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We generally think self-help textbooks promise a lot more than they deliver. I've come to believe this book is an absolute game changer in the world of behavioral medicine.

So, how do you know issue book will be helpful for you?

" Self-Therapy" is founded on Internal Family Methods therapy. (Think--a system of treatment such as Intellectual Behavioral Therapy, but with a rather different approach. ) It is designed in the direction of people who do what I call " triggering". If you tend to have very turbulent relationships, or keep rehashing past offenses in your head, or get told by your spouse that you act like you have two individuality, or are a pathological people-pleaser, or find yourself frequently repeating that conduct you decided never to do again, or have panic attacks over unimportant threats, or are easily hurt or offended, or have been told you are manipulative, and have mind-boggling fears of not being believed, being abandoned, not being adequate, etc, then you are probably " triggering". As you progress in the direction of middle age, you will likely find that these behaviors become increasingly difficult in your relationships. If this sounds like you, consider getting this book.

We am a family doctor and was becoming frustrated with an inability to help my patients with (axis II) personality problems understand and heal their condition. Meds don't work very well and traditional counseling is just marginally better. I knew how to identify a patient with a personality disorder, but We didn't understand what brought on it or how to explain it to the patient in a way that they 1) believed me personally, and 2) understood what I was talking about. These patients are often misdiagnosed with bipolar problem, and before I came across IFS I almost never found someone recover or improve.

A social worker directed me to do some research into Internal Family Systems treatment and am eventually stumbled across " Self-Therapy". This book not only helps you diagnose yourself, (ie. " what is causing me feeling and work this way? " ) but also how to treat yourself. I feel gradually coming to believe Internal Family Systems treatment is the only type of treatment that is more than marginally effective for healing this type of emotional injury. We find myself recommending this book to 1 of my patients on at the very least a weekly basis. It doesn't hold the solution for every emotional problem, but it's the most effective tools I've found for my mental health arsenal. If nothing else, it can really help you understand others' conduct better.

I initially check out this book trying to help my patients. In the end they have also helped my family, my marital life, and my personal pleasure. Color me impressed., Yes... there are many, many treatment systems from which to choose in our modern day of mental health; perhaps too many. And often, if an individual seeks to navigate 1 path through the forest of personal psychological issues, the risk of stumbling in sectors outweighs the possibilities of making directional progress. There are just as many books that can read as a compass, but fail to sufficiently arrange with the individual's unique "psycho-magnetism". IFS as offered in Jay Earley's "Self-Therapy... ", is a method that doesn't pretend to know you, but offers concise instruction that allows you to know yourself.

If the goal is to develop a functional understanding of the inner patterns that your behavior emanates, without the guidance of a therapist, then "Self-Therapy... " is a lucid manual that can lead you to such understanding. Jay Earley's writing demystifies the construction of the interior life by illustrating a construction you can explore at your own pace, and gain a full time income view of your own process as well as its operation in the how and why of your private experience. Whether you accept the IFS concept of parts as actual entities in the human being psyche, or see it as a metaphor for relating to the emotions within, the method outlined in the book retains its value. IFS is fostered in the approach that our inner inspirations, in and of themselves, aren't inclined in the direction of harmful outcomes, even though what may result can be harmful, and that position nurtures self-trust, which allows understanding to be possible as well as effective., This book helped me personally to know and process the many inner-critics and afraid protectors that I had working rampant within my subconscious mind. If there is one book I would recommend that folks should read earlier to marriage and/or having children, it is this one. The mental clearness I've gained from the insights in this guide have completely changed living., Considering that I found The Routine System fascinating, I made the decision to read more by this writer who explains his concept evidently and skilfully. You can tell he must be a superb lecturer and professor. Based on Jung's insight that we all have a number of different characters in our psyches which impact after our behaviour, for better or for even worse, Self-Therapy is all about how we can start getting to know our personal interior family, as he puts it. The writer unfolds his theory, step by step, so that you build your understanding without difficulty and in no time, are encountering some of your own interior family members too. We have learnt so much using this book, and will be ordering a tough backup for my practice. Very helpful and enriching., This is a fantastic book that really helps people get to the core issue; our need to be valued, cared for for, also to belong. As a therapist, I've been using this model of treatment on some of my clients and have been greatly impressed with the progress they're making. The publication is clear and does a good job explaining how you can heal wounds of earlier times by either doing the work individually or with a partner. IFS is a good way for individuals to truly heal from injury., Some people discover the illustrations in this book less helpful, by I enjoyed them. Jay Earley is writing a Self-Therapy publication. That must be tricky, in like manner explain some concepts, to help readers visualize the complexities of the family within us, Jay used an excellent artist who captured inner characters in rather sweet, somewhat 1950s style pencil illustrations. It helped me., A+, This publication has been very useful in understanding why we do what it is we do. Most importantly, it has helped with overall knowledge of how we are still protecting ourselves when we do not always have to be. Hard work, but life transforming and worth it. I anticipate buying the next two volumes!

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