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Like the others, I liked it, a lot!
It's still packed with action (Derek has to face ordeal after ordeal) and unexpected events (though I really hated the idea of the girl of the darkness and what it entails to Derek!!!! I will not tell more because of spoiler).
It's written from many viewpoint (Sofia, Derek, Claudia, Camilla and Aidan) and we come to better know Sofia's parents, their past and relationship. The actions of Camilla/Ingrid are better explained (but not excused) and Sofia is getting closer to the woman Dad (but it's no blind trust).
Sofia is working to be more of a fighter even if the girl doesn't want to damage others and Derek is fighting the darkness while separated from Sofia. He or she is ashamed to crave Sofia's blood what makes their relationship far more tricky.
This is not the last book of the serie though and I still don't have any idea what a "true sanctuary" means and where the author is leading us, poor readers... I suppose I'll have to read the next one (which will undoubtedly be with great pleasure).
But please, please, quite please Bella, don't go too much with the girl of darkness; -))) Or:
1) I won't have one main remaining curly hair on my head;
2) I'll die from stress;
3) I'll curse so loud I'll frighten all my neighbours and will not be invited to eat their fabulous cooking anymore;
4) I'll need gallons of ice cream to console me(or any comfort food you can think of)...
dire consequences are unlimited, you can pick much more all of these., I am reading an being attentive to the auditable finish of this novel. Yet, I will be baffled by the written thoughts and additional sentences that the loudspeakers are adding to the dialog. Is this the unedited version? Because it makes the novel more emotional focus on each character. An the addition enhances the storytelling. I will be still drawn into this series at the 4th novel and can not wait to open the fifth... Still a worthwhile read., I really like this series overall (so far). It's a good read and I found it fun. It's more adult than the Twilight books with a lot of killing and some sex. I felt it was like a combination between a mature Twilight novel and the TV series Vampire Diaries. I really like both and so I enjoy these books. I went through the first two very quickly and then found out it is a ongoing story over the things i believe is seven books. I have read the first four so far but I'm not going through them as fast as the initial two. My only complaint is that each book has been left as a to be continued story so you have to purchase the next book. I prefer publications to have a completed ending and then the following book branch out there into another story path, even in a series. These seem to be like they are written so you will have to buy the next book in order to learn what happens next. They are extremely short publications and there's a couple of them. Probably smart marketing for someone who would like to make a fortune on a trend. The audio tracks books are extremely good. I enjoyed almost all of the voice actors they used and felt they read well.
This particular is my first book review and I needed to answer four questions about the book with minimal pre-determined options for solutions before I could write a review. I don't like the choices they offered me but I performed it anyway so I could tell you about the book. For example the first question (in case you have never examined a book on here), How would you describe the plot of this book? With only 3 options for answers, Foreseeable, Some twists, or Packed with surprises. I don't go through the book was predictable but I think there is a lot of range between some twists and packed with surprises. I think there should be more options for describing a book., A Shadow of sunshine starts with Derek returning to The Shade. He has been allowed to leave hunter headquarters by Sofia's daddy, Ruben/Aiden. Aiden is infuriated that his daughter is in love with a vampire. He believes that deprecating them will dissolve the bond they have. Derek believes that leaving Sofia is a good choice following the ordeal that required place at the Remanso. He returns to The Shade to discover that The Shade's inhabitants are questioning his loyalties towards the Shade. They also want to know where Sofia is. The want true haven and they believe Derek and Sofia together is a requirement since the prophecy dictated. Derek once again challenges in Sofia's absence.

Sofia is at hunter hq and is forced to train since the hunters do. She is facing the mother that loves only power and not the woman unwanted daughter. She also begins building an uneasy relationship with her father. The whole time she is at hunter headquarters she is considering of Derek. Even though she believes their relationship is doomed she still fights for it.

Aiden plays every card he or she has to break Sofia's bond with Derek. He or she finally reunites her with someone she thought to be lost. His last attempt is to take her back to The Shade with a guarantee of a cure that here has seen with her own eyes. Could she dare to trust her father and wish for a cure?

I liked this book more than the previous two. They could all do with a bit of summarizing but this one was better. I'm getting used to the many POV changes., I was disappointed with A Shadow of Gentle. The books before this one were good, I enjoyed them. But this book felt rushed, and the characters just did not feel like they were the same people. The story in my opinion just didn't seem sensible, I still don't fully get what the author was attempting to hit home with the reader. It doesn't get my recommendation., After learning about her mommy in the last book she finds out that her father is a hunter. She is broken, damage and angry at the fact that she has been lied too. She is taken up headquarters and kept there by the woman father. She submits so that she can learn to fight and physique out a plan. In the mean time, Derek's life is slipping apart at the stitches. The shade is at mayhem, his people don't trust him anymore and things just keep getting worse. Sophia is gone, his heart is broken and he has to fight everything around him to get his world under control. Will it be enough or will this ultimately be what ends your pet and Sofia for good? I loved this book!

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