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This book just streams as if it was just another chapter from "all souls" I could not put it down. Reading in such detail of life in 16th century England experienced as if I was there. This author will take her talent as an historian And mixes it with a magnificent history., I have read this two times and i also love it more every time We read it. I feel deeply impressed by the vocabulary, writing style, research as well as engrossed in this story. That is merely plain brilliant. When you like speculative fiction at all, you may well love this particular. I imply, it isn; t everyday that we meet a Roman Catholic vampire, now could be it? Who knew Captain christopher Marlowe was a paranormal being?

Seriously, this is very good. And it required me two days to read as it is so long., Shadow Of Evening
Deborah Harkness

The "in a nutshell" history summary...

Diana is a witch and Matthew is a vampire. They need to go back in time to find a very important book and keep Blanco safe. Their lives in the past are thrashing and yet extremely exciting. Their love for every single other... mesmerizing, tender, juicy and ten times better than any "shades" story.

The thoughts after reading this book...

Don't even try to read this without reading Discovery Of Werewolves. You just won't get it whatsoever. This is a massive historical guide... where at any given point you can run into Shakespeare or Captain christopher Marlowe or Queen At the... among many others. It is fascinating to read because Diana and Matthew are living a brief history that they already know. They are there to find the guide... Ashmole 782... and get back to the current time. At various points this looks very doubtful. Blanco does not know how to use her magic... she is sort of bound... and she needs to find witches to help her.

Needless to say this book is huge... it is full of drama and history. Reading it is similar to moving into the past while moving into the present. Presently there can be no synopsis of this book on my part. You will either love this course or not. I personally love it. I loved the first book which guide is a massive extension of the first guide. And it's really not over yet. There is still more of this story to inform. I was awash in vampires and witches and spells and Diana and Matthew's story. Their love survives and grows as they work together to find this book.

What I loved about this guide...

I pretty much loved everything. Matthew is my favorite vampire of all time. He is passionate and charming and safety... everything I would want in a vampire hubby. I can only think about his cold handsome fantastic good looks... white white skin and dark darker hair. I have no idea who might do him justice if this was a movie. We loved his father wonderful mother and Annie and Jack and Mop and the witches and the fire dragon and Gallowglass... so many complex characters to discover. But I got to know and luxuriate in them all.

What I didn't especially love...

I am a fast reader but this was not a fast read... there was so much book therefore much to remember that We literally was reading this book for the... but that was not such a bad thing. I failed to love Christopher Marlowe... what a total creep he was and i also wasn't that attached to of Shakespeare either... hahaha.

Final thoughts...

In case you loved Discovery Of Witches you will literally eat this book up... you will not feel as though it has been an entire year since you last were with Blanco and Matthew on this time traveling adventure. You will be unhappy as you near the conclusion of the book and you will pray that Ms. Harkness has again abandoned all semblance of a normal life and is tucked away writing., Finishing a book and then immediately buying the next in the series is a good sign that you enjoyed it. I did! I liked 1590. I liked the descriptions of how magic works for Diana--it will remind me somewhat of reading cyberpunk. I could do with a little less melodrama and " tortured" souls (Matthew especially) and really wish there were more synonyms for " creature. " Fortunately, my recoil is momentary and i also can move past it to discover what each character is going to do next. The cast is growing! I think it would be helpful to discover the " Libri Personae: The People of the Book" at the conclusion and guide mark it for research when you lose sight of who is who., Once again Harkness will take on a ride you may not want to end. In order to watch Diana and Matt shift from present day to the 16th century is so seamless. Presently there without modern conveniences and in the middle of palace and political intrigue, Diana learns what the lady is, and more of Matthew's secrets are brought to light.
It is almost with regret i now turn to read the 3 rd book in the trilogy. I really don't want this to end., I'll admit, I enjoy the first book in the All Souls Three set, A Discovery of Werewolves. I loved the historical, scholarly, and personal details that made believable characters. So I expected this book to be more of the identical. I was wrong. This book is even more fascinating. Taking the historical figures and making them personal and real was a treat, as well as looking at the places and times from a modern angle. I know We will be satisfied plus more with the closing guide of the series, just because of how this guide exceeded my expectations as a sequel. Even if you are not very considering the romantic features of this tale, the historical context on its own is a delight. Highly recommended., What a disappointment. I loved The Discovery of Werewolves, and couldn't wait to read the sequel. Very little plot development occurs in the 400+ pages. Unimportant characters come & go with confusing regularity. Webpages are devoted to events who have no relevance what-so-ever to the story-line. Packed with inconsistencies e. g. Matt won't let Diana out of his sight, Blanco goes wandering to Bedlam by herself...

Save your time and energy and skip directly to the 3 rd book to find out how the series ends., This book was such a tough slog that I won't be getting the following one. That was more frustrating than the previous one, with a scenes described ad nauseam and some so brief you can't figure out why a character is upset or acting in a certain way. And this is assuming you can overcome the key theme of naive woman who knows nothing, getting protected by the all-powerful and prosperous lover. The book meanders forever and for the last 150 pages We kept thinking I must be finished at previous, but it really didn't conclusion. It has some good ideas and obviously the creator has a good knowledge of history, but it is a great example in my opinion of how hard it us to switch those ingredients into a good book.

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