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The particular starting premise of Pink's latest book is that whereas the responsibility for sales used to live in the sales division, many organisations no longer work that way. According to Green, the percentage of companies with fewer than five employees is growing swiftly and more and more people now work for on their own. (*raise hand and point out self*) And with that transition has come the expectation that everyone in the company will be required to sell in some fashion. He also makes the point that selling is not merely about getting people to purchase a product. We sell our skills when we apply for a grant or a job. Teachers are selling when they are working to engage students in acquiring knowledge and physicians and nurses are marketing when working to encourage patients to adopt a particular health management strategy. In addition to parents, yes parents spend the majority of their time marketing their kids on the merits of homework and sleep and vegetables...

Green argues that how we sell has evolved dramatically. Exactly where once the seller got all the power, it is now the customer who is arriving with a bundle of market research - if they arrive at all, for many buyers are avoiding personal contact entirely and simply purchasing online.

What does this suggest for people learning to be sellers and the ones seeking to refine their techniques? Pink's approach is personal, practical and pragmatic. This individual offers compelling research to support his approach and also offers clear advice how to translate theory into try out. I worked through a lot of Pink's exercises while reading through the book and experienced very self righteous when I was asked unexpectedly to provide some sales copy and was able to hand it out on the spot! And felt better yet when told it was just what they needed!

Now i'm always encouraging people to read outside their normal patterns. It expands your horizons and opens you up to new ideas and approaches. If most likely going to learn one publication outside your comfort zone this year, I suggest that To Sell is Human is the one. Trust me, it's worthwhile.

Sold?, To Sell is Human was a good book about selling in today's environment (this is coming from someone who sells and has sold as a job for the past 10 years). Mr. Pink works hard in the book to be sure that you understand that individuals are all in sales today. I would agree with that. That said, there is something in the book for owner and non-seller alike. Mr. Pink does appreciate significantly the roots of study and findings in important research, experiments, anecdotal proof, psychology research, etc. etc . I think it is important that assertions be backed by data and research. Much of the text of this publication is spent reviewing this research, data, etc, in more detail. Some readers may find that to be a lttle bit boring, and may be asking the author silently to " please just get to the point". Understanding Mr. Pink's style, however, I would guess he might say it is very important to understand the research behind the book., Dan Pink does his homework... well researched and well written primer about what it means to " sell".

David Garfinkel wrote a great review - which echoes my sentiments - so I won't wast your time and energy - just go read his review... I did however steal what I believe is the best part of his review --- sell below:

But I can give you five categorial " if-then" statements to tell you what kind of folks I think this book is for, and what kind of folks it is not for:

1. If you are committed to hating selling no matter what, neglect about it. Don't read this book, seeing as Dan can make you hate yourself each day, because you will not have any reasons still left to keep hating marketing -- and everything that hatred would have to go somewhere else, now more than likely it?

2. If you like the idea of selling and/or selling is part of your job, but you think most likely " just not cut out" for selling, I STRONGLY recommend this publication. That's because Dan demonstrates very logically and plausibly that there simply is no such thing as a " natural" when it comes to selling. This individual also shows that anyone can learn to sell effectively in a style that is consistent with their values -- a style of selling that lets them sleep well at night.

3. If you think you know all that there is to know about selling, may get this book. You will be disappointed that will be certainly " nothing new. " You have to think that, because you are predisposed to coming to that conclusion, regardless of the facts.

4. If you want to learn for the sake of learning, you'll love this book. Because you'll find plenty of new and delightful information that will make this book worth reading for those insights alone.

5. If you are a top salesperson and you want to stay this way, you might as well have this book. It's all but required reading for you. Because Dan makes a distinction I don't have seen made as pragmatically anywhere else. A variation that will help you sell more and keep you from making boneheaded mistakes that even the best of salespeople could get away with, and frequently performed, as recently as a few years ago.

Great book - I think we all should read it and own it. Best wishes Dan!, Everyone is in sales whether you are a Father, Mother, Engineer, Coach... or a " Product sales Person. " It doesn't matter. We all are in jobs and situations daily where we need to listen, share ideas and move problems toward solutions... which is sales. Dan Pink gives us the various tools, techniques and skills to effectively do this in today's era of unending and relentless information, social media and the ever increasing fast speed of life.

Research shells up the approaches Dan presents. Overall, implementing the skills in this book make us better people working in conjunction with others. We are all sales people.

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