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Typically the artwork is cool, however the story isn't great also it just drags on. Sadly The Shadow does not get the respect he warrants in the present00 era of comics. I have high hopes for the Batman crossover which coming soon, but even that I have my doubts. The best Shadow comic out there is the very fun and pleasant " The Twilight Sector: The Shadow" crossover., This was a totally pleasant graphic novel. The Shadow's past comes back to haunt him, as he or she is asked to check out trouble in Japan-Occupied Tiongkok. Japan are after "magic rocks", really weapon's level uranium, that the local Warlord has for sale to the highest bidder. Not that the Japanese plan to play fair. One of the Japanese has known The Shadow during his dark past as Kent Allard. So too the warlord. The Shadow must stop this conspiracy at any cost.

A few things are different concerning this version of the Shadow. His darker past is really as Kent Allard, not as Lamont Cranston as in the year 1994 movie. Allard was in the orient, not supposedly lost in the Central American jungles as for each the pulp storyline. Typically the Shadow's powers exceed clouding men's minds. However, dead have to answer questions. and he is apparently able to contain the soul in the body long enough from a task to be completed, such as traveling a plane. He can also browse the fate of men and women in their thoughts, although this is, he declares, far more accurate with children than adults. The Shadow's deadliness with a. forty-five is as skillful as ever, but machine firearms and explosives are common weapons as well.

Not necessarily quite the Shadow of the pulps, nor the Shadow of old time radio, or use the Shadow of the 1994 movie, however, this version of the Shadow still provides full fledged pulp action from The Master of Darkness. I highly recommend this to pulp lovers anywhere.

Quoth the Raven, Garth Ennis does a remarkable job with the Shadow, playing up to his mystery and his haunting persona. Stories like this remind why the Shadow would be a EXTREMELY creepy guy to meet in person. A story that pulls few punches (but not almost as reduce as previous Ennis reports and works) as the Man Who Knows battles against a plot by Imperial Japan to funnel a power that could easily topple mountains... much less crush civilzations.

Typically the villains are been shown to be quite despicable, bordering on disturbing and the Shadow provides them all (in some way, shape, or form) their deserving comeuppance., Very intense, but unlike many of the comics that i gladly pass up, that one is brutal for reasons. At one point the Shadow takes Margot to see a small village emaciated by the Japanese and she ask why... and it is because this wounderful woman has to see it to understand the pure, worthless... the rejoicing in worthless... of the things which were done. This is good because it is a very good Shadow [rare], a very good story, has very good artwork and very great at showing that --No, all of us AREN'T just get along. Occasionally a human cancer must be forcefully cut out., Fantastic story., Garth Ennis provides a darker take on one of the finest superhero's of them all. The darkness is for fans or for folks just stepping into comics and want to see the particular medium has to offer. Pick this book up, you won't be remorseful., My only complaint was how graphic the violence was and some of this content was dark. That will being said, we're speaking about a man who " knows what bad leeks in the minds of men. " Somewhat hard to approach that without getting dark. All in all, I enjoyed it, but definitely not for the children., Excellent introduction for Shadow fans and ultimately a company (artist, story teller, painter, etc) that respect this legendary main character. The Shadow is the hero that Batman is based on and this graphic novel helps to show the reader why.

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