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Oh this is classic Kearsley! I think she is at her best when she weaves a good romance to the core of her stories. I just finished Named of the Dragon and as soon as the romance selected up in this book I realized that's what had been lacking in NotD: a fully developed love story.

In this story, the famed Ninth Roman Legion considered to have been lost in Scotland is the center of the story. There are spirits who quite appropriately talk only Latin, people with "the second sight, inch tough as nails Scottish lasses (young and old), and men in cotillon. I found some of the ending to be a little odd but overall I completely loved this book.

When you cozy up with Kearsley, you know you're getting a historical mystery occur a place that she describes in such adoring detail concerning make you want to go there immediately (is there a Kearsley tour of the UK out there? I actually would do that in a heartbeat). There may be ghosts, time travel, paranormal happenings, curses, or all of the above. And there will most likely be an lovable romance happening in it (warning: may also contain tragic romance but that's usually the one set in the past). Right now there is nothing like a Kearsley novel to keep you totally engrossed and make you smile., I actually loved this story. I actually purchased " The Shadowy Horses" on a impulse as it was a Kindle Daily Deal and I have read several other stories by this author. Others have done the spoilers, and though I don't believe in ghosts, or even second sight, everything in this story was enjoyable. Typically the writing is impeccable and the story is timeless. It is quite simply a very pleasurable read. As well as the romance just tops it off., This book was a pleasant read. I loved the use of the Scottish language. It was a simple read and interesting about the Aventure., I listened to this audiobook and thought the narrator did a good job at portraying the several characters. This book was not inside my normal genre(s), but I still found it enjoyable and engaging. I actually found myself to be anxious to know very well what could happen next., Another wonderful tale by this author. She has a knack for bringing the reader into the story so that whenever the book ends, there is a feeling of displacement when you have to return to your real world. Aren't wait for her next book., Verity has been invited to participate in an archaeological dig near a tiny coastal town in Scotland. The dig is being funded by Peter Quinnell, an eccentric who pulls her in through his conviction that the dig site could have an association to the lost 9th Both roman legion. Part of his belief is based on the psychic impressions of a young boy, Robbie, who sees the ghosting of a solitary Both roman soldier in the area where they plan to dig. Initially skeptical of Robbie’s abilities, Verity finds that he has a surprising gift. Along with their traditional investigations, she statistics out a way to get in touch with the ghost, pulling in her colleague, Jesse, a nearby archaeologist. Despite some odd occurrences, they concoct a plan to communicate with the ghost using Latin to find out what could have occurred and also use Robbie’s expertise to help them with artifacts. In addition to the dig, Verity finds herself having feelings for David. Unfortunately, someone has it out for the dig team and the consequences may prove lethal., I just finished Kearsley's "Shadowy Horses" and adored every minute of it! This can be a very well-written book with believable characters whom I liked immediately or disliked intensely. The tale line weaves in archeology and ghosts in a tiny seaside English fishing community. The climax explodes with drama set against a raging storm, a great analogy for the mental upheaval which occurs in a surprising way. Wow, and there's a love story woven in, too. The main characters are described good enough to be able to see them and the environment is designed perfectly that you can almost go through the sea apply on your face. It's written in first-person so you get to know this character, Verity, intimately--you get to watch her first skepticism regarding the ghost that only young Robbie can see and speak to, morph into her experience comforted by his (the ghost's) presence. The supplementary characters are drawn well enough so that you know very well what they look like and, to some extent, how they relate to Verity also to each other. There's enough excitement to counteract the slower portions of the book. Overall this is a good read and a story that will stay with me for a while, I think. Highly recommended!, I loved everything about this book. It is my favorite of a big batch of summer reading and got it on my Kindle fire. Now I'm going to obtain a hard copy and pass it around to everybody I can think of.

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