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If you are a Navy SEAL, police SWAT team member, or formerly served as a Legionnaire in the French Overseas Legion, then perhaps this book is too basic for you. However, if you are like myself - Average Joe who stares at a computer all day in an office setting – then you will need this book! I purchased it online and sent it right to my Kindle, thinking I’d get to it over the next few weekends. Any time I arrived home, I fired up my ipad tablet to ensure the book caused it to be to my Kindle library. I started reading the first few pages. Plus kept reading. And kept reading. I paused a few times to test some of the techniques outlined in the book (think duct tape…yeah, it works). Then got back again to reading. By 12: 45 a. m. I had finished the book, and found myself needing more. The book is cover-to-cover loaded with actual information that you can use right now. Extremely well organized, and written in a sincere, genuine manner, Hanson explains everything at both the philosophical (why) and tactical (how) level, and frequently times uses real-world examples to make the point. Additionally, if he mentions a tool (bedside flashlight, for example), he then actually tells you what brand and model he uses; so if you are new to that tool, you have a great starting place for your research! Finally, I need to ensure readers know that is NOT a walking dead apocalypse prepper book, and is NOT a re-written manual or arms for a spy working his create in another country. It may be a practical guide intended for me and you to help us think differently about our surroundings, about our mindset, and about our daily activities. So…’get off the X’ and go buy this book. Cheers! P. H. - I will be a voracious reader, and also this is my very first Amazon book review…if that informs you anything about how excited I will be about this product., “Spy Techniques That Can Save Your Life: An ex CIA Police officer Reveals Safety and Success Techniques to Keep and Your Family Protected” is an e book by Jason Hanson, who has become more popular since appearing on ABC's “Shark Tank” and making a deal with Daymond John. Despite the “CIA” angle that is used for marketing, this book contains some solid advice on safety, security and your survival.

The book is written in a conversational style that is straightforward to understand and conveys information that most people really should know. I teach the same and similar information inside my safety programs. The book is divided into these twelve chapters:

One: Survival Intelligence. A good primer on being self-reliant and why you need to know the information in this book. I really like that he details out that movement will save lives.

Two: Situational Recognition. The cornerstone of staying safe, and Hanson bases his chapter on vintage color code of Col. Cooper. I liked that he also includes some pre-incident indications and the concept of establishing a baseline.

Three: Your Spy Escape And Forestalling Kit. Good basic guide to gear to have on you, in your car, at your house ., and ready to bug out.

Four: Turn out to be An Escape Artist. This specific chapter teaches the essentials to flee from rope, handcuffs, zip ties and duct tape. Also explains the basics of hot wiring a car, and the way to crack car windows. Very bare bones information on picking locks.

Five: The Dense Home. Strategies to felony proof your home such as thinking like a criminal, delivery people, housing your own home, canines, peepholes, doors, locks, alarms, lighting, windows, and so on.

Six: Travel Safety. Tip to travel safe. These include when traveling, taxis, hotels, and where you go.

Seven: Just how To Run Countersurveillance Just like a Pro. Most people are not likely being adopted, but understanding how to tell if someone is subsequent you and what to do it good to know. This chapter covers the basics regarding this topic.

Eight: Social Executive Secrets. I liked that he included this because it is important to understand to help keep yourself from being ripped off with scams, or being lured into something bad.

Nine: How To Be A Human Lie Detector. This specific chapter examines some of the fundamental ways you can determine if someone is lying.

Ten: How To Disappear Without A Search for. I like that Hanson points out that it is far more difficult to live off the grid and disappear than it used to be. With that said, this individual provides some tricks for those that for some reason need to disappear.

11: The Art Of Survival Driving. Hanson teaches a survival driving course in Utah, and this chapter is an introduction to the subject by basics explained like the Reverse 180 and how to ram a car. Some good basic tips on being safe while driving also included.

A dozen: Defending Yourself. Short part on what you can learn, with a plug for tactical pens which Hanson sells at his website. (I actually have a amount of tactical pens, including the one Hanson sells, and it is a good pen for protecting purposes if needed. ) Short chapter that becomes you thinking about what you need to chouse order to learn to defend yourself.

Overall, I like the book because I am all for everything to help people live safer lives so they can enjoy the good stuff. It is a basic book, with resources out there that go more in depth on all the subjects protected. However, it is nice to have all these basics in one volume, and then people can learn more on the subjects they need to know more about for their lifestyle.

It's a quick, easy read with some basic, practical information that will help people remain safe., This specific entire book appears to be a vehicle to gain your information from your authors website.
Unfortunately the entire book is devoted to re-directing you to the authors website, where this individual employs basic snake essential oil salesman tactics of inducing a scary scenario, informing you they can help with his unique product and then offering huge discount rates if you buy now, or more frequently, give upward your personal information and email whereupon he may send you a part of paracord.
His websites are all written like ponzi scheme marketing promotions with the same get rich quick word use and layout. It really does not convey a professional product.
Is actually unfortunate that this book has had such good reviews given the poor content and continuous direction to the website because the information is of little well worth and is mostly just common sense.
I was convinced the entire book was a joke when I read the part about disguises and then saw on the website one of the most severe looking, unconvincing disguises I have ever seen.
There are many other, more professional textbooks written by ex Environmentally friendly Berets and similar background operators. If you want a semi interesting read for the bathroom ., this book fits the bill. If you want to learn techniques that you might not already know, I would suggest you look for better material., I'm previous law enforcement and even I learned a great deal from this book. I was hesitant initially of buying it after reading the negative review but I have no idea what that individual is talking about. This is a fantastic book that I'll be giving away as a present to lots of family members.

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