beginning of time., This particular is a great read. Rick's honest appraisal of himself and our communautaire distorted thinking is both raw and very enlightening. He is a learn storyteller, and this book nicely weaves his own remarkable story with the inherent insecurities and flaws we all share. Disgrace Unmasked is not your typical self help book, but rather an insightful guide for your own personal journey.

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