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In a place where governments continually seek to invade personal privacy, control the sun and rain, clump humanity into categories and relentlessly effort to socially engineer their populations, Scott seeks to make sense of the situation by explaining the why and how at the rear of governmental actions, making "the case for the indispensable role of practical knowledge, casual processes, and improvisation in the face of unpredictability. " Perhaps Scott sums it up best when he says, "Much of this book can be read as an instance against the imperialism of high modernist, planned social order. " Every part of this book is apparent and concise. This is a rare gem among modern academia., Insightful, though it can not for everyone. An expanded discussion about how gov departments condition the world to attain their ends, Very much about what the law states of unintentional consequences. I will be no scholar, so I cannot debate his thesis, but We find this book is promoting the way way We consider the world, and particularly, the character of government., This specific book is essentially a series of discussions of how the perceptual gaps of express apparatus lead to specific sorts of problems, particularly when the state attempts to perform large scale, society-changing work. While the book is written by a man who could be reasonably explained as a minarchist, it can exceptionally useful to big-state left wing socialists, such as myself, who value understanding why this kind of thing has unsuccessful, and failed really, in the past.

In addition to the educational value, it is an complete page turner, filled with exciting historical occasions that will be brand new to most American readers. I heartily recommend it to anyone., Excellent read. Novel. It is a very clarifying and educational book. Some know about the state assigning final names to better ID, tax and conscript people long ago The efforts of the state and some intellectuals to force people and cities into 'rational' planned systems is very old it seems. The plan to remake Paris with a far more 'rational' street structure was both unbelievable and horrifying. I did not sense any ideological slant to the book.

The particular book is mostly about 'Seeing Like a State' and fewer about such disappointments which is good because failures are described in other books. NN Taleb writes about related ideas in a different way. He also writes about bottom up 'bricolage' systems as opposed to top down controlled systems., Brilliantly written, addressing a strong subject comprehensively and with freshness. Scott has imagination, historical knowledge, a sense of politics, and is also dogged about evidence. He makes the reader feel wiser, newly knowledgeable -- and envious of how well he does it. Upon my Kindle Seeing Just like A State made an extended flight much shorter. Plus the Kindle was more comfortable to take care of than a full book, particularly in economy with capacity of.

This book seemed a great way to melody out the US political election for a few hours, except that the "ancient history" it discusses fully resonates with the debates of the campaign., Great publication!, I thought I'd already been exposed to every possible thoughts and opinions, but in the first pages of the book a seemingly-boring discourse on planting woods in rows rooted its way into my pondering and allowed me to see the forest for the metrics we live so closely by. Consequently I understand better what the forces are that condition our clamoring for more metrics. In the first place something so simple, and offer me personally such broad perspective on something so pervasive to the Western mindset, is tremedously valuable. Generally speaking it is yet another way of explaining Bastiat's " what is seen and what is unseen", but the modernity of this dialogue strikes much closer to home., Clear premise showcasing the significance of local/on-the-street involvement and the failures of large mega-schemes that ignore local input. Prose is lugubrious and repetitive.

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