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Choice to participate in Project 333, in which you choose 33 clothing items (capsule wardrobe) to put on for 3 months. The thing is, I had been having trouble getting down to 33 items. I got stuck at around 70, and I had already jam-packed up three plastic bins and almost half my closet (the 33 includes shoes, BTW). And what I actually was left with was some pretty blah neutrals, with no fun patterns or much color. Well, this book literally brightened my day. Initially, I skimmed to the parts in the book that I actually thought would help me personally the quickest, but I actually enjoyed it so much, that I went back and read the whole thing, twice! And am was successful in winnowing down to less than 33 fun items, including some color and pattern.

Typically the author comes with an engaging and cheerful style, including diagrams and helpful quote graphics. While she does confess that she's not adhering exactly to P333 guidelines (for example, she excludes jackets) she definitely shows ways to get right down to a tiny wardrobe. She helped me to see the importance of obtaining your foundational colors chosen and making sure that fairly much everything matches with everything else. I had to make some difficult choices but she shows you how once you make sure that all the items work together, you can literally walk blindfolded into your closet and what you decide on will work and be stylish... and uniquely you. Love it!

Since I started this several weeks ago, I've obtained many more positive reactions, I spend less than a second choosing my daily attire, I feel good about not supporting cheap fashion and its exploitation of workers, I'm making good economical selections by maximizing my purchases, and I actually spend less time clothes shopping... its all good! Typically the book was a quick read yet packed with good info. that you can refer back to if you get stuck or need inspiration and encouragement. I recommend!, " Secrets of the Pills Wardrobe" is filled with great ideas and enjoyable information. This is a " must read" to add to your closet to improve it! Easy to follow all of the suggestions and incredibly enjoyable to read. Loved it!!, My first ebook! And what a good one. Get this e-book if you want closet peace of mind. Trust me, you will understand a lot, be encouraged and enjoy having just a few clothes that all go together. I certain wish I had developed learned this stuff a long time ago., A lot great information in this guide! The author has some really great techniques for creating a fabulous closet that is simply right for you: ) highly recommend!, Book provided useful, easiy tips that made sense and should be simple yet comprehensive. Well written and enjoyable. Can't wait to put it to use., I've read several so-called capsule closet books and all were a waste of time. But this book was practical, well organised, and best of all functions. Therefore many great ideas on how to select your closet pieces from what you already own. I know I didn't want to have to obtain a whole new wardrobe. It is more time consuming because it has you go through everything but it's well worth it. I had been surprised to determine that I a new a good capsule wardrobe hidden in all those inspire of the moment acquisitions. I stay in a tiny apartment so I did finish up storing the seasonal specific items like new sandals, shorts, etc. and will reverse that with boots, gloves, etc. But there wasn't as much of that as I thought I needed. Take it from a clothes-aholic, nine winter jackets.. really? This particular method works. I can now go to my closet make together an outfit by just pulling out a pair of jeans, a sweater, and a shirt without even pondering about it. I recommend this method to anyone who has ever stood looking in their closet for for more than 15 minutes debating what to wear., I actually purchased this e-book mainly on the strength of other reviews and was pleased by both it's author's good humor and ability to get right to the point. I have been looking at " capsule wardrobe" books & e-books for a while, but many had reviews that advised these were too simplistic or basic, or that the author's version of a capsule wardrobe was so restrictive concerning be impractical for most women. This particular one avoids both of those pitfalls. Yes, there is some " basic" wardrobe advice, but is actually wrapped up in a really practical methodology. Before I'd even finished reading, I had been picking out my fairly neutral & highlight colors, as recommended by the author. There are not many illustrations/photographs here, but enough so you get the point, and the author encourages you view more on her blog if you want. I actually also appreciate that this author does not try to include special event clothing, shoes or purses in her recommended total of pieces (though she really does, of course, suggest that you whittle those items down some, too). This particular is not intimidating reading in the slightest, which is not something I actually can say about a lot of fashion/style advice books I've read, where the author is instead rigid in his or her ideas - body fat " you MUST do this" or else you " simply CANNOT do that" here. I also like that mcdougal is totally open up to YOUR interpretation of what your capsule closet should be; there is no judgment, just advice. Very refreshing. I am already whittling down my closet & choosing items that conform to my new chosen colors.

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