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“You saved me, Sofia. You rescued me from personally. You gave me room to feel again, to love again, to once again believe in goodness and kindness and the probability of light even in the darkest of times. I’ve lived under the shadow of the prophecy about bringing my kind true sanctuary. The cure might be my kind’s true sanctuary, but We know now that it may be not mine, Sofia. Your own smile, your heart, your love… You, Sofia, are my true sanctuary. ” -Derek

Just when I think that the previous installment of the series was my favorite I read the next one and quickly proclaim that one as my new favorite! I think it technically happened in publication 1, but We are technically going to accept the title of being a Shaddict! This book had it all, romance, drama, suspense, action and the list goes on and on. I knew with the development of Emilia in the last book that she would spell trouble for Derek and Sofia in this one and I was right. There were many occasions when I wanted to throw my Kindle because of what was occurring, even though I kind of already guessed the story was going to go there, it still didn’t make it any less frustrating to read! That sucked what Derek got to go through but We was confident chances are that Sofia and Derek’s love will conquer all and had to hold on to that mantra as the story unfolded. The original vampire or The Elder was a force to be reckoned with and We fear so that he has in store next for people guys and The Tone.

Using the Shade under the threat of attack from the hunters and other vampire covens alike we find our gang at The Shade struggling to figure out how to deal with everything. I’ve really grown to love this group and how all of these greatly different humans and vampire came together to fight for their home. We received a few new opinions in this book, We liked seeing things through Ian and Kyle’s eyes and the little love triangle between them and Anna was very interesting. I wonder if we will see more of where that’s going, especially in light of what happens to Kyle in this guide. Things with Sofia’s parents also come to a head in this publication and am actually found the whole situation quite heart breaking, even despite my feelings towards Ingrid/Camilla. All of us also got information as to the reasons the blood of an immune is so valuable and sought after and the race to get the cure definitely heated up. It really feels like all of the tidbits from the past 4 books really started to come with each other in this one!

We was very happy with where things were for Sofia and Derek by the end of this book and it was good seeing them enjoying some essential R&R, however danger is quite actually still lurking in the darkness and am just know that their journey to HEA isn’t quite over yet! But I look forward to seeing there is no benefits going to happen next for these two and the rest of the gang back at Typically the Shade!

“Because beautiful things, even when they are temporary, still manage to leave part of their beauty with you… even after they’re long gone. ”, Derek and Sophia's history continues with more interest and unexpected happenings. Not only do they possess the other covers to be concerned about attacking them, but the Hunters are attempting hard to locate the Tone, and now they find out the Original (vampire) is disrupting them too!

But the most extreme theme of the book is the sanctuary, and is the cure for vampirism it. The plot gets increasingly more complicated.

On to the next book...., Awesome publication but amazon prime only lets you borrow few a month and there are apparaently 80 books in series!!! Yep, good way for amazon to screw you., I really like this book because it retains you guessing. When I" m done with one book I can" to wait to begin the next. That being said, when I do start a new book the author recaps on the previous books a little, I find this boring. I don" t want to read about things I use already read, but I keep reading. It" s inadequate of a deterrent to turn me away, yet., This installment of Derek and Sofia is definitely as amazing since the others! Emilia is seductive, conniving and is trying to get what she wants. Derek can't stop thinking about her and doesn't know why. Will he drop into Emilia's trap or will his and Sofia's love be enough to bring him back to her? This book still left me on the edge of my seat and completely frustrated for the next one! I can't say enough concerning this author! The lady is one of my favorites and will easily become one of yours! Such an amazing series!, We purchased the first 5 books of the series based on the high # stars from other reviewers, and the quotes from other reviewers. I was returning and deleting them. I finished the first, which was super short and pretty superficial. Sofia and Ben are shallow. Damon falls in love because Sofia holds someone's hands? Anyway, I moved on to book #2. That is gross, and begins with, well, what vampire do to people. That excuses the violence and victims as " what we need to survive". The characters aren't likeable unless you so want to be a vampire's weak victim. There are so many truly good books out there. Constantly make myself read this. I read and enjoyed Twilight, the Sookie/True Blood novels, even My Blood Approves series. All of those are so greater than these Shade books, This course starts out so great but the writing and story line commence to diminish - everything is becoming too lovely-dovey. I miss his passion struggles, part of the enjoyment of a good book is the journey of the character types to get to their happily ever after, Belissima speeds that up too fast, and here I'm not taking about the physical happily ever after, in that aspect Belissima is good, she is pulling out Derek and Sophia riding off into the sunset, but she made them realize in early stages that they loved the other person; which is fine, but the rest of the charater pairings are falling into love so easily, its dull. For example, Claudia and Yuri, all of a sudden Claudia does a 180 and becomes nice and Yuri has always cherished her and they just easily fall into being a couple. It would have been nicer if they had struggled a little, perhaps Yuri being doubtful of Claudia's change and each of them having to work to discover that they really love each other.

I would still recommend the books, they are good beach reads and for the price, not bad. Just feel the possible in the stories was better than the execution., This is a great continuation of the color series. I like the turns and twists which may have taken place. The story of Sophia and Derek is awe inspiring. I was intrigued to see where the story goes, however I did commence to feel some stuff was far fetched and I lost interest in the history a couple of times, hence the 4 stars rather than 5. I do plan to read on the series, but I might take a break for a book or two.

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