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Ellie Westley is merely one of the guys. She likes hockey and isn’t frightened to lash out with her fists when a guy gets on her behalf nerve fibres, but the new youngster, Seth, that just relocated in across the road is going to make the summertime a whole great deal more interesting. He’s beyond hot – more like Elle’s sister, Angela’s, type – and he’s only got eyes for Ellie. However , his strange behavior and creepy ways come at the same time that girls (that look very similar to Ellie start) appearance deceased.

I really enjoyed this book. I’m quickly becoming a fan of Kelly’s books and this one didn’t fail. I absolutely loved the figures and the plot.

Ellie was definitely a tough-as-nails tomboy and Kelly Oram did a great job writing her. With girls as tough as Ellie, it can sometimes be challenging to write their love story and not lose sight of who they actually are. Even though Ellie did start changing all through the book (which should happen for any good character in a book), she still was the same tomboy at center by the end.

Today, arriving at the real subject of this book: Seth. He was so weird! (In a good way. ) I absolutely disagree with anyone who doesn’t like this book because of Seth. He’s supposed to be weird a little psyco because the complete publication centers around Ellie considering he is the folletín killer! He has issues and I like the explanation that Kelly Oram creates for them. We think she did an outstanding job writing Seth’s character.

I also really loved how Ellie and Angela’s relationship changed throughout the book. Normally stories like this don’t have practically as much sister bonding, but I absolutely loved it for a change from the typical. I wish to view a good relationship between brothers and sisters, specially when they start out there how Ellie and Angela’s did.

Lastly, my only regret for this publication is that I wish there was somewhat more to the ending. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s a great closing. (Spoilers, sorta) I just wish we got to see more of the relationship between Ellie and Seth after she knows he is not a serial killer. (Spoilers, I’m really serious this time. ) Seth spent so much of the book being weird, that I wanted to see just somewhat more of him once all the secrets are out there and we know which he was just trying to solve the serial killings. I loved that the extras from his point of view were at the end also it helped fulfill some of my want for more of Seth’s post-craziness. They definitely made me love Seth as a character more than before by discovering his POV. (I'm done with the Spoilers. )

Overall, I absolutely enjoyed this book. Kelly Oram really has a knack for writing amazing characters, especially ones that aren’t your typical character, which is refreshing., I was intrigued by the title and synopsis, but rather disappointed in the end. I needed to see how Kelly would balance a character's desire and fear. By simply the halfway point We would have expected Ellie's character to have accepted this boy is not the serial killer, especially if she's making out with him. While she do at one point, the girl character regressed again. That will have been fine to her changing her mind, however, not with her still making out with him! A new girl would have been too sickened by the idea! While I normally love Kelly's humor in the girl writing... making light of a serial killer and even trying to make humor during panic anxiety attack felt extremely out of place. Let alone the fact that Ellie was attracted to such an extreme and domineering man. It's one thing to be attracted to a man that's forward and goes after what he or she wants, but it's a whole other ballgame is he's taking you completely against your will and restraining you. I had a hard time accepting any anxiety about hers because the lady continually succumbed to his demands despite her discussing " tough. " We liked the expansion of Ellie's character accepting to be more of a " girl" and find the girl true self. I also enjoyed the expansion in the girl relationship ready sister. But the romance fell flat for me. I was excited at first with a boy being so forward but it really became creepy fast and his character never expanded at all throughout the story. If he had changed and made more of an effort to be less demanding and physical I would have been more apt to enjoy the romance. But seriously, he was literally yanking her by the girl feet in the final 10% from the book?! I'd say lose your direction loser!, Therefore I love most everything written by Kelly Oram, but this book was odd. Very little real romance happened here because our main character (Ellie) was too busy operating away, screaming and freaking out over our hero (? ) Seth. We enjoyed Ellie's sense of humor and snark but did not in any way buy the love between her and Seth. I guess this publication was suppose to be more of a mystery/thriller and I was not expecting that. All We can conclude with was the book was odd, didn't flow well and had excessive unnecessary freak-outs by Ellie and her sister. Seth might also want to seek some treatment before he ever even considers being in a relationship, talk about dysfunctional!, We loved this book! Therefore many twists and becomes I was completely addicted!! It had a great mixture of fun instances and extreme one as well. I couldn't put it down and even got caught reading it on a date with my husband!! Lol He or she knows how I get with a good book so he or she wasn't upset!; ) We really wish there was another book though We would wish to continue their story!!!, Giving a 4 Star rating I certainly enjoyed the book. That was an enjoyable read. We wouldn't go back and unread it but I have mixed thoughts about it. We do believe that Seth could be a little creepy at times. However at the end of the book there is some bonus materials from his point of view and that made him less creepy to me. I wish there was an entire book from his point of view.

There weren't too many grammatical errors. One though was very obvious - horse was used rather than hoarse.

I would give this book a PG-13 rating. If you love YA romance and mysteries give it a try., It was a cute story that had its extreme moments.
I liked Ellie and Seth.
I do believe though Seth was a little too extreme at times but We think he had to be for the tale to seem sensible.
I did like the bonus material Seth' POV... I kinda wish we would have got some more instances from your pet too.
We would recommend this publication.

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