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Talk about being out of component, Valentine French has grown tired of the brand new You are able to dating scene so when the girl cousin suggests a fresh locale she travels to Ak to find her person. Bringing her whole toolbox of things. Think Carrie Bradshaw in the wilds. Only she's out of her depth and understands it but she's optimistic in exploring a fresh online dating scene.

Valentine can be quite much my total opposite in all aspects except the girl anti high society part. Which is ironic since the lady is total city girl and a higher maintenance one at that. She might not be the sort of person I had created hang with but the lady has heart. Logan relocated to the outskirts to be a little more solitary. He enjoys his job and life, satisfied where he is. As a cop helping others he can it well when he he involves Valentine's rescue. Definitely different from all the metrosexuals and a more solid guy. Clearly these two are opposites.

This started slow for me but picked upward halfway. I wasn't a fan of Valentine's being judgy through her blog the way in which she acted around town. I felt like there would be a suitable way to do without disclosing everything and being snippy with her words. I have seen articles with snark to make it more readable and gain audience but these are real people who are nice. I would be upset to to learn about it particularly when We was the guy the lady was seeing. That said they did have their occasions together I liked.

Ak is not the typical setting but has charm for me anyway. That has been an upside for me personally. The premise behind was cute and charming but We grew tired after a few blog entries. It's probably just the heroine that bugged me the most. A pretty ok learn to new series by Sawyer Bennett it had cute and good moments. Together with worth it to read secondary characters and entertaining times in between., After reading Sex Inside The Sticks by Sawyer Bennett, I'm ready to group my bags and brain to Alaska, the previous frontier in America. I am willing to wrestle holds, eat wild game, species of fish in cold waters to be around real men by the dozens. So what if I freeze my rear end off and don't have internet. There is plenty of entertainment. Cigarette smoking hot men. Did My answer is men by the many? Some sacrifices are really worth the effort.

In Sawyer Bennett's latest release, Sex In The Sticks, the readers gets to experience wilds of Alaska seen through the eyes of a wealthy New York socialite. Unlike other stories with this type of theme, Sawyer extra her own special surface and created a unique set of circumstances in the plot. She provided the story a character bigger than life. She provided the readers Valentine French. A woman to be popular because of all things she is rather than everything the lady should be. In terms of Valentines French, expect the unforeseen.

Valentine French was fatigued of dating the metrosexual men in New You are able to City. These are a penny a dozen. There is nothing extraordinary about them. In fact they are extremely ordinary, predictable, and self absorbed. She's looking for the sort of man that can be orgasm inducing just by being who he is. She's not looking for love or happily ever after, she is happy and completely comfortable with the life she has built for herself. She is intensely curious if there are men out there that are different from the norm. When the girl cousin suggest a vacation to the wilds of Alaska, where men are abundant, Valentine is ready for a new adventure. She's going to conduct a interpersonal experiment for her blog, Valentine's Couch, to find out if the untamed men of Alaska vs. the polished men of New York City.

The second she steps foot in Alaska she quickly understands she has stepped in unchartered waters. Rather than tucking tail and running, the lady embraces everything the wilds of Alaska has to offer. One of those things is the men. One man particularly appears out among the group, Sherriff Logan Burke. By the time Valentine's sexual adventure comes to an end, she could know what a true orgasm inducing man is. Along the way she may get lost in in a bad neighborhood, her dog may almost become bear food, she could have to trade her Prada shoes for strong hiking boots, she may get thrown in jail, and compete in the Wild Wilderness Lady contest. Bring it on, Valentine is ready to take it on. Just what she wasn't looking forward to was finding love with a real man. A man who gives his whole heart not only while inducing orgasms but also at every moment of the day. Can the lady handle it? Of course she can, she's Valentines French, wild wilderness socialite extraordinaire.

I would like to be Valentines French. I loved everything about this extraordinary female. Sawyer created a heroine worthy of admiration. The girl hero isn't too cheap either, after all this individual is orgasm inducing.

Read Sex In The Sticks by Sawyer Bennett. It can fun loving wildness at it's best., 5 #MustRead CELEBRITIES

It's been a while since I've read a good, old romantic comedy. Right now there are so many glumness, dark heroes, almost Neanderthal-like alphas, tortured souls, cocky billionaires with dark strategies, anti-heroes… that I forgot how fun it was to have an regular, simple-in-the-best-way, red-blooded man a hero in a story; so meet Logan. He is just a simple guy who sees the girl, wants the girl, woos the girl and then, he has the girl: Valentine. The particular girl who has a whole lot of money, parents who reside in fake world of rich and richer, and who’s tired of dating guys who take more time grooming their hair than she really does, so she ventures to Alaska to find a real, honest-to-God manly man. And there, she stumbles on Logan, this person who lays it all out with complete conspiracy theory, has a take-control mindset that surprises her, but that she likes. Specially in the bedroom. And there’s a lot, A LOT, bedroom scenes. Actually, really GREAT ones. Inside Alaska, nonetheless.

It was fun experience, and it was written in such a way that it allured you to definitely keep reading just another page, just another chapter until you realized there was clearly no way you could put the book down. The particular story-line flow was so smooth, which includes surprising turns-and-twists. And I really enjoyed that those 'surprises' were not such dramatic ones as with some more intense books I'd read lately. They were mostly funny, either in a sweet, or full-out- belly-laugh way.

We loved the easiness of the story-line flow, the quirkiness and simplicity of the characters, the lack of drama and the subtle intensity that simmered but never overtook the storyplot packed with funny and damn-that's-sexy moments.

I have to recommend it to the lovers of romance overall, but if you're a fan of funny, sexy contemporary romance, then consider Sex in the Sticks a MUST READ.

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