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This guide does just what the subject says: it takes some of the basic associated with self defense and simplifies them. In addition there is some attention given in the beginning to explaining the difference in some of the styles of fighting arts out there there to help teach a beginner in honing in on what may best suit that individual. And while no book or video can take the place of actual training, it provides a good base of simple associated with a touch, and a good basis to somebody that may be interested in expanding their schooling in the future. Having studied several styles me personally, I still like to refer returning to this guide as a way to use those basics to tie everything together. Typically the final thing that I loved about this book was the author's tone and style of writing. I have read some material from other authors that has come across as excessively dogmatic, even to the point penalized condescending or could be perceived as intimidating to somebody new to the subject. Mr. Pierce presents his substance clearly and in a lighter, more informal sculpt. He impresses the significance of education and awareness in self defense while also stressing the significance to stay positive. Well done., It is unfortunate we live in a day and age when books such as this necessary. We live near a major Texas city and half of the nightly information involves attacks on people, a lot of whom have put themselves into a position making victimization likely. Practically nightly I realize stories where someone is assaulted in a building just after leaving a shop or store. In this guide Phil describes situations to avoid, weapons you can use together with your hands and feet. The part I consider most important is the fact that he or she stresses avoidance is the best technique. In flight or fight, flight is best. He emphasizes one should try to leave a situation but never taken to another location. The attacker wanting to transport you, can have nothing good in mind.
Once in a while, a tale is broadcast where the victim fights as well as benefits, usually due to the component of surprise.
Very good book. One females especially would be smart to read., I think this is a good beginner's guide to how to protect yourself. However, We do not agree a kick to groin to be a very viable option as it's second nature for most males to protect that area. We am much more keen on the front snap conquer whether it is to the knees, shin, or other lower leg area., I have studied karate and boxed in my younger days. When you get old you need less difficult movements to hurt the opposition and get out of the situation quickly. This specific does it. Old, young or female. Good to find out simple moves that you can remember, use and then get away., Presently there is an awful lot of white space in the book, for a book that isn't everything that big. Presently there are some good details and it does become confusing with certain procedures whether you are doing a take down, or seeking to get away., This book oversimplifies an interest that is far more complex than the writer realizes, Good biook and well written Cant really learn self defense from a book but gives you great foundation,, A new very good and easily understandable read. I firmly recommend this book!!! Good fortune and stay safe. Often be aware

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