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This guide, was definitely worth all the wait. Once again Bella has given us a work of genius. I am not one to give long reviews with lots of details about the book. I just want to be sincere and let you know if We believe its worth the read or not, and am am so glad to say that this book did not disappoint. So with that enjoy... and Belissima, even though you made us wait so long.... it was worth it Thank you!!!

Tina XOXO, I enjoyed all of her books and cannot was for the next one she has a way of writing elegantly it just flows so well whatever character the girl with using and the story line was one that was new and refreshing to me though it was about vampire which has been done time and time again when I read Bella's series I didn't want to was something I'd done before, Wow! I surely was not expecting this! So many things took place, that you will want to know, if you are reading the "A Shade of Vampire" series and loving it, the way I do.

Also much to tell, that would be a "spoiler", and ruin the surprises you have in store. Really intriguing, happiness, sadness, thought, strength, birth/death, capture/rescue, war, separation, reunion, disappointment, kidnapping, etc.

Now for the conclusion of Derek and Sofia's story....., Sorry not good at this for everyone to really read my review and then decide to read this series. The series, character types are... well a person reading til you've finished the book or several chapters. Read Sofia and Derek's story which is finished in Book 7. I'll continue reading this series to a romp in the sack with, Vivienne, Aiden, Ashley, Kyle, the Parents, Kiev...., This book is among the best within the Shade of Vampire series. It results in you wanting more. It leaves you with unanswered questions. How did Sophia get converted into a Vampire? What happened to their boy that Kiev stole? Exactly what happened to their child? What happened to the witch Corrine? What will happen to the Shade? Exactly what will happen to Derek and Sophia? So many questions which i need solved. On to book several for the answers., GAAAHHH!!! I think my exact words as I read the last line in this book were “What the f^*k?! ” This book was by much the most heart breaking of the series to date, We cannot believe all of the loss that occurred throughout, both loss of life and loss of much of The Shade. Right now there were some pretty well known characters that fulfilled their demise in this book, I was stunned. I knew The Elder was going to be trouble but I had no clue just what all of the elders were in a position of. There was not one life that was unaffected by what took place here. There were also other factions, for absence of an improved word, that were introduced in this book and we realize that this “world” includes more than just vampire, humans, and witches. I feel like this book set us up for an epic conclusion within the next guide. And that twist towards the end, GAAAHHHH! I can’t consider it and I have no idea what it may be going to mean for Sofia and Derek in the ultimate book. After all that they’ve had to go through up until now, and everything that took place in this book, they’ve sure earned a HEA! I wish I possibly could say more but Dont really want to spoil anything, you really need to experience all of the changes and turns for yourself.

A very important factor I will say is that I enjoy the light/dark, good/evil allegory that has been present throughout the series. It was especially prevalent in this book with the existence of The Elder that is essentially the epitome of darkness. I find it interesting, through all the various viewpoints that we get, to see each man or woman individual struggle with beating their inner darkness and trying to find their light. I think that at one point or another in this book everyone who we got a view from had to deal with this and while it could have easily become repetitive, each person’s struggle was quite different. That’s one thing I’ve really liked about this whole series.

“You are who you choose to be. No matter how much light is shed on you, if you still choose to remain in night, that’s your doing, not anyone else’s. ”

Right now I’d better go begin a Break of Day because I need to know very well what happens next cliffhanger from this book!, Bella has done it again! I must admit that this is the very first book to keep me on the advantage of my seat the whole time. I am a little sad that there isnt much happiness for derek and Sophia in this book but what epic love stories you know that don't have theirs woes! But We trust that their love will see it through. I'm intrigued yet disgusted as we learn about more characters i. at the. Kiev. Overall awesome guide and I cannot wait for book 7 so that glimmer of wish I'm holding on to will incorporate some happiness and hopefully the elders will meet their finish once and for all: )!, I have another favorite Writer! I didn't think anyone could compete with Rachel Higgison! Best series of books I've read since I found Rachel Higgison: )
Very few books can capture my attention & draw me in. I read as it helps me fall in bed. When I'm reading during the day it should be a good book! This course is amazing & draws you in from the beginning. I have hated each time I have needed to stop reading any of the books. There is always something going on. That is a page turner!
I am always unwell & can't do the things I used to even though I'm still young(ish). It's a breath of fresh air when I read a good book. We really required to find another favorite author because We read all Rachel's books & needed books to read while I watch for her next book. But any books I read in the mean time just never beat Rachel's. They are always disappointing & I get panel to easily & have to make myself complete the book. But not with Bella Forest! We have inhaled this course & also "A Shade of Kiev" which was also Amazing! I have already Pre-Ordered book 11 & can't wait! Luckily We still need to read the "Beautiful Monster" series! I just know I will love it to!: )
Thank A person Bella!

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