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Tinaja Connolly has a significantly wicked streak of snarky humor that makes this story of a woman who is so positive that her guardian is evil and out to get her and makes completely unreasonable demands on her, into a chuckle-laden romp through a lot more subculture-y areas of high college.

Additionally, there are some serious self-realization moments in there, and she manages to pull off a love triangle in a completely younger-YA/Middle older appropriate way (there's somewhat of kiss-mentioning, but some of the kissing results in girls becoming spaced-out groupies--for me, a underhanded remark how boy-band praise can turn smart girls into zombified fangirls) with only two actual human being bodies.

Cam's " Aunt" is a witch. A witch who keeps a werewolf cub and a dragon in her garage. Yet Cam is trying to live a normal life. The girl doesn't want anything to do with taking over the city, or the weird algebraic spells the witch keeps asking the woman to make. Besides, the girl has enough to be concerned about at school, and her arch-nemesis/ex-best friend Luster, and a new boy who scribbles in a notebook and sings tracks under his breath on the bus. Now the woman Aunt wants to invite a demon and the going to cause all types of chaos....

This is one of the self-actualizing moments Camera has regarding her own life:

" You know how you grow up with something day after day and you're accustomed to it that you don't realize a person agree with it till suddenly? "

Regardless of the depth of that piece of coming-of-age wisdom that resonates with an mature such as me, it occurs in the story because Cam has to get a " pig's ear" for the witch's spell and she realizes that actually icks her out and makes the woman ethically conflicted. Yeah, so a totally accessible piece of wisdom sneakily clothed in adventure.

There's also the treatment of subcultures in this book that helped me want to cheer. Through the matter-of-fact information about where girls-macking-on-boys hang out compared to. girls-macking-on-girls, to the way Cam talks like a robot to make the woman uber-nerdy friend feel better.

That's kind of the way the whole book works: accessible bits of wisdom (note the kissing of band-boys above) sneakily clothed in Cam's adventures shot through with streaks of snark.

Let alone a seemingly diverse level of threads that all get tangled up in a nice, neat package in a laugh-out-loud twist of irony (wish I possibly could tell you how the demon becomes captured, but I can't. It's too deliciously amusing to understand on your own) by the end.

Fun plot, snarky humor, bits of coming-of-age wisdom, and translucent, glowing blue dragons who give you visions of flying free in the company of sister-dragons (did I mention the feminist bent? ). Perfectly acceptable for fairly much any age., Significantly wicked is a fun little read with a few twists and some solid character development, but by far the strongest point is the voicing of each and every of the characters. Come for the campy high school drama, or the miracle plot subtext, or even the surprise twists, this book has plenty to please. While not a very long book, that is for the best because it does not overstay itself and the plot while not terribly involved, manages to attain just the right amount before concluding.

The best part for me was that the characters had a great variety in voicing, I never felt that we were holding coming from the same mind and this was impressive because of how different they were. Even the very passing characters who had perhaps a sentence or two did so in a manner that made them seem like distinct individuals. These small tidbits that the writer snuck in also performed wonders to make the world seem well fleshed out and alive, despite the length and relatively few major characters.

This is not to say there was nothing about the tale I wish had already been done different. I would of for instance preferred the ending play out there differently and I think the author built up a lot of opportunity for emotional investment which was never fulfilled. For anyone who has read the publication I am mentioning a specific rival whom must have had a much bigger role. There is relationship to be had, but it plays a major backseat to the other action and though it is quite predictable, it is done perfectly with an opportunity cost applied and done rather well I experienced. There are some cliché s to be found in the pages of this book and plenty of camp, but for what presents itself as this book is definitely a worthwhile read., Just what I needed., A cute and easy read. I really enjoyed the characters and the fast paced plot. I also like the word problems., Seriously Wicked is a Wonderful flight of elegant. It is a light, fun read. I would recommend it to anyone who has just completed an extreme novel or big tomb of a fiction/non-fiction that one has had to drudge though. It has the same effect as cleansing one's pallet between courses. Would certainly I read it again, no., Yes, this a YA novel, and yes, the premise sounds kind of dorky, but it works. Girl is taken by evil witch who wants to take over the planet. Set in a normal high school. And the boy she likes will be processed by a satanic force her "mother" conjured upward.

Normal feelings. Good execution., I check out this book a while back when I acquired it in the email. It arrived and there was nothing wrong with the book. It was just like new. Cherished the story but it was more for a preteen to read., I loved it! Brilliant miracle systems, compelling characters, and the evil witch had the best sort-of-not-evil determination ever.

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