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This book, " Sextant" was a highly enjoyable read. I have a several years of sailing experience, but never learned to use a sextant and did not appreciate how it came from and how to understand by the stars, sunlight and moon by using a sextant. Most sailors today use their GPS or other electronic equipment. This book takes the reader over a cross the Atlantic voyage with the author and his expert navigator-mentor in a small sailboat. As we travel on his cross-Atlantic voyage, the author requires us back to the days of early marine explorers and their navigational challenges in the years before the invention of the sextant. We learn about the evolution of navigational aids. We also are given very good history lessons on the accomplishments and lives of the early on explorers like Vancouver, Make, Magellan, Shackleton, and many more. There are incredibly helpful maps and instrument design layouts in the book along with photographs of explorers and their ships. Encounters with huge oceans, vicious storms, capsizing, mutiny, shipwreck, and first runs into with indigent people on islands and remote coastlines all lead to a book packed with exciting stories. On top of that, we are introduced to a few of the inner workings of maritime insurance firms, delivery investors, book publishers, and the intrigues that go along with the lives of send captains and ship proprietors. I did not find anything that's at all in this book not to like.
Weigh anchor me personally mateys and keep reading., I love stuff about ancient astronomy and navigation, and so i ate this up. The details on the use of the sextant were only vaguely known to me personally. Also in Sobel's wonderful LONGITUDE she makes the advocates of the tacha angle navigation method look like dummies, but Barrie makes it clear that this method was useful and widespread.

The " Young man's daring sea voyage" used as the glue to hold all this material together could well have been edited out. It is unimportant and bogs down the narrative; that cost him or her a star., An outstandingly written narrative that includes the author's sea activities with historical events of maritime accomplishments of truly outstanding heroics! Along the way, the sextant is a focal point referred to as it utilized in the past and still used today. Well well worth reading for those who like the sea or perhaps vicariously travel it!, As a civil industrial engineer in today's world, I have, of necessity, used the amazing advance of technology in my job, mostly at the loss of the "old ways of performing my work". I have often pondered about the use of older equipment and methods of calculation, and get inquisitive about the use of tools including the sextant, therefore this book has been extremely interesting to me. I have enjoyed the information of the author's voyages, and the tale of former, and hazardous sea adventures of famous people. Very well written book., David Barrie's " Sextant" is an excellent answer to Sobel's " Longitude" from a nearly a generation back. The " young male's daring sea voyage" refers to a trans-Atlantic crossing that Barrie made if he was about twenty. It can not everything interesting, hardly daring, and in any situation it's second fiddle here to a very nice background of the great people and navigators of early on modern British history, best exemplified by James Make. The focus is on their navigational tools, not merely the sextant but also the mathematical methods that made it all possible, including the subject of lunars. This is a rather traditional background, and all of these stories have been informed elsewhere in more detail, but Barrie's synthesis focusing on the science of navigation is unique. " Sextant" is loaded with excellent information, but there's no depth to the analysis here, and Barrie sometimes has a credulous faith in other people's research or their own spin on things. The writing style is easy-going and intelligent. Read Sobel's " Longitude" and read Barrie's " Sextant". Then average!, I am a retired US Navy optical instrument repair man, I have overhauled and refurbished I don't know the amount of sextants. The age of cruise and navigation are my special area of interest. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. While I am less than sure this is for everyone, it might be a bit too specialised for a general reading audience. If you love tales of adventure from age sail you should give this a read., I absolutely loved this book. The author did a fantastic job of weaving cloth his own story in and out of the wider history that he was telling. It was very well written and informative. A must read for fans of Longitude and similar books., I carefully enjoyed this book. It provides a combination of earthly wonder, adventure, celestial science and history. Mcdougal makes it personal by including thoughts from a personal voyage, historical perspective including efforts to determine long, in open waters, and technology produced from science related to the way of beautiful bodies through the nights sky. I read " Longitude" some time ago and still learned more from " Sextant" about your competitors, constructors of nautical timekeeping tools, and other competing techniques.

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