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This is certainly one if the finest memoirs I've ever read. Something that is really important to me when I read a memoir will be author authenticity. I don't want to be humiliated to. I've read memoirs before that seem exaggerated, or even completely created. I am very delighted to say that " Semper Cool" does not fit into those categories!

That is an incredible guide, and i also enjoyed it very much. It absolutely was also thought-provoking, in a great way. The majority of importantly, everything I read in it had a voice of 100% credibility. Now I can't point out if everything within this guide is true. But I can say that this writer has done an awesome job when it comes in order to authenticity. Because things a person read within this all strike the right chords any time it comes to the history.

This is a fantastic book and We highly recommend it! I have bought a hardcopy to provide to father, who will be additionally a Vietnam veteran. Two of his best close friends were killed in Vietnam, and he was injured and sent home following receiving his third Purple Heart. I know he or she is gonna enjoy reading " Semper Cool" very much., I enjoyed Craig Fixler's telling of his / her journey from becoming a High School youth in 1967 who enlists in the Marine Corp into a hardened combat veteran within Viet Nam. His writing of his very own experiences because a Marine fighting within the battle of Khe Sanh, Republic of Vietnam, in 1968 is filled with the sounds of explosions, horror, killing and death all over him for over 70 days. Barry's Marines and other US military defended their bottom at Khe Sanh in opposition to overwhelming odds and he or she lived to tell concerning it. Other parts of his book are humorous and tell of his / her days after Viet Nam great growth as a former Marine who assists a disabled Vet and his family. Barry will go from being a carefree funny kid into a combat Marine who will be himself now an illustration of the power of personal involvement in assisting others. I admire what Barry is doing to assist his fellow veterans., The initial half of this guide is almost a bellyaching laugh a page talking about Marine Boot camp. When in Nam however, there are no laughs, simply the ache you feel for what our young guys fought through; the pain for the loss of lifestyles; the terrible mutilation of our wounded. Only one time during the 77 day siege our Marines endured battling to hold a huge batch at Khe Sanh perhaps you will laugh because they share a notice from a Marines’ partner that freaked out all the guys. I not simply laughed aloud as We read that but We did it again the next day when We recalled it. She could not have pleased those homesick war-weary warriors any better than she performed.

Ex-combat Marine, Barry Fixler, wrote this book in order to honor his father who else was a Marine within World War II, because well as his comrades in arms who fought against and died beside him. This is certainly one of the best books ever created to come out of that conflict. Mainly because the author wrote it the way in which it was and draws no punches. All earnings of this book go in order to a severely wounded Sea. Another worthy example of the Marines’ Semper Fi principios that all Marines survive by. I highly advise this book for all viewers., A literate Marine. The thoughtful Marine. A witty Marine. An amusing Marine. An honest Marine. Survivor of the battle of Khe Sanh. And proud overcome Veteran.

Probably the finest Vietnam war memoir I have read (ranks up there with Medic!: The Story of a Conscientious Objector in the Vietnam Battle by Ben Sherman). I personally use the term 'Odyssey', which often is fitting and suitable as you follow Organiser through his stunning challenges in Vietnam to his / her battles at home. Not necessarily everyone returns home when he did, and he relates the stories of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Fixler closes the book by explaining how YOU can help your local veterans returning from war, simply by visiting The Barry Fixler Foundation at [... ]

I'm going to do something right here I've never done before in a Amazon review, and urge you to purchase the NEW AMAZON guide, not a used backup. Fixler is donating his / her profits for every brand new book sold to assisting veterans. So make him and Amazon happy, and buy this new and perhaps another copy or two for youngsters and grandkids who else could be coming of age and need to know what went before them., It is a great story and can be amazing reading for any veterinary, but especially one who else is struggling with the aftermath of the experiences, just to know that there might be light at the end of the tunnel. Craig seems to know he or she is no super-hero, and has been blessed by God to possess come through virtually unscathed with the war. I think that all who produced it back alive were blessed in the similar way, and may well be able to advantage from seeing that being so blessed is a benefit for the relax of their life, rather than liability. After all, Barry's training was what ultimately kicked back in and saved his life (again) many years after he or she most likely thought that was forgotten.
God bless Barry and all our vets.
Semper Fi!, The well written narrative that will will help you know what went on in Vietnam as well as the young hero who else were called to duty. This is not a classy nor exaggerated story. Real life and real feelings. It is a quick and meaningful read that will affect any person who has considered as the give up and impact of conflict in any serious method. The author courageously shows personal truths that may be a bit uncomfortable but which are a deep part of the experience. Book proceeds go to a foundation that will helps vets - the book ends with a tear jerking and heart warming story about Cpl. Fixler's motivation to assist vets. Good on you Del cuerpo. BUY THIS BOOK PLUS DONATE TO THE EXTREMELY WORTHY CAUSE., Very exciting story of Fixler's lifestyle before, during after the Vietnam war. I've read other good books that will had more detail of battles but the telling of his experience of surviving the siege at Khe Sanh alone tends to make him and also the other Marine corps there worth our honor and respect! This provides enough details about Mister. Fixler's background and shows in the different experiences he or she had while in the Marines, what he thought when using and what he's carried out and gone through to assist veterans since leaving the Marines that it will be a book worth reading. He is a veteran and patriot that We would be proud in order to know and his guide is great.

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