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I am 82 years old. From least one scientist mentioned in the book is usually known by me. We have been involved in the UFO field regarding many many years.

Right after WWII a number associated with Douglass Aircraft people had been part of a Boy Look Troop in Brentwood California, only a few miles from Douglass Aircraft in Santa Monica. I remember my father telling me personally of one of the particular scientists being involved in very secret work at Douglass. My father was also friends with Don Douglass jr..

In addition a close relative worked regarding a major NASA facility. I can tell you for a fact the particular sex activity was rampant during that part associated with the space program time period. There are stories regarding this NASA facility which often are very well known to be able to those who follow the particular UFO field. I locate the inclusion of the particular sexual side of the particular story disturbing to go through in print but it was obviously a fact and is usually part of history.

Inside my humble thoughts and opinions the info which Tompkins addresses in his book are true and accurate based on the experience and involvement in the UFO field. The particular U. S. is so much farther ahead in science and space as compared to anyone can imagine. Please rememberer the statement associated with Ben Rich head in the Skunk Works for Lockheed, " We can perform anything you can imagine. We can take E. T. home. " Think of that will., Deeply troubling to understand regarding the truth of OU and UFO reality. A new highly revealing work, it is absolutely a 'game changer' in relation to be able to our understanding of this earth-shaking truth. Where has all of our duty payer dollars gone....? Is not it about time, we be informed by our government officials about what we as taxpayers have accomplished via advancement ET technology. This book is sexually very explicit and it may detract from the validity of the material, but the ET influence about the human mind can be measured by these types of sexually-influenced outcomes of L as well as D.
A very unusual publication about a highly unusual matter, absolutely essential read, if you dare., Whistle-blower=hero! Great disclosure of multiple aerospace black projects for truth motion. Now the whistle-blowers associated with the SSP like Corey Goode and Randy Cramer, Michael Relfe have an overabundance details in their camp to be able to substantiate their claims with this disclosure. Tompkins' Think Container designs and plans explain places thousands have dwelled and worked on Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) as well as in the solar program. Someone must do a round-table interview and post about Youtube with William Generators Tompkins as well as Randy Cramer, who lived at Forward station Zebra (Horseshoe design) pretty far from Aries Prime and discuss the particular Naval Base city living and day to day living, command centers and technologies plus the classes associated with Naval Space ships that will Tompkins conceived in his / her plans! Would be so interesting and appreciated!

Might Surprise readers: Nazi société still thrive

Ran across a name of German born friend's Dad in the particular book. He was a Nazi aerospace engineer coming from Operation Paperclip post WWII. These are husbands, grandfathers, friends, OUR neighbors. We are within this together!

Presently there are hard to go through parts: Key Club... Occult behavior and unhealthy sexuality, manipulation of the engineers! Those people who are abducted or disappear! Deals to exchange OU technology allowing syndicates to be able to abduct humans for DNA. But to heal we must accept these darkish parts of the story... The leadership giving up our free will to be able to allow us to be in this master slave arrangement along with the reptilians-enough already. We have to grow up, move about and raise our awareness to heal and get into the golden age and be a good galactic neighbor and custodian associated with earth., This book is usually very considerable but hard to read. It is usually written as first-person story in the author's career since an engineer and sytems designer deep within the particular black-budget world, and functions a lot a " reconstructed" office conversation. The particular contents of the tale are astounding, but Tompkins is much more gifted as a good engineer than the usual writer, and the flow of occasions and speech is disjointed and contrived. Special jeers must be awarded the particular editors (there are two) for horrible proofreading and structuring; missing quotation signifies, odd section heads, and poor formatting leaves someone disoriented by conversations, and there's little sense associated with chronology or direction in the story itself. That mentioned, the storyplot should be go through and considered genuine (however poor a writer, Tompkins looks truthful); it will modify your reality., I loved this book. I feel glad the USN has authorized Bill to arrive forward with his tale. Just wish he would include more of his / her experience along with his lovely secretaries (beautiful blonde goddesses, intelligent, nordic looking extraterrestrials). God bless America! Thank our god for these ETs to be able to help us counter stability the negative influence in the reptilian looking ETs that have infiltrated the Nazis/CIA/USAF anschluss (see book: the US ALL Navy Secret Space Plan by Dr Salla).

Is actually really refreshing to observe the attitude these gorgeous human looking ETs have got towards us and their own wish to see us succeed with clean energy and life extension technologies. When looking over this book, Charles Hall's book; Millennial Hospitality came to mind, another excellent book on tall whitened ET's who go on underground bases I believe in the Nevada desert, who actually treats us humans such as pets (to the point of putting us down should they get too scared when approaching us), excellent job USAF for aligning with these *$%##@. God bless the Navy! We hope their efforts towards full disclosure comes to be able to fruition so we may finally end up being the Star Journey civilization our company is destined to be able to be.

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