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This can be a really funny and informational book. There should be more people like Amy Alkon on earth. If you have ever became disappointed at people talking loudly issues cellphones and other, otherwise, stupid people like those who are at insurance companies and healthcare offices who are determined that you will be in the wrong, even when you are not, this is the book for venting that frustration. From people who refuse to apologize, banks that charge outrageous fees if you bounce a check, even when they are at fault and they avoid pay you even after you prove it. Everyone has these stories. This particular book is a good book to discuss the truth. The only drawback, is that the book sites some rather dry out, even if relevant, facts that can slow down the pacing., It is important reading because it makes the reader realize how the rudeness of others can and will affect many parts of your life. The author attacked, chased down and implemented through personally on anyone giving her a bad day or rude second. She was determined and courageous. The majority of us would be too uptight to get involved at Amy's degree and I am saying as someone who was born and raised in New York. You may completely enjoy her ride trying to make rude people wake up., One of my biggest pet peeves is rude people, so when I saw the title of this book I actually had to check it out. It is so much more than I expected. Amy Alkon is humorous, ballsy and bright. I actually enjoyed her stories and advice and appreciated how well she researched so many things. It's a book that made myself laugh and think, at times humorous including times a fascinating social commentary. I found myself seeking a lot more as I read it, so when I saw I only had 12 per cent left of the book to read, I was honestly disappointed that it was almost over. Recommended!, A very good read how and possibly why our world/society has "evolved" to... As I read on, about our group "horribleness" my expect our kind (humans), sank much deeper and deeper. Amy eventually gives us hope by pointing out that our single acts of amazing advantages to others, do make a difference to the entire of humanity-eventually; in one way or another--and that's a positive thing, if only for our own individual wellbeing!!, This is one of those books that was so enjoyable that I read it in one seated, without taking a split, unconscious of anything else around me until I actually reached the final. Aside from being funny, Amy Alkon is also insightful, falling into the mindset of men and women, why they do the things they actually, why they think they can get away with it, and why we shouldn't let them., Her last chapters tell me precisely what I actually should be doing. There are so many people out there who need some "goodness" in their lives. I really like supporting others, although anonymously. It makes me feel like a good person. Even though I will be a real bitch sometimes. Go through this book. It is amazing!, As someone who has always had the "Butthead Avenger" (as each comedienne, Brett Butler) personality type, I really valued this book. I, too, had to try and learn not to speak up in situations where the perpetrators of rudeness were likely heavily armed. Okay, I'm still working on that one but I actually appreciate Ms. Alkon's efforts to be civil when explaining civility to the uncivilized., Interesting material. I actually love the idea of self-policing. Makes perfect sense. I read her line and she really puts out a well-researched discussion in everything she writes. The girl humor is second to none.

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