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Thanks Simeon for writing such a beautiful book on discovering and connecting to our true selves. There were so many moments while I was reading this article book that resonated with me. I am a huge enthusiast of inner peace and meditation; and found that this book gave me " zen" moments all the way up as I was reading it.

This book has helped me (and will I actually believe will also help you as a reader) understand better how to follow Nature's order to unfold myself as opposed to forcing myself to a certain direction, accept myself in a more peaceful, understanding and accepting way, stay more centered and become more aware.

Love the fact that I am reminded by the guide that " nothing endures; nothing is perfect; and absolutely nothing is finished". This has taught that nothing is long lasting (or everything is transforming all the time), and that there is no need to grab onto things and claim these to be our own belongings.

Here is one of my favorite quotes in the book: " as we attain one goal, the next goal immediately becomes apparent. Can you let go of the need to have closure, and just life unfold as it will? " LOVE IT! I am inclined to have a huge listing of goals and always are not able to wait to complete them all at once. This part of gold advice helps myself calm myself and remind me that things will slowly unfold and their divine order. I just need to be more patient and receive signals sent by my higher self.

Thank again with this great book and motivation. I will definitely read again this and highly recommend this book to everyone., I must congratulate mcdougal on writing such a lovely book. A book that if followed will allow you to discover yourself and come to love yourself. Everyone is so harsh after themselves, myself integrated, but this guide will help you to gently become more, to be peaceful and accept yourself, thus becoming more aware and based.

There are several elements of the book that I had an AHHA! moment in, and one quote that really strike home was “Nothing endures; nothing is perfect; and nothing is finished” meaning nothing is long lasting everything is obviously is changing all the time. I got time out to put the book down, go and have a cuppa and ponder on that statement for quite a while. It had an big impact on myself, one for the better.

I could go on and on about the book, but I wont, but what Let me say is this, this guide is inspirational. I highly recommend it and are not able to give it any less than 5 stars., The particular book, " Self-Compassion" really helped me discover the difference between self-esteem and self-compassion. I enjoy the exercises throughout the book. I actually already keep a appreciation journal, but I read some good tips on getting the most from the journaling experience.: ) Getting truly thankful is one of the most crucial things we can do for our mindset. Following a morning hours mindset ritual is also very helpful. I like to require a few heavy breaths, drink two large glasses of lemon drinking water and do some yoga in the morning. I actually take my time to wake up and enjoy the quietness of the morning before I make breakfast and wake the kids up to arrange for school. I also use essential oils in the morning and throughout the day. Peppermint and lemon essential oil do amazing things for your brain biochemistry. The section about daily self-compassion was especially helpful for me. I actually ignored myself for many years though..

My teens and 20’s were rough, but I am finally learning how to truly love and accept myself in my 30’s. It is a process... For quite some time I felt like I was in prison because I allowed other people to influence my thinking, actions and even beliefs. I really was a doormat and in some ways because of codependent issues that been around in my family. I actually met my husband early on in life (16-years ago), and his mother was very abusive towards myself. I became very co-dependent because I wanted to fix everything in her life. Meanwhile, I had been neglecting myself. This continued for years, until my husband and I learned how to set healthy limitations and rebuild our self-confidence. His mother suffers from Borderline Personality disorder, but we didn't discover this until recently.

I can truly think for me personally now and this is very liberating. I enjoy books like this because it just helps me affirm some things I already know and I always learn something new as well. I actually gleaned quite somewhat of new and interesting information from this book. This particular is why we must arranged healthy boundaries and find out how to have true empathy for ourselves First!

A few days are better than other days. Mediating and subsequent through with the exercises in this guide has proven to be very helpful., Self-Compassion is an awareness guide that will remind you that you are human and very like so many other people around you. Specifically, I like the exercises mcdougal has you go through to take action and also apply the concepts or change. A new very affective and interesting technique.

The book is well written and mcdougal is obviously skilled in writing and the subject at hand. I recommend you read this guide and let the creator know your thoughts! Great job!, I’ve had issues low self-confidence and I actually was looking for some guidance when my good friend suggested reading this article book which he had bought. This particular book has been life-changing for me. I feel that there is really some light at the other side of the tunnel. This guide has helped me to take myself and feel happy of the way I am, it has helped myself see that I too have much to offer to this world. It is a guide which would recommend highly – if I could, We would give it 10 stars!, This guide has really helped me to understand self compassion and realize that I’m not so kind to myself and am always seeking affirmation and acceptance from others. To be honest, I actually thought self compassion was like having higher personal esteem or believing in yourself but this guide has turned me realize that there’s much more to it than that. The personal compassion exercises available are really helpful, I have learnt to be kind to myself and take myself for who I actually am and stop wanting to be like another person. Nothing lasts, nothing is perfect, and nothing is finished

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