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I have played against Jon prior to, at the 2014 WSOP Millionaire Maker event, earlier on 1. I didn't know who he has been at the time, nevertheless I remember thinking he has been an extremely annoyingly hard-to-read loose aggressive player, who else was way out regarding line at my really tight table. He has been also the CO to be able to my BB, so the perception may be skewed on that. He centered the table for typically the couple of hours I actually played with him : stealing at will, and certainly employing all regarding his LAG teachings.

Likewise of note was his exceptionally controlled, yet great, demeanor. While some people who else play " blank" appear robotic, Jon has a really human, but completely unsociable presence at the desk. He seems unfazed by anything - on desk or off. He likewise avoids all conversation. I remember trying to engage in conversation with him the few times (I'm chatty, and he was sitting down right across from me in seat 1, although I was in seat 4), and he offered really succinct, yet polite replies. He gave the distinct impression that he has been there to work : never to make friends, make enemies, or engage in small-talk in any method. The only real conversations he started were with the seller, about the hand in perform (if he was in it). To bolster that will observation, when Jon very first joined the table, Erick Lindgren was sitting in the other end in seats 8. Jon never changed a single word even together with Erick - just offered a polite nod in his direction and required his seat to start with actively playing. He's all-work in the desk.

So it would appear he plays verbatim by the rule he's layed out in this book series. I'm convinced he isn't very holding anything back in his advice (not much, anyway).

After I learned Jon was an author, I actually decided to buy all his books. I'm glad I actually did!

This is, for me, the best follow-up online poker book of all period. When you're ready to be able to fine-tune your game beyond the math, and tackle tells, your table " presence", and off-felt issues that may be affecting your action, this is the book you need to read. Jon really moves into exhaustive detail on these things - beyond what I've observed in virtually any other book - and exposes you to typically the mindset of a winner.

Of important note is the section on informs. If you've read Mike Caro's book, and believe you're an expert on tells, think again. Caro certainly has published typically the most comprehensive list of informs in the game, nevertheless his book is mostly useless in any serious online poker game, as every a single of your opponents offers either read his guide, or at least offers control over his cosmetic tells. Jon's regarding additional tells (e. g. typically the feet) explain a technique regarding observing people for their distinctive, if subtle tells. I actually certainly came from this chapter with some more insight into tell statement, where I may possess had a more formulaic approach before.

While I actually don't necessarily agree together with all of Jon's particular choices (outlined in detail), or his (seemingly) over-conservative lifestyle, his decisive and quantitative analysis of EXACTLY WHY he makes those choices is incredible. You actually acquire a sense that if you're inside Jon's head although looking over this book. His first-person, inward-focused writing style and complete candidness give an individual a level of mental insight that you may get from other " arm's-length" poker writers.

The great thing about this book is that will because he explores typically the WHY so deeply, you actually don't have to pattern yourself after him. A person can easily take his +EV analysis style and apply it to various things in your way. Thus, you can avoid turning into a Little clone, and in turn can still be yourself - only a better version thereof.

Before Jon's books, I was a pretty firmly Harrington-archetype TAG player. Right now I feel much more comfortable (though still pretty inexperienced) like a mostly-LAG player. As such, I've found that will although I get in typically the money less often, I actually get deeper into typically the money more often, and win much more often (I don't remember the last tournament I won as a TAG player). I have also started adapting the lessons from this book in to my lifestyle. While typically the effects aren't immediately witnessed, I'm sure the long lasting benefits will be right now there.

If you're serious concerning tournament poker, and you have already read Harrington, I actually suggest you read all of Jon's books. They'll greater than pay for themselves., excellent, After reading Vol just one, I used to be convinced that Jonathan Little had written typically the perfect book for event poker players inside the new and coming decade. In the time, I known as Vol 1 a Bachelor's Degree in poker. So why write Vol 2? Let's be honest, the majority of poker books are the waste of resources, and most excellent books are followed upward by mediocre books. With regard to example, Doyle Brunson's Extremely System should be on every poker player's bookshelf. Super System II? Quite much a wasted go through. Daniel Negreanu put out there a book that has only one chapter worth studying. The rest could become burned without care by the average poker player. But most poker players who write (and some who can't spell) aren't help themselves and set out there book after regurgitating typically the same information over and over again.

Having said that, this book is different. Vol 2 is a situation study in how to be able to become a poker player. In case Vol 1 was the Bachelors Degree, the only description available for Vol 2 is Masters Diploma.

Moving beyond the math concepts of poker, Vol 2 focuses on specific personality qualities, habits, and mindsets that will are required to become a poker player. Knowing exactly what the odds are in the particular hand is essential, and Vol 1 covers that will perfectly. Vol 2 and then goes the next stage and teaches why every thing else associated with the hand is important. Then it talks about healthy living and why which is important. There's also pages devoted to why you shouldn't be actively playing poker at any provided time. Very few online poker writers have ever mentioned in such detail why it is just as important to be able to take your wife to be able to dinner as it is to play poker, even when poker is your only method of earning income.

I actually cannot possibly recommend each Vol 1 and Vol 2 enough. A friend of mine told me recently that Vol just one was on back buy, and he was worried about reading Vol 2 before Vol 1. I can assure you that right now there is no issue in carrying out this. Read them each, in either order, and you'll be fine. Yet I guarantee you that will you need to go through both of them if you need to succeed in all of us game of poker. The game is promoting well beyond Phil Hellmuth's "top ten starting hands that an individual should play and fold all others" mentality. For instance , in the books Jonathan Little starts a word like "you raise from middle position with 5-7 of hearts". My first reaction was "wait, exactly what? ", and I reread it. And sure as can be, option word. Not "bluff with 5-7" or "try and steal with 5-7", but the simple matter of truth raise like we'd already been taught to perform in typically the past with A-K.

Hi, the guy has almost million in life span tournament winnings, and has been the WPT Player regarding the Year in 2008. Who am I to argue with that? My answer? I will be nobody, and I actually am going to research the words of a person who is carrying it out NOW. You should too. Delete word, if you're playing me. If so, don't buy these kinds of books. But everyone otherwise that I won't perform against, you owe this to yourself to not necessarily only buy them, and not only read them.... but EXAMINE them. And then put on a cap and outfit when you're taking down your current next poker tournament, given that you will have absolutely earned your Masters Diploma in Tournament Poker Enjoy., Like the Books! 100% as described. Speedy Delivery! Totally Satisfied!!!, This guide isn't just like the first book regarding the series,
I liked very much as the 2nd book has been really simple compared to typically the first one.
I have summarized each books into a notebook computer. While the first teachs purely strategy and specialized concepts, beeing really hard to be able to absorve, the second guide teachs a kind regarding behaviour of professional online poker players which is very simple to assimilating
The book is very good! but sorry for the poor English., Awesome go through, Very good continuation of the first book. Greatly extends on the content in the first book. I actually especially liked the detailed discussions of various poker palms., Excellent book and simple to interpret!

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