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I like this book - since a woman I'm extremely interested in the world of guys that we don't acquire to see. The author gained a lot of sympathy for men, and We think readers will since well. It will likewise make women take a look at their own attitude/behavior around men.

I'll be giving it in order to friends to read since well., Reading Self-Made Guy was an urgent pleasure, despite the fact that perhaps not necessarily for the reasons I expected. As a rule, Vincent's strategy and writing style is superbly balanced between sensation and analysis, accessibility in addition to intelligence. As the publication unfolds, Vincent plunges in to the world of men sociability. She creates her own male persona, Ned, ties a bowling league, goes toward strip clubs, dates and it has sex with women, is exploring the world of work while in character, in addition to even briefly infiltrates an all-male religious society.

Exactly what impressed me about Vincent was her deep capacity for empathy, a trait of which was reflected in the incisiveness with which she pulled apart her experiences and the emotions they induced. I had been especially moved, maybe surprisingly, not by the girl insights into the men mind - which We found a bit simplified and, in particular, extremely worried about sex - yet from the insights she gained to the mind of heterosexual women (Vincent herself is gay). The rather unsightly, somewhat taboo side regarding female sexual power is revealed when Vincent starts dating, and it disturbs many of her easy assumptions about male privilege:

" Dating women since a man was a lesson in female strength, also it made me, regarding all things, into a temporary misogynist, which, Perhaps had been the best indicator of which my experiment had proved helpful. I saw my own sex from the other side, and I disliked females irrationally for a although due to it. I disliked their superiority, their accusatory smiles, their entitlement in order to choose or dash me with a fingertip, an execution so lazy, thus effortless, it made the defeats and even the successes unbearably humiliating. Standard male power feels in contrast like a blunt instrument, its salvos and field strategies laughably remedial subsequent to the damage a woman can do with a single cutting word: zero. "

I was especially startled by a further thought, in a passage a little further on, of the widesprea prejudice that simply women are desirable, thus that even heterosexual females must certainly is the looking for a man who, inside, resembles a woman. Vincent writes: " I had been most surprised to find nestled inside the bounds of female heterosexuality a deep love and real attraction for real guys. Not for women within men’s bodies, as the prejudicial me had believed. " Passages like these kinds of abound in the publication, surprising to me since they reveal, inside my view, just how anti-male society really is. Vincent likewise repeatedly takes the resources of feminist criticism, applies them to men, in addition to is startled to find which they face many comparable problems, from emotional clampdown, dominance to physical objectification.

The only disappointment for me personally, in addition to the reason why We can't quite bring me personally to give this book 5 stars, is the closing. Norah Vincent learns numerous valuable lessons and shows such deep empathy for that plight of both guys and women through the entire publication, and yet her final response to this adventure/experiment felt to me just like she had turned the girl back on all of which she struggled extremely hard in order to learn in this program of its unfolding. That will was kind of gloomy - that someone could come so far, gain a lot insight, and after that decide that actually, it had been all just an mental exercise after all., Being a man, I desired to read this to see how the author, a woman, sees the globe of men. She performed a very good career describing a lot of what will go on between men, and in a man's universe. The way we bond with, honor, in addition to communicate our boundaries close to other men. The writer intuitive and got the language of men down pat very quickly. It was very well written in addition to clear to read.
We was very disappointed along with how this book ended. The author talks about just how men are scary. And stresses it as via she were implying; guys are threatening.
Given all of the Author's work to break-through to the world of guys, study them, as a man herself, and discover for herself what is on the source, her statement about men being scary short-changes a lot of the hard work and effort she put into discovering them, disguised herself since a man. I felt it contradicted the sum of all her efforts and difficult work to pierce the veil of secrecy to the world of men.
Otherwise, an outstanding book on many ranges. I recommend reading that if you wan to see through the eyes regarding a man, or would like to know what sort of world men are usually immersed into around other men.
This hit the nail on the head many periods., Can't add much in order to what's been said within praise, other than, We wish I could've go through it 30 years in the past. Talk about a NEWS-FLASH. This book is so informative, it should read by simply anyone who has in order to even just speak in order to the opposite sex.

Purchase the book., The writing is so natural, considering it's a woman who identifies being a man, sharing how it feels being treated as a man... Well, I was a female reviewer, yet I speak from the stage of being human, regardless of being male or woman, how a commmon decency would be hoped for, which draws you in to the situations. I've bought a few copies since I had to replace the ones that We have loaned out!, Book was recommended by a woman friend. I am an older dark male who never ever understood the White mens' world I was intended to enter and work with. At first, I thought her insights into men bowling culture were rather trite and obvious. We grew into her written experiences in sales, and in the monestary. Her concluding pages and conclusion are usually solid, 3-d insight. Knowing does not have in order to equal acceptance, insight does not have to end up being shallow. Read it., As a guy much more for a very interesting appearance at myself. An outside-in perspective that puts words to a lot regarding things which are natural and unconsidered behaviors., outstanding, really well written, We fully expected a detailed men bashing but it came out vaguely sympathetic to the work that men do every day.

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