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I actually loved that this guide didn't follow a empire or even a tournament team; these Suns were hobbled by injury and
ego and didn't even make the NBA Finals, which makes the read a lttle bit more interesting. McCallum has entry like
no other writer i've ever before read as he basically turns into a trusted member of the staff, which allows for some very
personal looks and interactions. The book shines a good light on Coach D'Antoni, which is someone I used to be
never certain about, prior to the book. It changed a lot of perceptions I actually had, be it good or bad, about certain members of this team.
The term count McCallum uses wanting to explain the inner workings of a professional athlete, especially a fringe athlete, is
some of the best writing; realizing these guys are scared of injury, of higher players, of rookies, of coaching changes.
It's fascinating things, reading the inner-politics of a team trying to win, as opposed to the more common " expression
by a winning team on which it was like to dig deep and win".

Outstanding basketball writing; i'd ponder over it in the same school as Season on the Brink in terms of it's access and the text you begin to feel with certain members of they and staff. A Must read for any above-average basketball person., I'm going to keep this short, because I know I hate when people are too wordy with these reviews. This is probably the best book about the NBA lifestyle that I have ever read. You really feel like you are area of the team, traveling with them, experiencing the ups & downs of a winning season/playoffs, and you truly feel like you know these guys (especially the coaching staff) when you complete the book. I am aware this might sound crazy, but that is just how well-written the book is. It is good to give a lot of credit to Mike D, the coaching staff, and the players; something tells me that with some other group of fellas this wouldn't have eliminated as well, consider these guys were all so willing to open up and enable a journalist become part of their team... well the end result is actually something special. So basically, if you would like to understand what went on behind the scenes with the Phoenix Suns during their set you back the European Conf. Finals and basically just what it feels like to be part of a coaching staff each day on an NBA powerhous, then buy this guide... I guarantee you will not put it down until you're done., A great, well-written and funny book checking out what goes on behind closed doors by using an NBA team.

If you're searching for a book that delves into players affinity for clubs, booze and girls, then you'll have to look elsewhere. The Suns are a pretty clean club, and I'm sure they've done some stuff that isn't included in the guide. What is included is an insiders look into the thought processes of coaches and players and discusses the way the relationships within a professional organization can affect the win-loss steering column. There are some solid perspectives on team hormone balance, ownership, the role instructors play in the success (or failure) of a ball club, the challenges of the playoffs, the psyche of the pro athlete (who knew someone making m a yr could be so sensitive), how marketing efforts can affect a player's attitude and much more. I actually kind of wish the Suns would've won it all 5 years ago so that this book could've recently been longer. Also, you don't have to be a Suns fan to understand this book. I'm a die-hard Pistons fan, and found this read very enjoyable.

On thing to point out: there's some swearing in this guide (a few F bombs and the like), so if you're a father or mother thinking of picking this book up for a young Suns fan you may want to browse the pages beforehand. Otherwise, there really isn't anything even worse than that, though., I'm an SI subscriber, so I've been reading Jack port for years in the magazine. I was looking forward to this book ever before since I put it on my wishlist, and I wasn't disappointed. He was given really great access, and the coaches seemed to relax around him and give him good estimates. He has a easy and interesting writing style, which is very productive for wriiting about sports.

And he performed not treat the players like Gods, and that was very key. He made Shawn Marion look like he was, your typical insecure semi-superstar, and allowed Amare Stoudemire to appear as the clueless, under-educated sportsperson that he is. Reserve guard Eddie House wound up being the star of the book, player category, he's very enjoyable without coming off like a jerk.

Several quibbles:

Jack really does nothing like Mark Cuban, and takes as many shots at him as he coould. Makes a person wonder if he tried to float this book idea by the Mavericks and was refused.

The other, far bigger gripe, is that the book was quite short. It seemed that he rushed it to get it out quickly, and thus the focus a lot on the playoffs, with the preseason and regular season not touched on much. I know that this is paritially a compliment, wanting the guide to be much bigger, and I mean it that way. It just seems rushed.

All in all a great buy, well worth the money I paid, and I actually got it right here at Amazon., Great NBA book. Even if most likely not a fan of the Steve Nash Phoenix, az Suns or Mike D'Antoni's coaching (guilty as charged on the 2nd), this book gives you a good sense of what coaching and game planning look like behind the scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The guide mainly progresses game to game during their playoff run, with a few regular season games sprinkled in here and there to refresh the audience. Jack McCallum will do a great job at writing generally speaking.

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