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Due to the fact that this is written by the man who began the fellowship I find it has a lot of credentials since he is indeed the expert. His story when calculated resonates with me and so performed his wife's. Partners of sex addicts should definitely read this book in addition to sex addicts. Even if you are unsure this book will guide you. One of the most compelling part of the book is the withdrawal chapter. Where withdrawl we think in conditions of things we place in our bodies; alcohol, food, caffeine, drugs. But in fact since compulsive sexual intercourse is an dependency the person goes through extreme withdrawal when their fix of preference ( porn, coming sexual partners, or even access to social media stores or one person) is missing or taken away. These symptoms are severe and noticeable rather than mentioned. The stories for the partners of betrayal are incredibly in lightening., Have worked in the addictions field for over twenty years. This particular is often one of the underlying problems which, left unexamined, leads often to relapse on the substances of abuse. In fact, it is often THE basis for all the addictive actions. This book is an eye-opener for the addict who repeatedly relapses after FALLING (note lack of balance) in LOVE or after losing control of some sexual behavior. File format of the book is reminiscent of the "Big Book", Alcoholics Anonymous, which is not surprising since recuperating alcoholics started this program thirty-some years ago. Highly recommended reading., I became a member of SLAA (Sex And Love Addicts Anonymous) around 1988. This program saved my life. This particular book was a very important book to me personally, and all of us. Its writing was inspired by the man who founded SLAA (the way that Bill W and Dr . Frank founded AA) It has his story, and the stories of many other recuperating Sex and Love Addicts, as well as a lot of theory and suggestions. It is not written for the least expensive common denominator, as the originator was a Harvard graduate - but still, I never heard any of our members make a complaint about its being hard to understand. The book is cleanly written and does not contain any obscenities. I am surprised that I missed any indication here at Amazon online as the what this book really is - the core literature for SLAA - a 12-Step healing program that still exists.

If you think you may have an dependency to sexual intercourse and/or love - in different of its many types - I recommend reading this book, and seeking out some meetings!, In the event you think that you or someone you care about might be struggling with Sex and Love Dependancy please read this book. It's truly the first step towards the life and you deserve to be free of that suffering., This really is my 4th purchase The other about three were paperbacks and I read them so much that the first two actually fell to pieces. Now that I use an ecopy, I'll be able to keep it forever. This book is key to my healing. I especially recommend the Withdrawal Chapter. It carressed on everything that I was feeling. While I do appreciate the books made available from one other S fellowships, this book covers the dreadful feelings that love addition bring. It really is especially useful for those who don’t have a gathering nearby. That said, if you do have a meeting close by, GET THERE. This book is a must for anyone seriously interested in their recovery in any addiction. So many people don't realize how a lot of their dependency is about just trying to be loved Reading this article book helped me find that need to love me personally first., I used this book while in rehab and it was a great addition to my 12 step group. Very easy to read and hook up to. I would also recommend it to anyone entering counseling in these areas., An excellent 12 step book for people, men and women, who need help dealing with sexual compulsions and addiction. Each step has clear discussion of the meaning of the step and the struggles we go through to make the step a reality in our lives. It really is a great text to accompany 12 step team meetings and is a good help to individuals as they work their steps., The subject is well-timed the writing could use just a little humility. Slightly self centered.

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