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1st, this isn't the first book by S. M. Scott that I've read nor will it be the final. S. J. is a master at distilling useful information into a form that readers can consume and implement in as little as an hour.

I have to admit that I'm not that great at writing down goals or in assessing or revisiting them over a period of time. My basic approach is to make a hazy goal and then start moving in that common direction. Using the information in this book, I actually got out a notebook and made a listing of the things I want to accomplish over the next three months; then I actually started breaking down those goals into actionable steps I could take to achieve my goals by my deadline. Breaking down a big goal into small chunks is going to make my goals - not only business but health - so much much easier to achieve.

If I got to choose one thing I like best about this book (other than the fantastic information) is that S. J. gave many real-world types of each step. That will alone managed to get easy for me to really understand how best to put my goals into action. 1 more thing - I actually also like the types of taking a big goal and the steps needed to get from point A to point B and then Point C and so forth.

I'm a big fan of this writer (love his book on walking 10, 000 steps) - and wish I actually could have given the book even more than 5 stars. It truly eliminated away many of my goal-setting cobwebs., Reading it while relocating to another state. Reading it to get my life back again on track after two-years of chaos. Reading it to make a positive fresh start in our new location. Reading it section by section with notebook at your fingertips chewing on every bite... like eating an elephant one nip at a time, "

S. J. Scott offers well know information step by step. His method makes reviewing things much easier to swallow and actually use it to my life. His suggestions are practical (aka doable). His / her visualization process has myself swishing the ideas in my thoughts, formulating my dreams into step-by-step goals.

This is NOT a read-through-in-a-few-days book. It is a plan. It is a workbook with tasks. Success comes in applying it piece by piece, nip by bite, not by osmosis.

I'm capable to live my S. M. A. R. T. goals to become the best myself., I don't understand the high marks this little book has received. It is basically a book record telling of other, better volumes on accomplishing goals. One of the goals the writer, himself, declares he has is to write a book a month. Apparently, in order to do so, he or she has elected to be lent heavily from David Allen, Stephen Covey and Dan Franklin. Not an original idea in here. And several of the links provided were already dead., I found this book extremely helpful. I actually. like the organized method they have outlined. I purchased it and read it for kindle but today I ordered the book. It will be a frequent reference book as goal setting has become a major part of my entire life with the new position I have shifted into. SMART goals are not a new concept for me personally but Scott has filled in the blanks on a real method to set SMART goals effectively. I read his book 23 Anti-procrastination Routines first and found it on target for helping me get jump-started on these new efforts. I actually am now a bona fide SJ Scott fan.
Oh, and one more note about SJ Scott's books - they may be "clean" as in no typos and incorrect grammar like so many of these e-books have. I really appreciate that. Makes for a smooth read where you can focus on content not be stumbling over errors., I love it... been using WISE objectives for many years at work. This book provides a new perspective unlike the business based and academic approaches: set performance dependent short term objectives to reach lasting outcomes (sustainable life changing results) with an emphasis on JUST HOW you're getting there i. e. THEJOURNEY itself. Simply downfall... there are lots of sub-steps but, there are numerous options and resources. I liked the format, the tone, and have referred this source to friends., Very practical, clear language, and motivational! The particular book provides a specific path to set up goals and it seems like a very doable system, not the convoluted program that others offer. It is a very fast read., We have known about creating S. M. A. R. To. Goals for a while but S. J. Jeff has added so much value to my existing knowledge about setting, reaching, and reviewing my goals. This book is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their life. Having effective goals provides you a North star in your daily mill., Great tool with fantastic explanations and examples to really understand how to work with SMART focused goals

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