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Usually reading about polar explorers means only getting the view of the lead figure, usually the " Boss" or maybe the " Owner" of the expedition. These character types are in themselves well well worth reading, but their fame often over shadows the other key figures who the expeditions could not have recently been made without. Worsley is a figure. I enjoyed Worsley's relating of his own experience, modestly told, easy to read, and offering the viewpoint of one of those key characters which puts so much more into the knowledge of what the explorers were like as human beings. Shackleton often gets recognition for the great feat of the boat journey, as this individual should; he was an inspiring leader, but it was Frank Worsley's navigation in incredibly difficult conditions that got them to To the south Georgia., While I totally recommend reading F. A. Worsley's account, I do not recommend buying The Narrative Press version since it won't have a single map anywhere inside. Every other publication of the account I actually have seen has at least a small, simple b&w depiction of the incredible, odds-defying voyage unichip undertook. I mean really, TNP, no map for a tale of a brave expedition covering vast maritime distances? To get a company which boasts of printing " high-quality, " first-hand accounts of exploration, this is pretty sad., An engrossing first person narrative by one of the six men that accomplished the amazing, hair-raising 800 mile voyage from Elephant Isle to S. Georgia Isle in an open life boat, in order to complete the rescue of Shackleton's men left standed on the former island after the almost-2-yr survival in the ice floes of the Antactic when the ship had become caught then crushed & sunk. I have read many different accounts of the whole heroic venture of the Endurance, her team, and selfless & inspiring leader--Sir Ernest Shackleton. Every account gives a different perspective, & it is interesting to be able to put them all together for a fuller picture of the whole quest. Together with it also will go the storyline of the Ross Sea Party that had their own drama unfolding on the other side of the Region at the same time. The entire fable is amazing and thoroughly engrossing!
Adding to the whole experience are the phenominal pictures taken and preserved by the trip photographer, Frank Hurley--boy do these ever add to the drama! An amazing epic!, Captain Worsley is a very capable author great diary of Shackleton's excursion is a must read for anyone enthusiastic about the story of the Endurance. I had already read Caroline Alexander and Alfred Lansings' books so I wasn't sure I actually would glean anything fresh from Worsley's book. I could say without a doubt that it adds another layer of depth and perspective to the notorious historical narrative I've dropped in love with. Therefore, yes, you need to read it., During the summer of 1914 Ernest Schackleton's send Endurance became trapped in Antarctic ice in 53 degree below zero weather. The following winter, the ship was crushed and sank, leaving the team to camp on the ice while eking out subsistence under unimaginable conditions. Within April of 1916, the ice broke apart beneath their feet, and twenty 8-10 men piled into the lifeboats that they had rescued from the wreck of the Endurance.

These hair increasing events are not part of the story of Shackleton's Boat Journey, but this is the preamble, described in less than a website, that sets the stage for the real action that is to follow.

The adventure is told by Farreneheit. A. Worsley, the Chief of the Endurance. Plus what a saga it is, as the whole team barely can make it to Elefant Island and from there an advance party navigates across the raging, freezing ocean in a tiny boat, all the way to South Georgia Isle, from which the balance of the crew are eventually rescued, without one man being lost.

Exactly what these men endured is beyond belief, yet Worsley recounts it humbly, with understatement, and with significant grace. Here is an example of his prose:

"Squall by squall the wind grew fiercer and the sea heavier. By means of a rift in the clouds the moon shone out on the raining sea and for two minutes revealed the ghostly white uplands and glaciers of the island. Another squall blotted everything away. We heard whales blow right alongside. They may have been killers, but, whatever they were, a push from one of them would have capsized us. If they were killers we would have experienced a quicker end. Quickly to our great alleviation they left us for some nobler quarry than dirty smelly little men in Burberry overalls".

That is amazing that in the midst of a Herculean struggle for success the author was able to take note of beauty in what must have been a living hell, and also to describe it so elegantly. Right here for example, is his description of icebergs, "All the strange fantastic designs rose and fell in a stately cadence, with a rustling, whispering audio and hollow echoes to the thudding seas, clear green at the water line, shading to a deep dark blue far below, all snowy purity and cool blue dark areas above".

This mixture of gripping action and poetic insight makes for a richly rewarding read.

Highly recommended., Frank A Worsley's diary is the basis for his book honoring Ernest Shackleton for rescuing all hands after his send Endurance was broken down and sank in the Antarctic ice. Worsley's own effort and contribution in the process is well described, but held in a modest tone.
In the first place Shackleton had the odds against him, and returning system fingers after being frozen in, transporting over the snow, sailing from Elephant Isle to South Georgia in a 6. 9 m long boat and then undertaking a hazardous crossing of mountains and glaziers to Stromness on To the south Georgia, makes the feat even greater. The boat trip met a myriad of tough weather from icing to hurricanes.
My sou'wester off to Frank A. Worsley's writing and his navigation - the great feat.

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