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4. 5 stars. This book is totally brimming with useful information that anyone already self-publishing or planning to should not be without. Jansen takes readers through the basics--the different e book retailers, things to pay attention to in your book's presentation, and how to raise your awareness in the marketplace--with an eye to encouraging long lasting growth in sales somewhat than boom-and-bust cycles. Typically the objective is sustainability in your career, rather than meteoric success, which you can't policy for and which has a nasty routine of being fickle.

I actually docked a half-star because a lot of the information felt basic, geared towards the reader who doesn't know where to begin. This is certainly useful, but I might have liked to see more exploration of advanced techniques, including the use of reader magnets or how to build an author team for cross-promos. I'm interested to see if she'll enter some advanced stuff in Emailing Lists Unboxed, which is next on my self-pub research reading list., This particular book has so much useful and really functional advice, and it's easy to read. Very uncomplicated and honest., Writers will find their way to KBoards and the Authors Cafe. The array of advice will be sincere, helpful, and sometimes contradictory. Numerous new writers will discover Patty Jansen's posts on KBoards and be drawn in by her voice of reason and experience. The girl experience is working through the writer's ranks the hard way: from the bottom, honing her create, and learning the best methods of marketing the woman work.

This book is the first book tugging together years of experience for the writer who wants to become a self-published author. Before the first word shows up on the screen, the aspiring writer should pull this guide out and read the lessons. There's no get-rich-quick advice here, and there are no shortcuts to success. She supplies a three-year plan of writing, more writing, and then more writing. Add in elements of marketing through good blurbs, an internet site independent from massive retailers, and a mailing list to interact with readers, and the new writer is on the path of hard work towards success.

Within the first of these volumes, Patty Jansen offers new writers the photo they need at making some money with their create. With good writing, a series of books to market, and some good advice, a writing career is possible.

I've been through dozens of books for writers who want to self-publish. Most books give vague encouragement to keep trying and leave the reader wanting more. Several expect the new author to have a functioning website, a solid social press presence, and hundreds of email addresses. None from the beginning as well as Patty. If you are looking where to get started on before you write your first book, get started here.

I found her advice on KBoards to be excellent. This book is better.

Mark August, one. The content of the e-book get 5 stars. Properly presented, easy to read voice, excellent layout and organization, well documented with links galore. You will be going back and forth again and again over time as you use the advice introduced available.
2. Unfortunately, the e-book format caused me to have to update my old firmware on my Amazon kindle in order to be able to read the book. Didn't really want to do that but no harm in the end.
3. The advice and directions given in the book are given by the sort of author who is able to pump out 4 textbooks a year, a prodigious amount of work. This particular is not advice from an author who spent 10 years on one book. Nor is she someone who magically won the book lottery with a first hit wonder. The girl with a professional who works in the trenches providing a tiny niche of viewers with entertainment they demand regularly.
4. The girl with the only author who posts on the woman website what her yearly earnings are and where they come from. That will alone tells you that anything she has to say is worth playing. Very few in the author world have balls like that. She informs it like it is.
5. Even though you don't write or read her genre, the advice and directions are relevant for all.
6. This guide is one of three. Getting the other two is mandatory. And the price (of the books) for the research and real world experience offered the following is less than the price tag on a drink at a bar. And definitely more enlightening., Self-publishing isn't a cake-walk and I appreciate her tough-love approach. Functional overview of each step in the publishing journey with actionable steps at the ending of each chapter. However, due to constant changes in technology, and so on., she can't give step-by-step instructions for specific programs, websites, etc.

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