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Personal computers do one basic job, they process data. Frequently , you do not have control over the result format of the data, but the stuff you want in inside anywhere. So you capture the output to a file, and then chop and crack at it with a text editor to get the data you want in format somewhat like you want.
You can either spend the rest of eternity with a text editor or get these guys, and learn somewhat to instruct them to do totally uninteresting but useful drudgery. And maybe learn about regular expressions and pattern matching. Plus then do something interesting.
Don't worry, you will have do try it again, if for no other reason than the organization that controls the format of the data decided to change it, for no other reason than to annoy and confound you. However since you have learned about design matching, a minor change will fix it, and you may go back to whatever.
The specific purpose this time was to avoid subscribing to a listing service for cable television programming. Zap2it posts the listings on most newspaper websites, and program called wget allows me to write these results to a file. And then using sed to slice and dice allows me to read simply sorted listings, and eventually feed them to a recording system., A useful tool for both inline and covering scripting., While laying in bed sick over earlier this weekend I read the SED portion of this book with out actually touching a keyboard. After i was done I obtained up and went to my computer and within 10 minutes I had written a script that in 11 lines and fifty characters took the place of a Java program I had developed made to do the same task that was 120 lines and 740 characters... oh and it really does it in 1/10th enough time... This author lays things down in such a way that even while laying sick in mattress simply reading from cover to cover you come out with such an understanding of what this tool can do that by the conclusion of it your slamming your head against the walls for all the several hours you have waisted on previous scripts/applications. 5 Superstars hands down even if the AWK portion has only "LoLz" written on every web page!, I read a pair of chapters at the beginning of the book, and feel it was very nicely written, and this software illustrations are quite accurate., Helped me learn sozialistische einheitspartei deutschlands and awk on my own, a great jump start and good reference handbook.
A more modern version would probably include a CD with bunch of lessons ideas to get one started., this is a good book for people that really want to improve real Unix/Linux shell skills., Very good book at a very low cost., Good Read

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